Everyone Should Watch Motivational Movies Once

Hollywood never fails to give a message through movies, dramas, and many other things. If you search on Google about the best motivational movies you will get a lot of results over there. But this article right here got you some really motivational movies which will inspire you in your life. One can get inspiration from anywhere like the quote says” beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” Similarly one who is actually seeking motivation can find it in any place. Romance, thrill, comedy are the genre that attracts almost 50% of the audience but Motivation to achieve something is less seen in people.

In today’s world, many people commit suicide because they think they will not be able to achieve anything in their life. But some movies help in reducing depression and to keep people motivated towards their life goals.


Here are some motivational movies which everyone should watch once in their lifetime –

The Shawshank Redemption

If you google the list of best motivational movies of Hollywood then the name of this movie appears to be in the first place. This indeed is a very motivational movie Hollywood has ever made. Here the main character in this movie is Banker Andy Dufresne and it is about his 19year term in prison. This movie delivers a really strong message about friendship. This film does not just end with andy’s escape but also about his friend. It makes us believe in true friendship that it even exists in today’s world. It is a story of hope faith and bonding.  One of its famous dialogues is “Hope is a good thing maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies” This dialogue is enough for anyone to get motivated.


This is an old movie. It was made in 1976. The movie is not just based on boxing but it shows the struggle that people do to live their dreams. This is a story of Rocky Balboa which includes a lot of hard work he does in his life for his dream of boxing. This is the best motivational movie for students. It is about the struggle he used to face which are also daily life struggle for his earning and to maintain the relationship between him and his best friends’ sister. The very famous dialogue of this movie is “life if not about how hard of a hit you can give it’s about how many you can take and keep moving forward”.

127 hours

The story is all about a mountain climber. He went on a hiking adventure in a place called Utah and there he gets trapped in a canyon.  This is based on a true story of a man Aron Ranson who was only 26years old when he got stuck. It happened on 26 April 2003. He went on a solo hiking trip in the Canyonlands National Park of Utah which is in western America. It was the best motivational movies of all time. The director of these movies was Danny Boyle.

These were some must watch Hollywood movies that everyone should watch because life is all about losing hopes and keeping yourself motivated or to set some real goals and work hard to achieve them.

Bollywood makers also made a lot of motivational movies some of them are-

3 Idiots – This is the story of an extraordinarily talented guy who has a completely different vision of looking at life. He gave a message to never give up in your life in spite of the situation. The role was played by Aamir khan. In the whole movie, he taught that saying “all this well” while putting your hand on your heart can help you feel light. He even motivated youths to go for your dreams. This is a must-watch Bollywood motivational movie for students.

Manjhi The mountain man – This is the real story of a man and his life story. He loved his wife so much and she had to walk a lot for water. He was a poor man from a lower caste. One day when his wife was going to fill water she slips from the mountain and dies. That day he decided to cut the mountain and built a way for the people of his village. His full name was Dashrath Manjhi. This story motivates people to never lose hope in themselves.

Lakshya –The main character of this movie was Karan (Hrithik Roshan) who was good for nothing youth. He used to spend most of his time hanging out with his friends and his lady love Roma which was played by Preeti  Zinta. He gets inspiration to form motivational movies and decides to join the army. And there some certain things happen to him and he decides to quit.

Motivational movies can play a great role in pushing you towards doing your best or something which is best for you. The motivation for students is a must because they are the youth of society. On the other hand, movies are not just only for entertaining yourself every movie maker should focus on creating content that inspires more and more people. Movies and cinema can really make a change in any person’s life. That’s why Hollywood moviemaker is trying to make New English movies on subjects which inspire people and motivate them.

Movies are the best medium to keep yourself motivated for always. Some movies are really motivational but the question is where does this motivation come from? The answer to this question is real motivation comes from the person and by looking at their idols. One should make an Idol who has been really doing some good things for himself as well as for the wellness of society. Motivational movies can really inspire people to no end and they are really helpful because they are not a part of any fiction or anything they are real-life stories. Keep watching motivational movies and stay motivated always.

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