Review: Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus This Is What Android Was Meant To Be

After months of watching for Verizon to release the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it, in the end, landed last week (after some delays). The Galaxy Nexus’s net hype had essentially made this device out to be the unicorn of Android; it might do and be the entirety that everybody ought to have ever preferred in a cellphone. Simultaneously, as it was released, Verizon had a workforce that modified into no longer organized, not enough inventory, and a few company hiccups to make subjects more difficult.


But regardless of all the challenges the device has made, it is way into the hands of eager consumers, and bloggers and the reviews are beginning to be had. Certainly, everybody has their opinion. Some of those evaluations are based totally on what buyers predicted the tool to be; a few are based totally on what buyers desired the device. After weeks with the Galaxy Nexus as our, each day cause force, we felt that it turned into subsequently time to throw our hat into the hoop and permitted you to recognize definitively what effect of the natural Google Galaxy Nexus cellular telephone is.


The Verizon Galaxy Nexus comes in a simple white field (vanilla even). Inside the field, itself is a simple purple lining, and of the route, the tool itself. Accompanying the tool is an 1850 batter, fashionable micro-USB charger, headphones, and the route training manual.

Initial Impressions:

Upon starting the container, you notice what you have been anticipating some of these many months—the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Just searching on the device, your preliminary impact is WOW that show is HUGE. You take it out of the box and feel it on your arms and can’t wait to look at what’s lurking under it is curved outside.

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Once you switch the device on, you’re greeted with a brand new boot collection that takes many queues from the Honeycomb boot collection. The boot collection itself indicates the capabilities of the Super AMOLED Screen. The blacks are black; the colors are colorful and vibrant. After the booting is finished, you get your first flavor of Ice Cream Sandwich and how the Android OS goes to handle you enjoy any more.


After you get surpassed the show display screen length and colors, the number one aspect you word is how mild the Galaxy Nexus is for your palms. It’s not slight in a reasonably-priced feeling way; however, I can’t deliver as real with how light in my palms. The mobile phone moreover fits on your hand better than you’ll count on, expertise that it has a 4.Sixty-five” show display I end up searching forward to it to experience large and awkward, however, at the same time as now not having to have a region for difficult keys the cellular telephone isn’t always larger than it desires to be. The curved layout makes it feel sincerely proper inside the hand.

The show and weight of the telephone are certainly elements of the cellphone that make up a device that looks as if Samsung designers went above and in the past to supply a hardware revel that hasn’t been visible or felt before.

The Frame:

There are simple touch buttons on the tool’s rims, of the left element the usual volume rocker, and the right has the energy/standby button. The bottom of the device has the Micro-USB port and the headphone jack; other than that, the tool is clean lines everywhere in the tool’s lining.

The Back:

The once more panel is something of a bit of discussion right now. It’s not a traditional tough plastic (or kevlar) defend piece; it is a bendy snap-in piece that of the device feels almost flimsy. Once the SIM card and battery are in place and you snap the lower back in place, it feels more stable than you could consider on its very personal. Also, the returned has mild diamond ridges in it that keep it from feeling slippery or week. Against the palm of your hand, you know it’s there, and on your palms, you’re privy to it is now not going to slip or slide out like a number of the “clean” backs on phones like the Thunderbolt or the original Droid.

You additionally have the 5MP rear-dealing with the camera with LED flash. We’ll do a complete digicam write up one by one; however, suffice to mention that coming from the 8MP shooter inside the HTC Thunderbolt, I changed into initially concerned with what my photographs have been going to appear to be, after, in step with week with the cellphone, I haven’t any reason to carry around an element and shoot digital camera anymore.

The Front:

The front of the Galaxy Nexus is dominated through its four. Sixty 5″ curved glass show. At the top of the device are the in-call speaker (that is the handiest break within the easy surface), the proximity sensor (underneath the glass), and the front-facing digital camera. At the bottom of the face, hidden below the glass is a notification LED, which takes a chunk of getting used to. It is a departure from the identical vintage pinnacle right notification indicator. Right now, it lights up white while you get any notification (electronic mail, text, neglected call, and so on). However, I can see builders tying their notifications to the led and, with a bit of good fortune, changing the color or the blink fee.

Overall the front honestly seems sleek and stylish, and simply showing it to human beings makes them prevent and pay attention.

The Guts:

The Galaxy Nexus is powered using a twin-center 1.2GHz, with 1GB of RAM and 32GB of the onboard garage. It does not characterize an SD or Micro-SD card slot, so there is no choice for expandable reminiscence. Google has a bet that users will make use of cloud garage for several of their dreams. Because the Galaxy Nexus syncs nicely with Google Music, Google Docs, and Picasa, the maximum of your high extent desires are protected.

The processor is snappy and performs responsibilities with the apparently little try, switching through apps, video display units, multitasking, all feature with no hiccups. Even walking video games just like the newly released Modern Combat three would now not take a toll on the tool’s overall performance.

