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The Technology Behind Wi-Fi

The Technology Behind Wi-Fi

Since its inception in 1971, Wi-Fi technology since then has evolved a lot. Wi-Fi technology provides high-speed internet access to devices within a specific range of the wireless network. The Internet has made it possible to stay connected with everyone worldwide at any given point in time. Wi-Fi is a type of radio wave with many advantages over traditional cables; primarily, it can access spaces where cables cannot reach. But how does this popular wireless technology work?

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The technology behind Wi-Fi –

Wi-Fi is the technology that uses radio waves to provide internet access to other devices. These radio waves are transmitted over the network using a Wi-Fi router. All the devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc., have in-built Wi-Fi cards. These Wi-Fi cards receive the radio waves from the router. The range of the Wi-Fi depends on the router. Now along with Wi-Fi at home, Wi-Fi hotspots are set up at public places like restaurants, schools, colleges, hotels, etc.

Benefits of Wi-Fi over traditional cable wires –

  • Flexibility – Any user on the network is free to move within the range of the wireless network. While in the case of traditional wires, the user’s mobility is restricted
  • Infrastructure – Setting up a wireless network is cost-effective as compared to the traditional network. A lot of money is spent on labor and installation in wired networks.
  • Reachability – The wireless network can be extended to places where the cables cannot reach.
  • Scalability – If you want to add any user to the network, it can be effortlessly done in a wireless network. However, in a wired network, you will need to add new cable wires.

Portable Wi-Fi Routers –

Now that we are talking about wireless networks let us discuss portable Wi-Fi devices. Portable routers are easy to use; insert a SIM, and your private internet connection is created. Portable Wi-Fi devices are perfect for people who commute quite a lot. Many portable Wi-Fi devices connect you to the internet on the go. But the palm-sized JioFi can get you online anywhere in the world. This is because Jio has the world’s largest data network. You can travel anywhere, and you will never be deprived of a decent 4G network.

It efficiently supports around ten devices and supports 4G data and HD voice calls even on 2G and 3G phones. It is reliable and easy to use; with the availability of so many online recharge options, all you need to do is choose a plan and insert the Reliance Jio SIM, and you are good to go. They have a variety of affordable plans for both postpaid and prepaid connections. Also, their easy online mobile recharge ways are a time saver, and also you can avail of various cashback offers. The Internet has become an integral part of our life, and we cannot imagine a normal day without a good internet connection. We can surf the internet, stream online videos, connected to the world, etc.; all this is somewhere because of the Wi-Fi technology.