Computer Guru Secrets to Buying a Computer!

Being an Information Technology (I.T.) Consultant – or a “Computer Guy” as I opt to be referred to as – can be a volatile career. Sometimes whilst human beings discover what I do for a residing, I nearly get tackled! “Hey, I’m about to buy a new laptop...What want to I get?” After being a PC guy for nearly 20 years, I’m an awesome individual to ask. In this text, I will give you advice on how to shop for a new PC.


There is not something more frustrating than spending your tough-earned money on a state-of-the-art PC and carrying out being annoyed due to the reality you probably did now not get what you desired. By following some smooth tips, you can buy the precise laptop for your wishes without spending an arm and a leg. If you’re thinking about shopping for a laptop, please read my article “Should I Buy a Desktop or Laptop computer?” (to be had at my internet website online) to help you make up your thoughts. If you’re advantageous that a computing device is a right desire for you, then right here is my advice on picking the correct new PC to suit your needs.

What Kind of Computer?

There are many producers of computer systems available. (I look like an unabashed fan of Dell Computers. I actually have encouraged Dell PC, computer, and server laptop structures to my friends, family, and clients for decades and remain stimulated through their brilliant price and overall performance. Each Thursday, I check out the contemporary Dell deals as they arrive out and put up the deal of the week on my website.) However, if you choose some other logo, actually take the subsequent hints below consideration, and you will be incredible. I especially do NOT advise which you buy your new laptop at a massive retail outlet, reduce-charge membership, or workplace supply save for the subsequent motives.

  • — Windows XP Professional is normally no longer to be had on retail keep laptop structures.
  • — The Office suite is mostly a “Trial,” requiring you to pay more money in 60 days to keep the use of it.
  • — Technical help is regularly steeply-priced, outsourced distant places, and no longer amazingly high-quality.

What Operating System?

I strongly advocate Windows XP Professional on your jogging tool. The professional model is a $a hundred enhance from the Home Edition, and it’s miles well worth it. While the interface is nearly equal, there are some critical features that XP Professional has that you want., along with:

  • — Advanced networking capabilities, which might be required for any administrative center environment wherein you may be connected to a server.
  • — Better networking and security features
  • — Fax abilities
  • — Enhanced backup/gadget recuperation alternatives
  • — Remote Desktop, which helps you to take over your PC from everywhere within the globe! (Forget paying $20/mo for GoToMyPC or LogMeIn…Just purchase WinXP Professional, and the capability is constructed in!)

What about the WinXP Media Center version and Windows VISTA? I’m not eager on either. WinXP Media Center turns your computer right into a jukebox, Tivo, and DVD participant. If you’re a college student with confined space to your dorm room, this is probably top enough. But my experience is, humans put money into a WinXP Media Center PC, and after the newness wears off, they go lower back to the use of their TV to have a look at the TV once more. I do not trust in clogging up your PC with software program software that you aren’t using an ordinary foundation.

Windows Vista is too new, and at the same time, as it indicates promise, I no longer suggest an ultra-modern walking device until Service Pack One is launched. As the vintage announcing is going, “You can usually inform the pioneers through the way of the arrows in their backs.” Let someone else debug Vista. My opinion on this could likely exchange later in 2007 or early 2008 whilst some of the issues have been worked out.

How Much RAM??


Get a minimum of One Gigabyte (1024 Megabytes) of RAM. The unmarried maximum critical component you may do to rush up your PC is to ensure it has plenty of RAM. Invest in a GIG now, and you will in no way remorse it. Your PC also can run speedily when you first pull it out of the box. However, after you start putting in a software program, browsing the Internet, downloading the tune, or doing something it’s miles you do…Trust me, subjects are going to begin to gradually down.

512Megs is the naked minimal for a Windows XP PC with Service Pack 2 installed (my rule, now not Microsoft’s). 768Megs is higher, and a Gig is advanced. If you are into video improving, CAD/CAM, or Photoshop, you’ll likely want to spend money on greater than a Gigabyte. Another cause to buy more now might be so you can enhance to Vista later. If that is your plan, get two Gigabytes now.

What Kind of Processor??

The minimal processor and tough power are probably adequate. For most people, the “slowest” processor offered is probably greater than good enough. Faster processors are frequently available for $50-$500 more, but I assume you’re wasting your cash if you’re like maximum customers and clearly want to surf the net, take a look at email, perform a little word processing, and lots of others. Spend that extra cash on greater RAM or an of doors difficult disk for backups rather!

How Big of a Hard Disk??

Similarly, unless you virtually plan on downloading plenty of tracks and films or take LOTS of huge digital images, the “smallest” difficult force to be had is probably proper sufficient. As an example, Windows XP and Microsoft Office combined with soaking up much less than 4 Gigs. Most of the tough drives I see have less than 20 Gigs used. Just skip for the minimal pressure (it’s likely 60-eighty Gigs) and, if you run out of the location, you may constantly put money into 2d inner or outside tough drive later. An exception to this rule is that lately, I have observed Dell charging the most effective $10 to upgrade from an 80Gig difficult strain to a 160Gig hard pressure. Obviously, it’s miles properly worth a trifling $10 to double your tough drive space.


By following just a few tips, you can hold yourself some of the coins and purchase the incredible PC, a good way to serve you properly for many years to come. Remember to significantly consider Windows XP Pro, get a GIG of RAM, and go with the minimal processor and smallest tough force.

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