One hardware feature inside the tool that has been getting numerous presses is the NFC chip. This is only the US’s second phone to have an NFC chip constructed in (the Sprint Galaxy S is the number one). Unfortunately, Google Wallet isn’t always enabled on the device, and apart from Google Beam, there is not some element to be had to take advantage of this new addition. It will be a while earlier than developers begin constructing apps that employ NFC because of the dearth of gadgets helping it right now, but the opportunities for it are countless.


This is wherein the device’s actual splendor starts offevolved of advanced to polish, with the number one flavor of Android four. Zero Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Everything seems like that’s what Google supposed whilst the initially released Android. Gone are the veggies that have determined Android due to the truth launch and income. The brand new softer blue makes it sense more inviting. The software’s responsiveness is incredible, a few if that is way to the dual-middle 1.2GHz processor and 1GB of RAM, however the software program itself actually feels greater strong, and more labored out than preceding variations of Android, even Honeycomb.

ICS has made the texture and use of Android greater intuitive and cleaner without doing away with any of the talents or “strength” that clients have had from the start. Switching through video display units and apps are executed through the usage of swiping. Moving and uninstalling apps works similar to one-of-a-kind Android versions; however, now you could institution apps together into folders by using, in reality, losing them on top of one another. Within folders, you can re-setup apps as you would really like and interact with apps, but the folder floats over the house display, you continue to recognize wherein you are, and you don’t feel like you are diving too deep to get to something.


Individual apps open quickly, and you can control the apps you have running at any time by way of using clicking on the menu button. This pulls up a faceted bar that suggests all of your current and walking applications, much like Honeycombs enjoy. From this sidebar, you can switch between apps without problem or close them through the use of genuinely swiping them. The ability to close apps from inside this sidebar is a new and very welcome boost to ICS; I cannot allow you to know how commonly on Honeycomb I noticed an app and absolutely wanted to shut it but couldn’t. Your tool’s expertise will be driven by updates from Google so that you’re going to be on the ultra-present day and finest builds for at least 12 months make it that a great deal sweeter.

Real-World Usage:

What the majority wants to understand is “have to I purchase the Verizon Galaxy Nexus,” and one of the predominant questions they have is “what about the battery lifestyles” well, I’ve been usage of the tool as my daily driver for every week now and felt I need to without a hassle solution these questions. First and number one, in case you’re in the market for a modern-day cellphone or upgrade eligible, I advocate that you buy the Galaxy Nexus without even hesitating. This tool is the entirety I come to be awaiting and greater. It has made me forestall disturbing if I modified into going to expire of battery existence, or if I needed to uninstall apps or root my device to make it run smoother and quicker.

Day 1:

Day 1 utilization has become quite an entire lot today’s for any new device, initial set up, downloading maximum used apps (Facebook, Social Scope, Reader, and so forth.), setting up syncing, and regularly scheduled events. Like all new devices, the battery got here with a kind of 40% price to get started out-out, and you could see from the show snapshots under how it executed.

Day 2:

Day 2 utilization was given a touch extra severe, masses more app use, web browsing, essentially putting the tool thru the paces to see what it could do. Battery utilization changed to higher than Day 1; however, it wasn’t extra special.

Day 3:

Day three was greater of modern utilization, calls, emails, browsing, app use, downloading apps, and more tweaks to settings. Battery use with the tool switching automatically amongst 3G/4G and using WiFi even as wanted to be turned into quite astounding, especially thinking about the screen and the processor.

Day 4:

Day 4 continued with preferred use and no actual adjustments to settings. Again using famous 3G/4G putting the device routinely detecting the strongest signal and using WiFi even as wished.

Day 5:

Day 5we ran into a chunk of a hiccup with Google Currents; it became continuously walking and continuously trying to sync and live-action; it used an entire lot of battery and placed a big drain at the tool. Once Currents was un-set up, the whole thing has become again to every day, and we enjoy comfy with the battery existence. We see 14 hours of battery lifestyles on an everyday foundation with preferred d usage.

Overall Impressions:

My regular impact of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is that this is everything that Google intended Android to be. The hardware is first-rate, mild, and responsive. The OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, is fluid and smooth. It is intuitive, and consumer nice greater purchaser-dealing with than some different Android model so far and sincerely takes the fight to Apple in terms of simplicity and “actually running.”

There are a few insects to iron out, and we can get into some of those in distinctive posts; however, this tool is a particular buy if you’re in the marketplace for a new telephone. Even inside the case, you weren’t on Android before; this is a tool that you want to keep in mind switching for significantly. Besides the bells and whistles of it being a herbal, Google enjoys the tool; you get the gain of Verizon’s 4G network (wherein to be had). It’s faster than a few aspects on the market and makes dwelling cellular an actual truth.

Ryan Carroll is an era enthusiast fascinated who stocks his critiques and insights of generation via his blog. He primarily based his weblog after seeing different technology blogs and feeling that they did not provide the insight that he changed into looking for while it came to era, video games, and phones.

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