Why Switch to Cruelty Free Makeup?

The personal care market is growing into a giant industry, and cosmetics are not an exception. The 2018 statistics show that based on revenue alone, the United States had the most significant chunk of the global chart at 18.3 percent, with almost ninety billion dollars in sales generation. So it is not a surprise to see many businesses are turning to cosmetics, specifically makeup. But some are turning to animal experimentation for their lucrative change of industry. They do inhumane tests such as eye irritation testing, acute toxicity analysis, and bare-skin sensitivity examinations.

Cruelty Free Makeup

Fortunately, cruelty-free makeup is a growing trend. Several studies showed that there are alternatives for painful tests on animals. So there is no need to do it, especially since the results of the tests are questionable. Many makeup-makers are now turning their sights on making and selling these types of personal care products. They also label their products as such in the hopes that animal testing is banned permanently. Aside from putting a stop to animal cruelty, there are also other benefits when you go for cruelty-free makeup.

Animal testing is harmful and unethical.

The exploitation of animals is a real and dangerous threat. If you think they only test on mice and rabbits, then think again. Thousands of dogs and cats become animal-testing conduits in a year. The docile beagle, in particular, is the popular choice for test laboratories. If you have a pet, imagine it pricked repeatedly to complete a skin sensitivity test. Regardless of species, they all end up dead due to toxicity and pain or killed.

Most ingredients are already proven safe.

Almost all makeup ingredients are the same. They used these for decades, on repeat. Since these are in so many products, most of them are already proven effective and safe. Makeup that is deemed cruelty-free uses fewer chemicals, so it is non-toxic on the skin and healthier for your face.

Most brands are affordable.

The companies who go cruelty-free earn more than their animal-tested counterparts, yet they remain budget-friendly. As mentioned, they use fewer chemicals. So they do not need to spend on more unnecessary ingredients for their lipstick, mascara, or blush powders. Therefore, they can lower their prices and even give back to eco and animal-friendly organizations worldwide.

You save the planet.

Companies that use sustainable and natural ingredients do not add to the damage to our planet. From product-making to eco-friendly packaging, they contribute to less pollution and destruction. So when you buy from them, you help them exist longer on the face of the industry.

It is a boost for hypersensitive skin.

Hypersensitivity symptoms are physically irritating. But the itching and skin redness are the worst symptoms. Some even need to visit a doctor to remove the offending prickliness. Naturally-made organic, cruelty-free skin products are a breath of fresh air to one who has hypersensitive skin. Since they use unnecessary chemicals, there is no chance of developing a rash or allergy while putting some on. So they can use it worry-free. Cosmetic companies that do not care use one hundred million animals for testing per year. Switching to cruelty-free makeup can be a silent way for you to say no to animal testing forever while maintaining a more beautiful you.

Why Switch to Cruelty Free Makeup? 2
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