Does Drinking Rain Water Give You the Best Drinking Water?

Is drinking rainwater a good choice for you? It all depends on your circumstances and your possibilities.


While residing in a small town in northeastern Congo, my spouse and I amassed all the rainwater we should. The town water ran most effectively sporadically and with low strain. We had an extended line of fifty-gallon barrels lined up on one facet of our big porch during the rainy season, possibly 10 barrels. They were fed off our huge aluminum roof, and whilst one barrel crammed, the overflow might pour into the subsequent barrel till all were complete. We drank this water frequently, but the handiest after we had boiled it, after which we filtered it.

People diagnosed the simplest supply of secure water from rain or deep wells from ancient times. As many as four 000 years in the past, there had been systems in historic Palestine and Greece for amassing rain. Even the Romans, with their aqueducts system, supplemented their water delivery with man or woman cisterns and paved courtyards to accumulate rainwater. In fact, rainwater represents one large distillation technique. Water evaporates from floor water, then condenses and rains as distilled water! Why then don’t we use rainwater for consuming water extra frequently?

Is Drinking Rain Water the Best Drinking Water for Americans?

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I could make a case for the amazing first-class of rainwater for drinking if accrued well, and I ought to make a case for the risks of ingesting rainwater. You can catch this anomaly inside the following two statements by scientists “There is no important cause why you cannot drink rainwater. I think the priority approximately consuming rainwater has to do with the fact that during our non-pristine environment, the raindrops may also have picked up some contaminant on the manner down from the clouds.”

“Normally, you can drink rainwater without becoming unwell. However, rainwater includes pollutants, soil, plant elements, insect parts, microorganism, algae, and sometimes radioactive substances the rain/snow has washed out of the air.” Most specialists say that you need to be careful about the way you gather the rainwater so it choices up to the least quantity of pollution as feasible. Then you need to boil it or disinfect it with chlorine. Then you have to clear it out. When you have to do all that to make it drinkable, why use rainwater for ingesting within the first area? You’re plenty better off taking your tap water and filtering it at once.

Is Drinking Rain Water the Best Drinking Water for Some Areas of the World

There are tens of millions of people inside the growing globe who would do properly to drink rainwater instead of water from their streams and lakes, polluted with tropical parasites. A little care in collecting rainwater in ways to decrease environmental pollutants might supply them a healthful delivery of consuming water. They don’t have a supply of dealing with water, and that they don’t have the monetary means for boiling their water frequently. So, due to the options, rainwater turns into a first-rate source for drinking water.

There’s a growing movement in the international of what’s called “rainwater harvesting.” Just do a Google search for this term, and you will discover a wealth of facts. Essentially it’s far executed in dry climates, like in Texas, or growing nations without running water. In India, Bunker Roy based “The Barefoot College.” He and his rural Indian graduates have centered on rainwater harvesting in 470 schools and community centers, which piped this water to places more accessible to human beings. At present, it elements 15,000 humans in 13 villages. They do water analysis and guarantee the ingesting nice of the water.

A Better Option than Drinking Rain Water for Most Americans

In brief, the opportunities of harvesting and the usage of rainwater inside the international are nearly endless. It’s an initiative to be advocated. But drinking rainwater as a source of drinking water in developed nations isn’t always realistic. We have much higher options for ingesting water each from the perspective of safety and value. Filtering your tap water will commonly give the best-consuming water for most Americans. It improves the purity of tap water and may be done at a reasonable value. Bottled water is high priced and no longer virtually a development over faucet water on the subject of pleasant.

This but introduces some complexities into the photo. There are some of the one-of-a-kind types of drinking water filters, and there are actually loads of models of filters. However, this is past the scope of this text. Do you drink tap water as your important source of drinking water? Many Americans do and thereby are pronouncing it’s the nice drinking water source for them. Is this a wise preference? One of my clearest childhood memories is returning to the U.S. From the Congo, where I turned into raised. It seemed notably extraordinary with a view to drink water directly from the faucet. I become used to consuming the handiest water that had been boiled and then filtered.

