Infertility treatment options for men and women

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Infertility can be difficult to handle and in most of the cases, infertility becomes irreversible. At this point, it becomes extremely hard to come out of this. The real factor is, fertility is a natural thing and when it does not happen it can lead to emotional turmoil. At the end of the day, the family is most important and after marriage, a child is a sapling for a family who helps in the growth and development of the family for generations to come after us. In general, pregnancy happens in a month or two after trying for pregnancy.

Infertility is defined as the inability of a person to help or get conceived. Infertility can happen to both male and female at any age. There is no define a human feature for infertility to occur. Infertility cannot be predicted but can be determined. A semen analysis test or a vaginoplasty test would determine the fertile health of an individual. A survey by a fertility clinic in Chennai, estimated that 60% of the couples do not know they are infertile. Infertility can kick-in at any stage and without a test, you cannot determine infertility.

There a good treatment for infertility which can help you conceive. The first and the foremost step is to determine the causes of infertility. Male infertility is determined through semen analysis and the analysis result will show us the sperm count in the semen sample. A condition with zero sperms is called azoospermia and this is the most common reason for male infertility. Lifestyle and other eat and drinking habits are the core reason for infertility. There are no home examination or self-examination to determine infertility in men. Some symptoms like watery semen are possible symptoms of infertility in men. Female infertility is quite complex. Infertility is female is not really infertility but a condition that prevent conception. At one of the fertility clinic in Bangalore, IVF is the most commonly sought treatment and the success rate is also quite high. In leading metro cities, the number of people opting for sperm donors and surrogacy is quite high. The average age of conception also has dropped drastically in India in the last one decade alone.

Advanced technology has brought in hope to a lot of childless couples and to a lot of people who are not to conceive due to other reasons. Pregnancy is always a naturally occurring phenomenon and having it not happening could be quite depressing but all that we have to tell you is that there are lots of options which can help you conceive and become a parent. Science and technology have always been our back and IVF treatment is a prime example.