Is Your Agency Ready For the New Home Health Regulations?

The home health care industry will see several modifications to regulations in 2014. Some of the compliance time limits for these new home health regulations are right around the corner so that you want to make certain your company is ready. Non-compliance can position you at danger for luxurious fines and different penalties. As home fitness care consultants, we’ve got visible too many groups cast-off compliance until the final minute and wind up paying fines that might have been avoided. Let’s take a closer look at a number of the rules you need to organize for this year.


Compliance with HIPAA ought to constantly be an issue for home health care companies. In 2014, HIPAA will encompass a final rule concerning the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act or HITECH provisions. The new guidelines require expanded safety and management of patient facts. While home fitness care businesses have always been required to abide with the aid of HIPAA, all business associates for agencies need to comply as nicely now.

ICD-9 will officially get replaced utilizing ICD-10 codes beginning in October of this year. Many domestic health care groups have already made preparations for the transfer over to ICD-10, but if you have not, it’s time to work on getting your business enterprise equipped for the trade over to the new code sets. This includes preparing anybody on your employer, from employees within the subject to office group of workers.

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Failure to use the brand new codes–and make sure your scientific workforce is charting to the codes–can have a big monetary impact, inflicting delays in compensation, decreasing cash drift, and determining whether or not Medicare accepts billing from your agency inside the destiny. You can study greater about the new ICD-10 home fitness regulations and the conversion approach to your business enterprise on the CMS internet site.

You aren’t required to provide medical insurance under the Affordable Care Act if your agency has 50 or fewer personnel. Under the new law, some organizations with 50 or more personnel will make a price in the Employer Shared Responsibility Payment in 2015 or 2016 for now not imparting insurance. If you’ve got fewer than 25 full-time employees, your organization may also qualify for a small commercial enterprise fitness care tax credit score when you operate the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) to offer insurance. The tax credit is to be had to companies that pay at least 50 percent of the single insurance price for employees.

New home health regulations for worker wages are on the way. Agencies could be required to deliver employees with minimal federal salary and additional time pay to start in January 2015. This new rule covers home fitness aides, nurses, caregivers, and domestic care companions. While it isn’t required until 2015, most domestic care agencies are working to conform with this rule in 2014 so that their budget would not take as massive of a hit come 2015.

Needless to say, home health care organizations have lots to deal with in 2014. From HIPAA to coverage to adjustments in wage requirements, you want to make sure you’re prepared for all the new home fitness rules. Kenyon HomeCare Consulting can help your agency prepare for the adjustments coming in 2014 and beyond to ensure compliance. Whether your personal needs education for ICD-10 coding otherwise, you need to discover ways to improve your bottom line; you could expect Kenyon HomeCare Consulting to help you acquire your goals this yr.


The deadline for the ICD-10 conversion isn’t too a long way away. While it might nevertheless be a yr earlier than your property healthy business enterprise needs to make the transfer, ready till the remaining minute to your OASIS and 485s conversions isn’t always an awesome concept. The Department of Health and Human Services has set a date of October 1, 2014, to give home fitness corporations enough time to convert from ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding. In this manner, you’ve got greater time to prepare, but that year-length extension shouldn’t go to waste.

If you have not started making ready already, now could be the time to start working on the conversions to affect your entire employer. You will want to expand a transition group to help with this method or engage home fitness specialists to make certain you observe those complex adjustments. The ICD-10 conversion is obligatory for home health corporations. Making a move will affect the repayment manner accompanied by coverage groups, players, and the intermediaries that cope with the one’s transactions for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. There will be no grace length once this new coding device is going live, so you have to get your private home fitness agency organized to function using ICD-10 coding by using the October 1st closing date.

Claims submitted without ICD-10 codes will be rejected right away, and you may be required to resubmit them with the right coding. This should result in repayment delays, reduced coins flow, non-compliance penalties, and greater. You can keep away from all of those probably devastating financial troubles by being proactive and getting properly away. Home fitness specialists who are properly-versed in all regions of the ICD-10 conversion can make your transition quicker, easier, and hassle-free.

Preparing for the ICD-10 conversion would require extra than just sending your coders to lessons. If your complete corporation isn’t prepared for the change, you may face widespread sales losses-or, worse, go bankrupt. Your own home health agency must have contracts and providers updated on all ICD-10 coding modifications.

Additionally, all scientific subjects and a supervisory group of workers ought to be knowledgeable and educated concerning the documentation necessities that go together with the ICD-10 conversion. Failure to provide the multiplied and specific documentation for the brand new ICD-10 codes will trigger denials and reductions in bills. All of your in-residence structures must be equipped for the conversion the second it goes stay, which means that it’s time to start integrating ICD-10 codes and trying out your systems for the transition.

The quantity of preparation and training had to get your staff geared up for ICD-10 coding should be included in your company’s finances. Evaluate your property health agency and decide the most important regions of recognition. For extra assistance, you could always count on home health specialists to cope with the operational and financially demanding situations of transitioning to ICD-10. They can help you enhance cash drift, reduce sales risks, and offer education, so your entire organization is ready for the ICD-10 conversion. Call these days to talk about a domestic care consulting enterprise about the first-class approaches to prepare and make certain an easy transition to ICD-10 coding.

Ginny Kenyon is the founder and CEO of Kenyon HomeCare Consulting. Ginny’s know-how and ardor for supporting customers reap achievement define the challenge of her company. Ginny holds a Masters in Nursing Administration with minors in Business and Health Services. She labored as an administrator in Public Health, Home Health, Hospice, and Private Duty home care for the ultimate 27 years. She has a strong history in operations and application improvement through her revel in the traveling nurse services, Countrywide domestic fitness companies, and operating with traders in start-up organizations. Ginny is also a nationally posted domestic fitness writer and speaker.


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