The Count of Monte Cristo Game Review

The Count of Monte Cristo sport is an informal sports rendition of one in every of Alexander Dumas’ maximum well-known works bearing the equal name. In this recreation, you’re taking the role of Edmond Dantes as you search for clues and recommendations in numerous locations to find the person responsible for your betrayal and imprisonment. Well, the game offers no longer sincerely a genuine duplicate of the radical’s story; however, just some excerpts right here and there, so I guess that small outline of the game’s plot will need to do. And except, we’re here to speak about the sport, proper truly?

Cristo Game


Anyway, the game opens up quite amazing as you’re shown through a sequence of splendidly-drawn paintings at the table at the back of Edmond Dantes’ imprisonment. Immediately afterward, you’re already pitted into finding objects about your list; as most hidden object games pass and of direction, you have to usually maintain in thoughts the countdown timer for the duration of your play. Basically, you simply ought to beat each degree to development similarly into the story because the tale’s cut scenes will be revealed afterward every time you flow from one level to any other. And except that, I don’t have anything greater to feature than have amusing playing the sport. 🙂

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There are a complete of 20 one-of-a-kind locales to scour through to your hidden item adventure as you sift through eight suspects who might also or might not have brought on Edmond’s past misery. The game also involves gambling through 15 special mini-games ranging from very smooth to impossibly hard, and accept as true with me after I say that some of these mini-games may even eat extra of some time than the real are looking for-and-locate sport. You may also seek thru hidden locations on various components of the land, hence proving me incorrect over again when before everything I idea that this is simply a totally short recreation.

The Review

The Count of Monte Cristo recreation employs a superb collection of scenes from the e-book coupled with an engaging tune that I find very attractive. The typical gameplay is exceptional. However, I locate the visual presentation of a maximum of the scenes to be pretty murky and tough to stare at for long hours. This offers this sort of negative impact on the sport, considering that most of the time spent in gambling hidden item video games is through gazing at your reveal and concentrating on searching for the items at hand. Most of the time, I can not even discover an unmarried shell from all the litter, and sometimes, I suffer the outcomes of getting 30-second penalties from too many misclicks.

Many of the mini-video games are very tough, too, for the reason that I spent nearly 1/2 an hour figuring out even an unmarried checkers puzzle. This essential manner is filled with so many tasks, but I nonetheless locate it too hard for my flavor. Besides, it definitely hurts my gaming ego at some stage in the instances I play this game, so I bet I’ll go away from it at that. 😛

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All in all, The Count of Monte Cristo sport may be loads of amusing for people who want a game packed with a completely great storyline and a project that will make you play for hours and hours on end. If you are additionally organized to look your manner via some detail-lacking sceneries, then please be my guest and take your own crack at this game. Besides, it is constantly your opinion that counts, right? The Miss Teri Tale sport coming from the informal game developer, Out Entertainment, is a hidden-object puzzle game that puts you in research approximately the mysterious disappearance of a purebred Chinese Crested Dog named Jason. Now, while you may think that finding misplaced dogs will no longer truly make a great game story, properly, I wager we will see as we take an amazing peek at this casual sport.

The recreation’s story opens up with an introduction to Teri Tale, a well-known mystery and suspense novel writer moving far away from the hustle and bustle of New York City to settle in a quiet suburb called Peeking Town. While searching for a perfect enough tale for her next novel, disaster strikes because the prized Chinese Crested Dog of her new friend and neighbor, Abigail Kingsley, changed into canine-napped without a clue! Seeing this as a great opportunity for a story, as well as a pleasing manner to assist her friend, Teri takes it upon herself to discover the lacking canine and capture the wrongdoer in the back of the thriller.

There’s also this little subplot about Teri being blackmailed by an unknown shadowy figure via emails, wherein the sender is threatening to pin the crime on an innocent individual, except she accepts to find Jason herself. Now, I really don’t see the entire factor approximately this additional plot before everything when you consider that Teri had already been decided to locate Jason before the emails. However, I located for the real recreation duration that the emails’ foremost reason is to lead Teri on locating her subsequent clues. The mysterious guy really guidelines Teri approximately where to go looking subsequent in the neighborhood, and other than the occasional comic comfort, he is quite beneficial when you consider it.


As a long way as hidden object games go, there’s without a doubt not anything new about the Miss Teri Tale game other than its plot and gaming interface. Not that the game tale had that plenty intensity, but I nonetheless liked it though. Also, the pix and track are very first-rate as a long way as you can assume from video games of this kind, and I clearly appreciated the clean-sufficient controls. I preferred exceptional about this recreation, though, are the numerous unique avenues wherein the tale is being evolved. Aside from the blackmails and clues, Teri’s mysterious messenger genuinely adds to the storyline, and you could even study more about the observed evidence thru the clipboard and additionally on Teri’s diary. Not to forget the local newspaper, of the route, in which you may get extra distinct background information to your suspects.

However, the sport’s typical trouble very lots confuses me. On the one hand, you are best given as many as four gadgets to look for at a given time, except you discover it, and it gets replaced. This gives a more challenge than other hidden object video games because you virtually must focus first on those constrained items (virtually, they’re tough to discover). On the other hand, even though it appears that evidently, the sport also permits you to get unlimited clues through backtracking to Teri’s office. Unlimited clues are brilliant fun. However, they make the game dull if you’re no longer playing for the assignment. Can you notice here why I’m harassed? 🙂

As an advantage, the sport additionally offers two extraordinary mini-games to play. One is a card-matching sport in which you are tasked to discover 2 postcards with an equal image. The alternative one is a Mastermind-like puzzle game wherein you bust open safety locks by arriving at their accurate codes. These mini-games are entertaining to play but still are confined to just two. All in all, the Miss Teri Tale game is a superb recreation, and I bet you’ll have a blast gambling it much as I did at some stage in my trying out. It definitely has bad tendencies, but no sport is absolutely perfect from my very own viewpoint. I advocate getting it and try it out for yourself because I, myself, had a laugh gambling it for the duration of my testing process.

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