How Profitable Is It Being an Android Developer?

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There is an inclination to consider that an app is handiest worthwhile if you’re famous and you´re promoting it for ‘thousands and thousands of dollars’. But this is not the only manner to be a profitable Android developer.


It is a common concept that being an iOS developer is extra worthwhile than the Android running gadget, however, according to latest records, it is clean that this 2d platform is an increasing number of popular. Although, it´s genuine that the number of loose programs are increasing, especially if you appearance in phrases of a percent.

It is a not unusual misconception that iOS builders are greater worthwhile over Android builders, in keeping with the latest information and reviews the Android platform is growing in recognition. However, we need to understand that the share of free applications is on the upward push.

Android, taking advantage of the large Apple

Within the ultimate year there were several loose apps which have shown first rate ability, now not simplest that however, they´ve produced incredible returns. Monetizing a cell app within the proper manner outcomes in excessive performance. This approach is applied very well within the Android apps, as a result it’s far becoming more and more profitable to be an Android developer, even inside a particularly Apple dominated running system market.

As previously mentioned, Android apps are normally loose and use from other varieties of marketing to elevate finances. This ends in the earnings being lower than many extra iOS apps which rate for downloads. However, down the line, Android will very worthwhile as it reaches a miles larger extent of users, to an ever widening target audience.


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Let’s speak approximately the massive players, Android, iOS or Windows Phone. The achievement of an application closely depends on a great advertising approach. As an Android Developer or Windows Phone developer, if we want to prove the improvement of cell apps can be worthwhile, we ought to invest in merchandising.

One of the methods to ensure your cellular utility is not misplaced inside the sea of different applications is to work at the ASO and optimize keywords so that they are visible to customers. However, it’s also very vital to work and control the advertising side, and peculiarly else the ‘buzz’ that’s generated through social networks, ie, to provide the app to the public, create a logo and an approach to encourage downloads and a return on any investments made.

The Android smartphone marketplace is rife with consumer related commentary. Some of this remark is positive and a number of it isn’t always. In many instances the negative remark can end up quite inflammatory regarding the verbal hatred, bile and vitriol spewed forth from a few individuals. The purpose for all the commotion is simple. Some individuals experience Android telephones are exactly what was promised and that they’re superior to the Apple based merchandise that was already available on the market. The different facet of that argument feels that the android running system and using it’d had been a long way better served by way of not attempting to come off as an Apple “knock off”.

While there are a few similarities between the 2 merchandise the Android powered telephones on the market are pretty exclusive than the iPhones of the arena. While that is obvious to many it isn’t so obvious to others. Beyond the iPhone and Android similarity debates, there’s the fact that many Android telephones are garnering bad critiques compared to every other. The Nexus One, as an instance, is mentioned as being flimsy and vulnerable to breaking if it isn’t dealt with youngster gloves.

There are different negative comments based totally on many Android phones as well. The keyboards damage without difficulty on some. The touch screens on others are slow or unresponsive. The list is going on. The most effective Android smartphone that has time and again tested itself in opposition to all naysayers and comers is the Motorola Droid. While this device does have some minor problems the employer that markets the cellular tool, Motorola, had the best enterprise experience to actually carry out product testing that mattered before it becomes initially launched to the public.


While it is not perfect, no mobile cellphone is and that includes the Apple telephones as nicely. Droid Phone is a reduce above the relaxation in actual creation. The design is solid and there are numerous tales of human beings which have really gone as some distance as by chance running over their phone and it remained in reasonable running order. Sometimes it only had minor functionality however what wouldn’t be a bit broken after a multi-ton vehicle rolled throughout it?

There is an inclination to hurry products to the marketplace within the consumer electronics niche. This has lead to running structures which might be flawed and require multiple patches to fix. This has lead to shoddy creation that a single second were the grip on the device is misplaced finally ends up having it shatter upon effect with the floor. This has additionally result in poor first-rate battery layout that allows for bad usage outside of a constructing with a wall socket.

These are all troubles of latest android telephones and iPhone updates alike. However, the Motorola Droid keeps having stable overall performance, effective and green improvements that have been nicely tested, and a fabric production that is nothing quick of amazing. There is no doubt that despite all the opposition the Motorola Droid without a doubt is the king of the Android phones.

We all realize about the hype surrounding the Apple iPad, thousands and thousands of units sold worldwide in the first few days of launch, Apple fans queueing over night time to get their fingers on one, it is surely a popular piece of the package. However, I assume there are better alternatives available and its all approximately Android. Let’s begin with the fundamentals and imagine you don’t know what Android is (I’m sure if you’re studying this a variety of you do). Android is an open source loose working system owned via Google.

Originally it become deliberate to be used as a mobile smartphone OS but it’s far beginning to flex its muscle groups and amplify its horizons. As a mobile OS it’s far already extremely famous, HTC Sony and plenty of others have adopted it because the device of choice for all their smart telephones and right here’s why. The truth it’s open source way they don’t need to pay for it, which is obviously a amazing begin however it goes further than that. The truth it is open supply manner every body and all people can develop apps for it, adjust it heck they are able to do regardless of the like with it. A large way of life has grown around Android of builders, modifiers and programmers, all making killer apps that they can positioned out onto the market with out a licensing charges and either distribute for free or make money from. The amount of apps will very soon overtake Apple’s App Store for the quantity available and it will just keep developing and growing. It’s unstoppable.


So what does this ought to do with the iPad? Properly Android is now spreading its wings and many pill producers are using it on their drugs and most of them can do the entirety the iPad can and for 1/2 the price. OK, they’re not as slick (yet) but many of those capsules offer features the iPad cannot because of it’s closed architecture. HDMI ports that output 720p video, which means they may be also portable HD media gamers, memory card slots so you can easily put records on and take it off, get admission to the myriad of apps to be had to Android customers and many tons greater.