Ukraine Journalists Union Asks OSCE For Help Locating Missing Blogger

The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine has requested that the OSCE’s Special Monitoring Mission in eastern Ukraine and the International Committee of the Red Cross assist locate Stanislav Aseyev, a blogger lacking because of June 2. Colleagues, a circle of relatives, and buddies of Aseyev, who writes underneath the call Stanislav Vasin and contributes to RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service, said that they’d had no touch with him for extra than per week.


A former member of parliament Yehor Firsov, an established acquaintance of Aliyev’s, alleged in a June 6 Facebook, put up that Aseyev had been seized in Donetsk and forcibly held by Russia-backed separatist forces controlling the vicinity, records he repeated in a June 7 Facebook submit and a June 10 Ukrayinska Pravda blog post, bringing up “unofficial resources.”

RFE/RL Editor in Chief Nenad Pejic said that Aliyev’s detention, if actual, became “deeply alarming and lawless” and that he feared the blogger’s existence would be in danger. “We call for that he be released straight away and that his protection is guaranteed,” Pejic said. Aseyev, who has referred to his efforts to chronicle each day’s existence beneath the conflict conditions inside the Donetsk region as “my education,” publishes texts and photographs about current information and army trends and posts approximately buying, entertainment, and subculture both in separatist- and non-separatist-managed towns.

He has also included touchy issues referring to the war, including reactions among Donetsk residents to the plain assassination in October 2016 of the infamous Russia-backed separatist commander called “Motorola.” Vasin additionally reports for other Ukrainian guides, which includes Mirror of the Week and The Ukrainian Week.

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