How Does an Action Board Help in Personal Growth?

I know the saying goes that not all you see has to be believed, but there is no denying that visual communication is probably the most potent form that features in all our lives.

We are puny mortals running after conventional or not-so-conventional things that our beating heart holds close to. Be it a nine-to-five job at a reputed firm or standing back and watching your art displayed for hundreds or just a dozen to watch, we are filled with dreams and desires cultivated, manufactured, and nurtured all through our lives.

What Is An Action Board And Why You're Going To Want One

‘I once read this line that says you are your biggest salesman; if you do not want things bad enough for yourself, who else would? And who is to say you can’t get them? All you need is the right push. If your dream is to own a studio apartment in New York, backpack across Atlanta, or move away from home, if you do not get down to it, no one else is going to. Ultimately win or fail, it affects you the most.

And when you do not wish to dispense the energy to work for yourself, that is when you know things are getting worse, which brings us back to the initial statement. We are mortal beings who see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.

And what better way to achieve what you want, no matter how small or big, needs an action plan. The plan is the bridge between the idea and the outcome, which I admit is a line I stole from my eleventh-grade commerce text, but the point stands.

A sound plan, objectives, strategies, methods, techniques, rules, policies, and results are some essentials to achieving the desired outcome. And putting it all up on an active board for you to see regularly would only motivate you.

What is an Action Board?

An action board on which you can write down dates for your vision and just how you plan to attain it. It’s similar to a “to-do” list but more extensive and provides a structure for getting things done. Remember that giving a date to a dream turns it into a concrete goal.

Also, there is a possible prequel for the action board, which you could make, if you are into the whole cutting and pasting. A vision board and action board are often interchangeable, but they are not two similar concepts.

An action board follows the vision board. The vision board notes down the vision via a series of images or objects arranged to assist you in realizing your objectives or vision. This board might be either physical or electronic. Vision boards can be used in a variety of ways. One could use them to make a visual depiction of a personalized vision statement or to realize your personal goals.

A vision board arranges the objectives and ultimate expectations of the individual. In contrast, an action board contains the steps, strategies, and framework we must follow or overcome to reach the endpoint. And while the journey is the critical part to be savored and enjoyed, it is the result that counts. So let’s get that done.

How To Prepare The Perfect Action Board

It is the planning process. Ok, this is the fun part. Remember back in school, when we enthusiastically planned our timetables for studying before the exams, never mind the amount it was followed. Action boards are similar. The baby steps or the mammoth hurdles you need to take and cross to get that blissful rush of success.

So, grab your charts, pens, papers, tapes, and other frilly things you prefer. Or open up your favorite digital creation app that lets you add in all those cool moving stickers and get down to business.

From personal experience, I would advise that you first note down the results you hope to achieve from making this action board. Essentially, the vision board.

Once you have sorted out the aim of this action board, the next step is to determine the process. How do you achieve it?

And no matter how clueless you think you are, it is not true. Everyone has an idea of how to make their desires turn tangible. You only have to list out all the possible ways you have to make it happen, rule out the impractical ones, catalog the opportunity cost, which you weren’t a business student, refer to the next best alternative forgone, pick out a couple of tangible ones, pros, and cons considered, their suitability weighed, and then get to it. See, it sounds rather simple when you put it that way, doesn’t it?

How Does It Help?

Now that we are done creating the perfect action board, or at least decided to do so, you would want to know how it will help you grow. And would it be conceited to ask you to take my word for it? It honestly does.

Action boards are tried and tested to help individuals work harder and motivate them toward their dreams. Their tangibility of them is often viewed as a highly helpful incentive. Creating an action board also solidifies the objectives and helps clear up any potential problems the individual may fear.

Good luck, and create your action board today!

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