The Secret Beyond the Secret – 11 Forgotten Laws

First, we had the Secret, and now I’m talking approximately the name of the game past the secret. Along with all of the hidden laws and secrets and the eleven Forgotten Laws, it’s a wonder any folks know whatever in any respect. The reality is that we have been created with all we want to create a lifestyle of abundance and success. Deep inside us, we know that or we would not have the preference to create or improve our lives in any way; however, we’ve forgotten the way to do that. If there may be a secret past the secret, it is just that we’ve had the answer all along. Not most effective do we have those abilities via the strength of our thoughts. However, teachers had been sharing this message and displaying us how because of ancient instances.

11 Forgotten Laws

More currently, early and mid-20th-century authors have written about the Truth of who we were and that we have to get the right of entry to all the secrets. They are neither hidden nor forgotten. So why aren’t we available to manifest the lives we were meant to have? Since the popularity of the e-book and the movie “The Secret,” many have become annoyed in their attempts to use the Law of Attraction. Millions, in fact, ‘re asking themselves and others what the name of the game past the secret is? What is it that I’m lacking? What am I doing incorrectly? Why haven’t I been capable of happening the best in my life that the Secret told me was possible? So we’ve got felt as though something became lacking or hidden from us.

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In the eleven Forgotten Laws applications, the first actual chapter of the textual content, workbook, and audio presentations is called the Working of the Law. Notice that phrase-running. Could that be the secret beyond the name of the game? Did we definitely assume that once an entire life of conditioning, the consistent media barrage telling us about the sector of scarcity we stay in, and the fear-based totally headline we arise in opposition to every day, that it changed into not going to take a few attempts on our component to trading?

Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey, of their presentation of the 11 Forgotten Laws, come proper out the front and inform us that Working with the Law takes an attempt. The purpose that human beings fail to appear or see seen outcomes is because they turn out to be impatient with the process. Our minds have definitely been conditioned to assume unnaturally. It takes practice, vigilance, and persistence to recondition our minds to accept a new way of concept. This is the message of the first chapter referred to as Working with the Law.


Just because we need to take action and look at it does not imply that we may not see outcomes right away; we may also see immediate consequences. It does imply that a constant subject of notion is required, and I love that Bob and Mary factor this out proper up the front. In the eleven Forgotten Laws training, earlier than we are even brought to the Laws, we are given what I’m calling the secret past the secret. Working with the Law, the name of this Chapter, and the book that the eleven Forgotten Law is based totally on, we could us realize right away that look, staying power, and endurance is going to be wasted if we’re serious about making changes in our lives.

I have individually been reading and using the Bob Proctor eleven Forgotten Laws, and I’ve written an in-depth evaluation of each of the 11 Forgotten Laws. If you’re looking for extra statistics approximately those lessons, you can discover them at The Secret Beyond the Secret, as well as an assessment that includes the pros and cons and an inner look at the loose bonus package deal that incorporates this system.

Nonresistance – consistent with Merriam-Webster, the definition for nonresistance as “the principles or exercise of passive submission to constituted authority even when unjust or oppressive; additionally: the preceptor practice of now not resisting violence using pressure.” This definition of nonresistance appears to suggest that the Law of Nonresistance would have something to do with loss or ache. In fact, following the Law of Nonresistance consequences is the opposite of ache. The practice of nonresistance genuinely empowers us, brings peace of mind, and works collectively with the opposite eleven Forgotten Laws to energize the Law of Attraction.

We’ve heard of using nonresistance of direction. Mahatma Gandhi used nonresistance. But it is doubtful that most of us will be called on to apply the ideas of nonresistance to free a nation. We do want, however, to exercise nonresistance in the location of thought and movement. Over and yet again, when studying the Law of Attraction and the 11 Forgotten Laws, we are reminded that we have to have a subject in looking at our thoughts. I think it becomes Emmett Fox, one of the early teachers of the electricity of our mind, that said if we’re informed “don’t consider an elephant,” what is the first element we think about? An elephant of the path. To work with the Law of Nonresistance, we learn to subject our thoughts. But as opposed to now not considering something, we have to teach our minds closer to something.

In our daily life, it seems natural to face up to. When a person is opposing us in notion or movement, our first response is to push back, attempt to win our factor, make sure they recognize we are right. We may additionally win the conflict that way. However, we seldom win the conflict, and the next battle is in its manner. Most people have skilled what I just described. We won’t recognize that the very power of resistance units up to the attraction for the following combat.

The solution is what Emmett Fox calls the Golden Key. To benefit victory, see appropriate or God in the whole thing and pull away from all mind that isn’t in concord with Universal Truths. Learn to reply in preference to react. This is genuinely a very effective function from which to operate. Instead of siding ourselves with disharmony, the Law of Nonresistance connects us with nicely-balanced movement. Aligning ourselves with harmony, we align ourselves with the identical electricity that works with the Law of Attraction.

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11 Forgotten Laws

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