Switching From PC to Mac

You want not to worry, but. Apple has listened to its clients and addressed their issues. Switching from a PC to a Mac is not a bounce inside the dark; it’s a smooth transition to a responsive and powerful laptop.

The basics


A Mac is straightforward to use because Apple has designed its applications to work similarly. Once you emerge as familiar with the Mac OS X running machine, everything falls into the location. Moving your documents.

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Perhaps the maximum important trouble of changing to any new PC is the migration of your files from one to the opposite. These documents might encompass documents, music, and pictures, but it does no longer certainly depend on what they’re: your Mac will robotically apprehend nearly all of them. You have several techniques to interchange your files. You can. Duplicate the whole lot in your PC to a USB or FireWire tough strain, join the hard stress to the Mac. Download

use your close by the community to transfer the documents

burn the documents to a CD or DVD at the PC area this to your Mac and download
deliver the documents in your Mac thru your e-mail account. When you’ve organized the entirety at Mac’s tough power, you may deploy Windows (see underneath) and use your documents as you will for your PC. If you don’t need to load Windows, you may want Mac versions of the appropriate software program application consisting of Microsoft Office (see underneath).


Having decided to make the glide from PC to Mac, you can experience greater comfort if you have Windows to hand. Fortunately, you’re able to load Windows XP Home Edition or Professional (with at least Service Pack 2) or any Windows Vista model, the usage of Boot Camp. This is a bit of software that comes as present-day with every new Mac. (Please be aware that you can’t load any Windows software apart from the ones given here.) Once Windows is on your Mac, use it as though you are going for walks on a PC. If you need the potential of getting Windows and Mac OS X available at the equal time without restarting the laptop, install both Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion.

Windows networks

If you’re a part of a Windows community in an office or domestic and everybody else is using a PC, you may still switch to a Mac without frightening something. With a Mac, there isn’t something to save you-you from sharing files throughout the network, browsing the Internet, or sending and receiving e-mail.

Microsoft Officepc

Suppose you need to preserve using Microsoft Office 2008, genuinely installation the Mac version. It has all the competencies of the Windows equal, which include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can also artwork on Office documents that originated on a PC and switched your Mac-created Office work to a PC.

PC gadgets

You do not have to buy new peripherals whilst you change from a PC to a Mac. Your Mac has pre-loaded drivers for masses of devices; because of this, it recognizes the sizable majority of peripherals and printers, tough drives, joysticks, and cameras. Just install your device using the USB, FireWire, Bluetooth, or audio connections, and you’re up and strolling. If you would instead, you could additionally hold to apply your PC keyboard and mouse together with your Mac.


You can use your present electronic mail carrier and electronic mail deal on your Mac with no hassle the least bit. Please put your email account facts into Mac’s Mail software, and that is it: you have got effectively converted. You can also access any internet-based totally electronic mail along with your Mac’s Safari net browser.


You may also add, of a route, have an inventory of electronic mail folders that flow again for some time. Switching from a PC to a Mac is a good opportunity to perform a touch email home obligations. However, this doesn’t suggest you have to lose any of your archived messages. Instead, if you have a reasonably small amount of email, you could forward it to your Mac. If you have got a larger quantity of mail to your PC and characteristic some of the payments, you can switch the whole thing via your ISP (Internet service agency) and IMAP (Internet message get right of entry to protocol).

Instant messaging

If you’re used to instant messaging on your PC, you will be thrilled at the side of your Mac. It has a built-in function known as iChat for textual content messaging and video calls.


Macs are wireless and prefer-minded with most routers. The to-be had wi-fi networks for your region automatically register for your show. You need no longer lose any of the wi-fi talents of your PC, and with the useful resource of choosing a Mac, you can, in fact, discover you’ve got upgraded your Wi-Fi capability.

Web browsers

Your Mac has the fastest net browser round: Safari. If you pick out, you may use Mac versions of different browsers, but the speed and clean-to-use features of Safari will fast have you hooked.

Software and games

You might not lose out on a software program software, and video games preference whilst you switch to a Mac. Virtually everything has a Mac version, plus you may gain from precise Mac objects, which consist of work.


When you turn to a Mac, you’ll need to know your facts is comfy. The proper information is that Macs have integrated protection with ordinary unfastened updates. Apple moreover constructs every Mac with its personal hardware and software program software. The quit result is a laptop that resists viruses and adware a long way better than the common PC.


Macs are constantly reliable. They run noticeably nicely and no longer suffer from the troubles so often related to PCs – frozen monitors and device crashes. As a result, you’ll have fewer issues because of delays and out-of-place information.

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