Adding Audio and Video to Your Travel Blog – Top 5 Tips

If you’re a tour blogger, you ought to be together with both audio podcasts and video to your blog posts. It’s a high-quality manner to interact your readers, maintain them coming lower back, and boom your target audience. More importantly, if you’re tour blogging, you need to know that readers EXPECT to peer motion pictures of the locations which you’re writing approximately. Not having videos in your travel weblog labels you as a rookie.


This article is not meant to educate you how to make podcasts or motion pictures (there are hundreds of web sites committed to that but I will inform you that with a Flip Camera you may make and post a video to YouTube in mere mins. If you have got a popular video camera, you’re still best talking a few minutes more.)

DO make certain you have got a gap name and last “credit”. You can use free equipment consisting of iMovie (Mac) or Movie Maker (Windows) to edit your video earlier than posting. Your opening needs to be the title of your video and may be superimposed on the primary few frames of the video. Your last credits ought to be on a simple white, black, or different strong color body which you upload to the give up, and – if nothing else – listing the hyperlink for your internet site with a “call to action” (an invitation to research more through visiting your website). You can also use the credits – just like in the films – to listing absolutely everyone who assisted with the production, and the title to any song used;

Mobile DJs are always seeking out new and effective ways to market themselves and their enterprise. The days of pricey cubicles at conventions and indicates are over. The Internet permits us to the marketplace and sells ourselves to the masses at definitely no price. One such technique for doing so is running a blog.

Blogging first has become popular in the late 1990’s. For the majority, they still keep in mind a weblog to be really an internet diary in which they communicate about what passed off yesterday and the way they felt about it—WRONG! Successful blogs proportion useful tips and records for readers. There is s lots ability for you to use running a blog in your cellular DJ business, that it cannot cross omitted.


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1. Blogging is Simple!

Using a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, absolutely everyone can be publishing articles, videos and extra with the touch of a button. No need for high-priced programmers or designers. Everything is user-friendly. When it’s miles is THAT clean to have your very own on-line presence, you clearly want to take benefit of it

2. Google Loves Blogs!

WordPress blogs are very Search Engine Optimized (search engine optimization). That approach they can without difficulty rank nicely within the engines like google for the right keywords. Now people can find you quicker and less complicated and you do not want to drop a ton of money on that SEO company.

3. It’s FREE

Thee’s no other wonderful cause for the use of a blog than understanding it’s far FREE. You cannot have a chance of dropping money whilst having and begin to apply weblog as your advertising and marketing device; There’s honestly no fee important to start.

4. Blogging builds Credibility


As you write articles on celebration-planning tips, advice for gambling the right song or how to pick the fine DJ, YOU come to be a credible authority on your marketplace. Your readers will appearance up to you for his or her source of facts. As you come to be greater credible, their chances of hiring you growth drastically.

5. Two-Way Communication

Blogs are very Social Media-friendly and social media is HOT right now! One reason why blogs are soo effective is their ability for two-way conversation. When you write a post, others can reply or remark. You get comments out of your readers. This valuable insight permits you to calibrate your message and improve your writing.

There are many approaches to make money on-line. Blogging is one in all them and there are those who are making annual six figure profits from running a blog.

Blogging in its purest form is sincerely writing about a topic you sense obsessed with online on a normal foundation. You may want to equate it to keeping a diary but rather than penning your mind on paper, you do it at the pages of a website referred to as a weblog.

Now even as there are some who are creating a superb dwelling from their blogging endeavors, there are nevertheless quite a number of individuals who would love to make cash on-line through a blog, however, don’t have a pink cent to their name to show for all their efforts.

Not loads. A few easy but critical things are vital if you want your blog to be an awful lot greater than a interest but a coins cow you could rely on. Below are some hints so one can make your blog more profitable.

1. Have a Passion for Your Blog

One of the primary motives why humans fail and give up with their blogs is because they are now not obsessed with the topic they write about. How are you able to installation a blog about healthy living while you love eating greasy hamburgers morning, afternoon and night? Building your weblog around a topic you love is a outstanding basis for achievement.

2. Drive Traffic to Your Blog

You may want to write the best publish inside the global approximately a positive subject matter however if no person can discover our weblog after they go online, it counts for not anything. You have to research more than one ways of driving visitors on your weblog.

3. Consistency

If you do not take your blog critically and most effective write a post two times a yr, then don’t count on to make severe cash. You need to installation a time table on a each day or weekly basis to paintings on your weblog. Consistency is the important thing to step forward in seeing economic rewards for all of your efforts.

4. Monetize Your Blog

There are many ways to monetize your blog. This would include showing ads from different groups, showing CPA gives, promoting e-books or merchandise in which you either act as an associate or create them yourself.

5. Capturing Emails


By shooting the name and emails of visitors in your weblog, you may construct a relationship with them and sell your personal merchandise or offers from different organizations wherein you act as an affiliate and get a fee for every item they buy.

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