This blessing of high-quality faucet water is each affirmed and counseled by Rene Ebersole in her June/July article in National Wildlife, 2004, entitled, “Is Your Drinking water Safe?” She says, “The excellent of U.S. Faucet water prices better than what’s discovered in most countries; however, it does not mean you need to take it with no consideration. It’s clean, smells fresh, tastes desirable; however, is it secure to drink?… The truth is, American water supplies are some of the cleanest in the world. Still, it certainly would not hurt to be careful.”

She goes on to recount the instance of Washington, D.C. Less than a yr previously, hundreds of D.C. Citizens had been informed that their tap water changed into tainted with risky degrees of lead, which could have serious effects on children if endured to be consumed. There became a scramble on the part of the town to get to the foundation causes and a scramble on the residents’ part to shop for consuming water filters. She says that there are three dozen different water systems in the U.S., most smaller groups, which have lead levels above the federal safety standard.

The American Society of Civil Engineers released its “2005 Report Card” on America’s tap water. This was a record card prepared through 24 civil engineers representing a vast spectrum of civil engineering disciplines. They gave the country’s water infrastructure a “D” and stated that the consuming water itself had declined from a “D” to a “D-” inside the beyond 4 years. Some researchers estimate that as many as 7 million Americans become sick from infected faucet water every yr. This comes as a result of 1) aging pipes that ruin and convey contaminants into the water and breed bacteria, 2) obsolete treatment facilities that fail to cast off 21st Century contaminants, and three) such things as stormwater runoff, agricultural insecticides and fertilizers, industrial pollutants, risky waste, and oil and chemical spills.

A record from the National Resources Defense Council discovered that the quality of drinking water in 9 fundamental cities was a threat to some residents’ health, that maximum prone to disease because of the elderly or small youngsters. The towns with the poorest water high-quality were: Albuquerque, Boston, Fresno, Phoenix, and San Francisco. The deteriorating best of tap water for ingesting has no “short repair” because it’s miles rooted in a whole infrastructure that needs to be renovated and up to date to reply to modern-day styles of pollutants.

It is expected that to upgrade and restore the international locations, water devices would price between $230 and $500 billion. So some distance, this has now not become excessive precedence inside the U.S. Finances. And even though the cash has been available properly now, it would take a few years to do the restoring and updating. We need to hold pushing for alternate; however, additionally, we have trade methods of purifying our ingesting water inside the meantime. The cutting-edge threats of terrorism and chemical conflict upload a new urgency to the need for updating and defensive our water infrastructure. David Ozonoff, professor at Boston University’s School of Public Health and an expert on waterborne ailments, says,

“We’ve found out how to build very efficient water transport systems, but these structures can both provide safe consuming water, or supply poisons and dangerous organisms into each domestic, faculty, and place of business. One misstep can lead to catastrophe, so we ought to vigorously guard our watersheds and use the best generation to purify our faucet water.” There is presently a debate over whether or not to drink bottled water or faucet water? For many years maximum Americans drank their faucet water. Due to concerns over faucet water, there has been a massive movement of the part of Americans to ingesting bottled water. Between 1999 and 2004, the worldwide consumption of bottled water doubled. Americans lead the world in the intake of bottled water.


However, many are taking a 2d to examine the high-quality of bottled water. They have discovered that the fine of bottled water is in truth no higher kingdom and occasionally worse than tap water. In reality, approximately a quarter of bottled water surely comes from taps, which is now and again handled. The marketing enterprise has bought us an invoice of products with their pictures of glaciers and springs on the bottles and their vocabulary of “pristine” and “mineral” and many others. So these days, there may be a whole movement back to the top!

This looks like a war of words over “the lesser of evils.” Why now not take your tap water and skip it via an exceptional filter of the type you could agree with and come out with a much better best of consuming water, possibly the great consuming water available. It has the introduced benefit of clearing out any delivered pollution that an enemy force could utilize.

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