Examples of “Business Opportunities” From the Internet World

Income Earning Offers By Mail

I send you an unsolicited e-mail and guise it as a business offer. I do my best to make the opportunity sound like a dream come true. I talk about the wonderful house you will own, the expensive car you will drive, and the lavish holidays you will be able to afford. Can you but trust me to send a measly amount of ($SUM) so that I can reveal to you the secret.

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This comes in many guises. For example, I fool you into thinking that I have the perfect formula for beating the odds in some gambling venture. Or that I have made many thousands of dollars using this or doing that. You will be surprised to hear me say that all this may, in fact, be true. However, an offer received in this way (i.e., unsolicited mail) has virtually no chance of being genuine. But, if you are really tempted and want to be sure, just search the name or the company. If no name or contact information is given, then you can forget it straight away. However, most scams of this nature are clever, and they will provide you with this information.

If your search reveals nothing about the contact, then forget it. If there are many references to the name or the company, dig a little more to find what people are saying. If all these checks reveal positive results, then the next plan of action is to reply to the mail (this should be standard practice even if you asked to be included on some mailing list) and ask as many questions as possible and wait for a reply. If the reply comes quickly (a day or so), is not an automatic response, and all your questions are satisfactorily answered, you can probably go ahead. But never hurry to give your money away.

Income Earning Offers Over The Net

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The most notable types of offers you may come across are Home Working, Multilevel Marketing (MLM), Affiliate Programs, Reselling, and Surfing for Cash. Now, if you do come across any of these sites, particularly after having done a search engine query, the chances are that you are looking for some opportunity. You are testing the water, as it were. It is the same as looking through the classified section of small adverts in a national or local newspaper.

The chances also are that you are looking for a second income or even a complete change of work for whatever reason. You might be fed up with your boss, or the pay is too small or the hours are long, or the people are unfriendly. Most of us have done the job thing, and I think we all know the feeling of how each of those things eats away at your happiness. Whatever your reason is, it means you are vulnerable. You are impressionable, especially if you are relatively new to this sort of thing on the net.

These are not words of discouragement. They are words of caution because you will need to exercise sizeable quantities to avoid slipping into a scam. The plain reason is that it is often difficult to see the difference between a scam and a genuine offer. However, there are certain signs that you will be well advised to look for.

Let us first try to address some questions that the prospect will almost certainly be asking before I list the danger signs. In general, people I speak to or converse with on this subject ask me the following questions (often in the order I present them below):

Q1. Is it really possible to earn some income on the net?
A1. The answer is an emphatic YES. The reason for this answer is a direct result of how the question is posed. The word possible is used. So, after some thought, the question is rephrased.

Q2. Can anyone earn some income on the net?
A2. The answer is the same, YES. The question is really no different from the first one. But to appear a little more sociable, I may add that anyone with patience, a reasonable intelligence, and a natural disposition to hard work can make money on the net. By adding this extra bit, I save the next question, which is: “Could I earn some income on the net?”

Q3. How much are we talking about?
A3. Very difficult to say. It depends on a lot of things. First, it depends on what type of activity, what type of business, what type of good or service you are offering. But obviously, some people are making lots of money, and there are those (the majority) who are making very little—the range averages from $30 per month to $20,000 per month.

The answer to question three quickly separates prospects into two categories. They get rich quick people, and I am ready for hard work and to be patient people. So the moral of this story is that if I advise you that you can earn $20,000 per month by working an hour a day, I am not lying to you, but I am misleading you. I am giving you the impression that this can be achieved quickly, i.e., within days or weeks or even months of setting up your Internet home-based business. The truth is that all successful people who have made huge amounts of money on the net have spent a lot of time refining, rebuilding, changing, learning, reading, and gaining valuable experience in the process.

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Consider a business on the high street. A small grocery shop does not make as much money as a supermarket. Even if customers’ volume were the same, people would come in, look around, not find what they want, and make their way to the nearest supermarket. The point is, any business, even an Internet one, has to be built gradually. Your customer base has to be established, your reputation has to grow, your site’s popularity has to flourish, and you have to keep working at it (even when you think you have a perfect size). The good news is that if you adhere to all of the above, the work really does get less and less.

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