The Dos and Don’ts of Buffet Wedding Dinners

Some people really enjoy buffet style wedding receptions. There can be a huge variety, they can have seconds on their favourite foods, and if the buffet is decided well, there can be less in the making than for a seated dinner. Contrariwise, some people really do not appreciate buffet dinners, quoting long lines, cold meals, too little food, and an absence of sophistication.

Do: Set up the buffet to retain the line moving speedily. Guests despise standing forever in their high heels and designer crystal earrings in the offing to get to the buffet table. A buffet table which is two sided is a great way to keep guests moving through the line fast. If a double sided table does not fit in your space, another possibility is to set up two smaller buffet tables instead of one large one. It might involve more staff to man, but it is of great value as it will evade a traffic jam at the table.

Don’t: Leave buffet tables unstaffed. Even if you do not strategy on having a model station, guests will really like having a few waiters present to answer their questions about the dishes. This will also make sure that trays are being substituted swiftly when they get low on food.

Do: Keep the hot food piping hot and the cold food icy cold. There is nothing less attractive than a plate of warm temperature chicken in a covered sauce, except it is shrimp exhibited without sufficient ice. Warmed plates are a nice touch, as they will keep food warm as guests move through the line and back to their tables.

Don’t: Undervalue how much food you may require. This is a basic buffet reception iniquity. What could be not as good as than standing in a long line, only to get to the table and find that half the dishes are unfilled? Many brides and grooms opt for a buffet dinner because they think it will be less costly, but if the buffet is stocked effectively, this is not always the case. People eat more food at a buffet and they take more than they can eat, so there is a lot of left-over. Have enough food so the last person in line gets as many varieties as the first person in line.


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