Must See St Petersburg Private Tour Attractions for 2014

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Catherine Palace showcases the wealthy history and fortune of the tsars in Russia and functions the well-known Amber Room. The unique Amber Room become misplaced in the course of WWII but visitors will see a replica which was painstakingly re-created from old images of the original room.


The other rooms of the palace are similarly beautiful in the decor and could go away site visitors in awe. More than a hundred kilograms (220 kilos) of gold were used to create the stucco façade and statues that line the roof of the palace.

Catherine Palace is positioned within the city of Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin), simply 25 km to the south of St. Petersburg. For the yr 2014, the teach station taking visitors to Catherine Palace has been re-opened and is a special new addition to the websites you could see in Pushkin.

The State Hermitage

A museum framed as one in every of the biggest and oldest museums in the global, the State Hermitage Museum is a featured appeal for all visitors to St Petersburg. With a brand new addition to the Hermitage set to open in Spring that efficaciously doubles the exhibition space, visitors in 2014 will be treated to a tremendous collection from the three million gadgets presently owned by means of the museum.

The Hermitage became founded through Catherine the Great in 1764, however, the museum has been open to the general public most effective on the grounds that 1852 as it was the wintry weather house of the tsars and was simplest available for personal viewing inside the beyond.

St Petersburg Metro


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With the private metro system inside the international and numerous new stations, the St Petersburg metro is an exciting attraction and way to transport about in the town. The first stations have been opened after WWII and are embellished with marble, granite, bas-reliefs, and mosaics which create the feel you’re in an underground palace.

The metro is easy, cheaper, and usually very busy. With maps in English language, it’s miles very smooth to discover your way and St Petersburg locals are usually equipped to help with instructions.

Visitors in 2014 will be able to see the new Admiralteyskaya station, which at 86 meters below ground is the new private metro station within the world.

The Church of Our Savior

This is one of the most well-known landmarks in Russia and the spot wherein Alexander II turned into fatally wounded. This occasion is what gave the church its’ bloody name.

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Here site visitors will locate one of the first-rate photograph stops in St Petersburg as the church sits at the romantic Moika Canal and is seen directly from Nevsky Prospect. The church flaunts mosaics which cover 7,000 rectangular meters of wonderful splendor.

St.Isaac’s Cathedral

St Isaac’s Cathedral turned into the concept of French architect Auguste de Montferrand and become under construction for 40 years (1811-1851).

The Cathedral is the tallest structure in the middle of St Petersburg and an image of the metropolis. It is the 1/3 tallest one cupola creation in the world after St. Peters’ Cathedral in Rome (143m) and St. Pauls’ Cathedral in London (109 m).

In the summertime, vacationers can travel to the very top of the Cathedral and take in the great view of St Petersburg. Keep in mind there are two hundred steps to the top and no elevator.

Yusupov Palace

Yusupov Palace is likewise positioned on the Moika Canal is one of the most luxurious private palaces in St Petersburg. The building became the website online of Grigoriy Rasputin’s murder in 1916 and there is a special room dedicated to the tale of how he died.

Besides this room, there are numerous different thrilling rooms which include the personal theatre which continues to be in use today and the library with mystery rooms and files.

On a tour, you will additionally learn about the history of the Yusupov own family and exciting tidbits about every one of the rooms.

Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter the Great founded St Petersburg on this location in 1703. The castle contains several homes which include St Peter and Paul Cathedral which is the final resting region of many Russian tsars and their families. The Cathedral is the oldest landmark in St Petersburg and becomes constructed between 1712 and 1733.

The bell tower is taken into consideration the arena’s tallest Orthodox bell tower and lots of observers keep in mind this the best Orthodox church in the world.

Visitors can also walk alongside the pinnacle of the fort partitions with super perspectives to the Neva River and center of St Petersburg. This is some other brilliant photo stop and danger to experience the deep history of St. Petersburg.

Kunstkamera – Chamber of Curiosities

Peter the Great based this museum in 1714 to showcase the odd and peculiar forms of existence, train site visitors, and calm fears approximately the eccentricities of the world.
To do this Peter the Great dispatched word to all corners of Russia to deliver something strange or peculiar to the museum for care.


The focal point of the gathering is two,000 arrangements via the Dutch anatomist Frederick Ruysch and an ethnographic “chamber of wonders” also bought in Holland by means of Peter the Great.

Some of the museum artifacts are quite ugly and polarizing. As such we don’t recommend this museum to the faint of coronary heart but as an alternative for those search for something sincerely out of the normal on their travels.