Understanding Car Title Loans

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Before understanding about car title loans, you need to know that if you are qualified for one or not. There are different lenders who lend car title loan, and they may have a different set of qualification, but most of the lenders has these basic sets of qualifications and they are,

  • Your car must be owned by you and should be clear off any debts. In other words, your car cannot be owed to any other finance company and should be completely owned by you.
  • You must have a source of income and it should be reliable.
  • You must have a driver’s license.
  • If you need a larger loan, then you might have to show the lender a proof of your insurance.

Therefore, if you qualify these basic rules, then you generally qualify for a car title loan. So, as you can see it is a very easy way to get access to quick cash, and you just need to have a car which you completely own. In the modern day, most of the people who own a car, love this product. Earlier, for decades, people used their equity for homes and borrowed against their home, and they had no freaking idea that they can do the same using their cars. For decades, Americans had no idea that they can have access to quick cash just by having a car. It is really odd, that how so many Americans just avoided this instant profitable truth of having a title loan against their car. Now, that they know, they can do it, they are absolutely mind blown by the possibilities.

Now, like all good things has a bad side, car title loans also have risks attached to it. The biggest risk that the borrower is taking, that if he cannot repay the money that he/she borrowed. If he/she cannot repay the money he/she borrowed then the lender has the right to repossess the vehicle. Obviously, this is not the outcome that neither the lender nor the borrower want. Therefore, it is always advisable that you take a loan, that you can repay. The disadvantage of a car title loan, is that the interest is pretty high, and the amount of money, if not payed at right instances, can amount up very quickly, and at some point, of time becomes sky high. Therefore, if you have not got a stable income, then you might reconsider taking a car title loan. Maybe a better option for you will be to sell your car, and then buy another cheaper vehicle.


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Now, if you even fall behind and you cannot repay the loan on time, do communicate with the lender. If the stipulated time has passed for you to repay the loan, and you still cannot repay, you need to tell that to the lender. Most of us, want to avoid this awkward situation, and the lender takes that as a breach of security, and repossesses the car as soon as possible. Communicating with the lender gives him assurance that, you will pay back the loan, and you will not leave town or avoid the lender. Do not make the lender think that you are trying to avoid him, and reassure him that you are late for a specific reason and you will repay him as soon as possible.

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