How to Earn at Least $50 a Day to Set and Forget Auto-Blogging

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In this time of economic melancholy, human beings are finding ways to earn more earnings on top of their ordinary jobs. And a variety of humans are actually turning on Internet Marketing to begin their mission of online business. After all, internet advertising is one of the easiest manners to set up a business online with little capital or no capital in any respect. My aim for writing this text is to show you a method of incomes as a minimum $50 a day in the vehicle running a blog using WordPress and leveraging the products on Amazon.

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This technique has initial cash outlay but the go back to investment is so extremely good and very brief to obtain. What you want to start this business version is a site and website hosting. For the area, you could use godaddy.Com, and for hosting you can get it from hostgator.Com ( I for my part use the “infant” website hosting bundle because it allows you to host limitless websites that’s what you will want on this sort of enterprise model). You also need to install an associate account in amazon.Com to leverage the products they’re selling. Now this version with can help you have as a minimum more than one profits streams in a single blog which I will similarly explain later.

Once you have signed up as an Amazon associate, you can visit amazon.Com and discover a product this is presently “selling” proper now. You can select any product in any classes that you choose. Go to “movers and shakers” phase as this can imply the recent merchandise in that precise category. Now once you have got chosen a product, sign up a site name with the product called on the URL. Verify also in Google keyword tool if that sure product call has an enough searched variety. Tip: For exceptional consequences, including the product name and product model/range in your domain name. If it’s already taken, you could use versions along with hyphen or traces. An example would be canon-virtual-camera.Com. You also can use the time period evaluation attached to the product name like canondigitalcamerareview. Once you have got registered your domain name and website hosting, you have to install WordPress as your running a blog platform.


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If you aren’t familiar with WordPress installation, do not freak out as there are lots of WordPress tutorials that you can find online. Just seek in Google ” WordPress academic” and you’ll discover a number of information on it. You also can seek that during YouTube so you can observe alongside in the video. You also can find quite a few loose WordPress subject templates online that you may use on your blog.

Now once your WordPress is installation, you need to deploy the following plugins in your blog ( and those are free of route): All-in-one search engine marketing ( this is a plugin to be able to automatically put up your blog to the serps), Amazon Auto-Poster ( this plugin will automatically get the product details of the product you’re promoting from Amazon), Article Auto-Poster ( this plugin will automobile publish any articles which you have in.Txt layout and you can time table when to submit these articles), Only-cord automobile-poster ( this plugin will automatically put up your article or blog to diverse socialbookmarking websites in each time you publish a brand new article. Note: You need to first sign up to the special social bookmarking websites if you do no longer have an account with them yet).

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Now you can set up an AdSense to your weblog for additional earnings move as properly. Write at least one authentic article in your weblog based on the product that you are promoting. Just get the item concept from the product description itself and the consumer remarks in Amazon. Highly optimized this together with your predominant key-word. Keyword has to be on the title page, and as a minimum point out it for every a hundred phrases. Now you just created a surprisingly optimized WordPress blog that might in all likelihood land you on the primary web page of Google. Once your website online is listed, you could both depart it as is and allow consumers find it via the serps, or you may promote your website to flippa.Com in case you need instantaneous cash. A new website online like this without an “income” but can promote speedy for $50 – $60 dollars. I realize a person who creates 5 auto-blogs an afternoon and promotes it to flippa.Com after every week ( or as soon because the websites are indexed). Just do your math and you may see that $500 a week could be very possible for website flipping those clean to put in auto-blogs. Or, you could always prefer to hold the blogs and earn certainly from product commissions and AdSense. The choice is all up to you.

I then told him that WP 2.9.2 or WP three.Zero–It failed to remember configuration was nonetheless the same. I then published a display shot of 1 one my blogs and circled Akismet configuration at the shot to reveal him just in which it becomes. Getting nearer now!

Then he got here back with this: “Do I ought to download first the Akismet earlier than I can see Akismet Configuration. Or the handiest manner I can download Akismet is I first need the API Code is which I recognize it.”

The mild bulb went off for me then–he hadn’t surely activated the plugin but! I instructed him he already had it downloaded, as it’s a part of a simple WordPress deploy, and he just needed to prompt it. Bingo! He ultimately was given it operating.

The reason I’m telling this long and winding tale is to reveal you the extent of assistance that you can anticipate at My Affiliate Apprentice. This is exactly the kind of issue many noobies to affiliate advertising face when they’re getting to know to build sites and often haven’t anyone or nowhere to ask those sort of questions. Or if they do in many forums, they are flamed so hard that they may be completely incinerated.

We have an exclusive technique at My Affiliate Apprentice. We have all stood in the noobs shoes earlier than, and do not give up helping until they get it right. Sometimes both Roger, the forum proprietor, or one people three mods will ask for a login and password so we are able to cross properly in and diagnose and accurate problems that people just cannot determine out. I even have helped out and corrected many troubles on this way, then knowledgeable the blog owner exactly what the problem became and the way I fixed it. This enables the noob to assist himself the next time they come across the equal hassle.

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It’s very uncommon to discover this degree of help in maximum associate advertising and marketing forums. And support isn’t just for noobs, it’s also there for greater superior users of WordPress. Recently, I helped a discussion board member who became stuck building a multi-website software for WordPress. I was given the log-in facts, and inside 5 minutes observed a completely easy to accurate problem with the .htaccess record. The discussion board member had been annoyed for hours with the trouble, and a clean set of eyes became all that became needed to scope out the trouble and correct it.