Top 10 Reasons For a DOS to Windows Conversion

The name and subtitle indicate company questioning as I even have heard it from some of the customers I recognize who have a DOS product fueling their enterprise’s IT wishes. The fact of the matter is that there is apprehension to transport from a confirmed software platform. So why make investments?

Windows Conversion

“The maximum essential improvement in laptop technology since the IBM PC.”

What was this mag cowl article describing? Not a DOS to home windows circulate! It became describing the OOPS programming era’s onset and implementation that I glanced at even as marking time in an enterprise’s waiting room many years in the past! More crucial than exceptional home windows interfaces and GUI display screen design! The reality is that both DOS and Windows can be programmed with “Object-Oriented Programming Style,” but the odds that your DOS software has this structure are very low.

Here’s my spin at the pinnacle 10 approaches this affects your lifestyles:

1.Spaghetti Code VS OOPS: The older style of dos programming has grown to be known as “spaghetti code” whilst visible in assessment to oops. The basic structure, layout, and philosophy of coding software program modified in a wave of approval this is now well known with every current programming language.

2. Centralized Coding: The new fashion of programming impacts your cost to modify business regulations in a huge price financial savings aspect. The cost savings come in most cases by releasing new versions without undesirable aspect effects and in terms of IT time to create, test, and install.

3. Don’t Fix it if it is not broken!: This stand on computer technology is caused by spaghetti code! With “spaghetti code”/DOS preferred generation, an exchange in business guidelines changed into fear as it generally brought about an upheaval in operations. With DOS widespread technology, your machine is constructed from hundreds of person standalone executables going for walks from a menu structure. Every one of the packages consists of duplicate code to perform similar features alongside its appearance and sense personally.

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Four. Training: Compare the education necessary to analyze the function keys that function DOS with a simple OOPS menu (usually appeared as a home windows menu, however also available in dos) where the feature you need to perform “input payments” is indexed from a drop-down menu instead of “doing four-2-5-7 as my first activity within the morning”. A trendy oops interface consists of a FILE/SAVE alternative at the side of fashionable Microsoft keys that are regarded to many customers and once educated in practice to “all windows and net products” – not a workout in coaching business enterprise defined keystrokes!

Windows Conversion

5. Standardization: New generation standardizes the appearance and experience of your person modules interior one (or only a few) programs, no longer most effective from the “home windows appearance” but inside the manner that the commercial enterprise guidelines practice such as; · Whether the business enterprise call of clients is classified “Customer Name:” or “Client:” or “Name:” · Whether the corporation name of customers is “required,” or “caps lock,” or “able to be changed using the person.” · Whether the “Apply Finance Charges” choice accepts best a Y/N fee and whether the price for a brand new client is defaulted to “Y” or not… And how! · Whether you possibly can delete a payment or no longer! · Whether these sorts of options must be re-coded for every module or now not!

6. Combining Similar Functionality: One of the most seen changes of conversion to oops takes similar DOS executables along with “Enter Sales Order,” “Change Sales Order,” “Delete Sales Order,” etc. And actions them into one program. The ability to do this is the energy of oops centralized coding and new home windows generation, which just definitely outperforms DOS technology and spaghetti code.

7. Transaction Control: One of the maximum fundamental facts associated enhancements delivered into database technology since most DOS programs had been written is transaction management, where “half-baked” transactions that partially be successful, leaving a cleanup process for IT, are eliminated.

8. Speed: DOS velocity is indeed unequaled by using home windows technology. It’s no longer authentic that that is a large advantage thinking that the cause for dos speed is that the transactions do not go with the flow via centralized business regulations to carry out their database movements, but truly “write to disk” directly!

9. Maintenance: Once your gadget is retrofitted to use oops programming fashion and shape, changing an enterprise rule inclusive of the manner a sales order is calculated is a matter of converting the business layer rule in one spot, in place of updating “sales order entry,” “change income orders,” “print unshipped orders,” and “update order as added.” The tongue in cheek announcing for this outstanding new era is; “One changes the commercial enterprise rule in just one spot, and the resulting code is both ideal machine huge, or wrong gadget extensive!”.

Windows Conversion

10. Investing in Technology: The time to put money into a DOS to home windows conversion is late. If you have waited for the “wrinkles too easy,” the “insects to be fixed,” or decided in the past that the “investment” wasn’t worth the result, then I consider you are on the point of extinction because the software program engineers that apprehend BOTH the dos and home windows technology (and as a result of the capability to render a cutting-edge model from the antique authentic code) are on the verge of retirement! If you wait, it is a total rewrite to stand.

Summary: These are my pinnacle ten motives to recollect a DOS to Windows conversion, and if you commenced with an intention to port a number of your capability to the internet, please take into account the windows conversion a 1/2-step there, because maximum systems/languages have an extension of the business rule layer that applies to the internet, or users using a web app so that part of your price is a pass in the direction of net presence, whether it be customer facts sharing, order entry, part availability, or virtually purchaser and prospect information accumulating.

By: Peter A Donovan ~ Applause Software of Boston, USA ~ Member in the precise status of the NEDC Programming Group Peter commenced his IT career as a blended sales govt/custom utility developer the yr following the discharge of the IBM PC. After similar corporate positions, where he turned into chargeable for both Sales and Programming obligations, he obtained a role with a software distributor/legal manufacturing unit technical service middle, wherein he excelled in custom application development for any one of a kind commercial and business markets and additionally traveled throughout America, Canada, Europe, and Africa education IT staff inaccurate implementation of OOPS basis coding generation and data dictionary era. Currently, an unbiased IT representative specializing in the database software programs, Peter is actively concerned in bidding on new demanding situations, keeping a patron base, and publishing a freeware database touch manager “Rolodex style” referred to as RoloFLEX as a showpiece for his commercial enterprise.

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