Eight Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Website layout errors aren’t uncommon and are created with the aid of businesses who try to create their sites on their own and via professional internet designers. Some errors to keep away from are commonplace sense while others require a little greater internet layout know-how. When creating or reviewing your internet site, do not forget the subsequent eight commonplace net layout errors to keep away from:


Poor navigation. Poor navigation is one of the leading reasons for an excessive bounce rate. When the navigation causes the user to get lost and no longer discover their way returned to the homepage, they can get frustrated and depart the website. When designing a site, consider that the browser’s again button should not be considered as part of the navigation of the web page. All major pages must be just three clicks or less away from every different.

Slow-loading websites. Big Flash files that play as quickly because the web page opens or song that begins whilst the site loads are both causes of sites loading slowly. As an internet person, slow loading sites are frustrating. If the consumer waits around lengthy sufficient for the web page to load, it can be worrying when the film or song starts to blare, particularly if that is their first time at the website online and that they weren’t expecting it.

Picking random colors on your internet site. Don’t stray out of your emblem colorings. When picking hues in your website, stay true to your logo by using selecting colors that can be visible in your enterprise and for your commercial enterprise playing cards, and many others. Do not pick out random colors on your internet site that has nothing to do with your company. Also, keep in mind while choosing colors that evaluation is critical. When the textual content on your site is too close to the history’s color, it makes it extremely hard to read.

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Big blocks of text. Even if it is simply nicely written, whilst a website tourist sees a big block of text on a website, it is hard to examine, and the traveler tends to depart the web page or wander around in place of reading it. The textual content on the site needs to be damaged up into smaller chunks which might be visually more appealing and less complicated to examine. Sites were designed totally in Flash. When designing your website, you need to live up to date with the technology and the trendy layout traits. With the ever-growing recognition of iPods and iPhones, Flash websites have fallen out of fashion. Sites designed entirely in Flash show up as clean displays on those famous mobile devices.

Contact information that is hard to find. When a vacationer visits a website and wants to make touch so that you can purchase something, to invite a question, or to make a comment but can not discover a way to get in touch with the site owner, it can be frustrating for the tourist and for the company a potential consumer might be lost. The contact records, or a hyperlink to the information, must be inside the header, the footer, or a sidebar so a domain visitor can discover how to get in touch with you.

No clear goal for every page. There must be a purpose in thoughts while you decide to construct a website, and the same is real for every page of the website. Each page should have a goal as to what you are seeking to do with that page. The web page needs to be designed around the decision to movement and the purpose. You can determine which pages aren’t working well by way of monitoring which pages have a better soar rate.

A website design that isn’t always flexible. Technology adjustments rapidly, and your commercial enterprise changes properly. You need a web layout to be able to will let you expand your web page if wanted or flow special content across the display or around the site simply so you can decide what works nice. Sites want to be updated often so that search engines like google and yahoo and site visitors will like the website. A bendy internet site may be more without problems up to date and upgraded. Plenty of pro internet designers will take a look at the ‘freshmen’ straight out of university with both a smirk of derision or with a small smile of reminiscence. As with many different professions, website introduction will permit you to grow and mature as you become older and advantage greater enjoy. Here are the 3 ranges you’re probably to skip via on your career:

Design as Decoration

Characteristics: those internet designers are but to reach their complete capacity; they may be program understanding ought to do with a few work, they do not have the problem themselves with concepts and theories and requirements, and they generally tend to do what they want.


Clients: frequently, those designers aren’t actively seeking out customers; on the give up of the day, what the patron wishes are greater of a ‘concept’ than a guideline, and they will nevertheless do what they want.

Community: those net designers, whether you want to admit it or now not, make contributions drastically to the community, frequently with their pure, unadulterated creativity.

Design as Discovery

Characteristics: those net designers are starting to find out that if something seems top to other people and they experience looking at it, they are much more likely to interact with it.

Clients: those designers have, in the end, found that they may be interested in what their customers have to mention and that they want to offer them something that they are happy with.

Community: these designers and their developing ability set can provide the network a few quite extensive contributions, especially now that they understand the manner of a piece more.

Design as Communication

Characteristics: those internet designers see the layout in everything around them and, alongside their thorough know-how of principles and theories, will begin to question why positive decisions have been made.

Clients: these designers are commonly broken up into two classes – the only one who can create something remarkable that the patron can use and who’s so famous that he can create something and the patron will love it.

Community: those internet designers are, basically, the individuals who make the industry go spherical. They are the human beings that the opposite ranges must appear and examine for you to improve on their own talents. Whilst there is nothing wrong with being at any of the above degrees, it is vital to understand that being a web clothier is a constant mastering system – it takes time to mature and attain the remaining stage from which all others are judged. So, which stage of adulthood are you at – the childish ornament, adolescent discovery, or the adult conversation?

The layout’s discipline is pretty a large one, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to parent out that there are going to be similarities between the various one-of-a-kind ‘arty’ careers. If you work in internet design, as an instance, you would possibly wonder whether your capabilities and layout policies ought to translate to every other profession (should you ever decide you wish to move on). Have you ever considered how you would do in structure? Believe it or now not, there are simply several similarities between architecture and web design (need to your care to appearance deep sufficient). These are the maximum not unusual and apparent ways that the 2 are alike:


A good layout ought to attention to tying together the past, gift, and the future – In structure, it’s miles important to ensure that homes are alluding to the attention, and they may not come to be old after just a few years. In internet layout, it’s far vital to make certain that websites are eye-catching to the attention and will not need to be up to date every few weeks to stay modern.

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