The Mobile OS Battle Is Not Over Yet

Some people assume that developing for different systems than iOS and Android is meaningless. Many declare all other structures lifeless. For the final three years, I’ve been told that J2ME is dead. But still, in 2011, on a global base, there could be more J2ME-enabled gadgets sold than smartphones. People also accept that Blackberry is a lifeless platform, that Microsoft has 0 risks to achieve cellular, that nobody will expand apps for Palm/HP WebOS, and that WAC is a failure earlier than it has even had a danger to launch.

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It is probably risky to make statements like this. The industry actions extremely fast, and there are a lot of things worried about. This is why I consider that the cellular OS battle will preserve for some time:

1. The operators/companies do not want Apple and Google to benefit from entire dominance

The operators’ operator device teams made it clear for the duration of conversations at Mobile World Congress that they do not need Google or Apple to dominate absolutely. They will hold to again Nokia with the Windows Phone, RIM with Blackberry OS, Limo because of the operator partnership, and WAC as a cross-platform improvement platform.

2. Failing is not an alternative

For RIM, HP, and Microsoft, failing isn’t always a choice. The Blackberry OS made RIM a success, and this is what lead HP to accumulate Palm WebOS. Microsoft might be the organization that has the most to lose. Their strategic deal with Nokia has proven how long they are inclined to visit acquire their targets. If RIM fails with Blackberry OS, they will pass down for the depend as a clever smartphone manufacturer.

3. Device manufacturers and OS builders have a deep wallet

Nokia, Samsung, RIM, HP, and Microsoft all have large coin piles to execute their mobile OS method. They might not get the identical number of app developers to undertake their platform like Apple or Google, and they will fail in a long time. However, it does imply that they could invest large quantities of cash in advertising, pay developers for app improvement and get big brands and services consisting of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google, and so on. To construct his or her platform. They will not surrender within the next 2-3 years.

4. Consumers still need preference

There is still demand for unique answers with the aid of clients. Not only is the mobile phone a fashion announcement – human beings need special-looking phones – however, but there may also be added a call for distinctive display sizes, input mechanisms, and shapes. A remarkable example is Blackberry which has persevered to be very successful among commercial enterprise users and young adults thanks to the keyboard and remarkable messaging services.

5. Money isn’t the whole lot


Having stated that several cellular OS gamers have bottomless pockets, money is really not the whole thing. Nokia allegedly spent a lot of cash on R&D for Symbian and Qt as Apple has on R&D. Despite this, they failed. At the equal time, Palm WebOS, which’s considered one of the maximum advanced cellphone platforms, changed into advanced with the aid of a small crew inside Palm. With the distribution of HP, it might be successful.

What shall you wager on for the future?

Having stated that the struggle will maintain, there’s no question about who’s dominating in the intervening time. IOS and Android are presently the platforms of preference. Other platforms are prioritized, primarily based on promotion agreements with the device producers and vendors. I consider that there are excellent opportunities for differentiation and distribution by embracing the whole cellular ecosystem.

Magnus is the CEO and Founder of Golden Gekko, the largest mobile app developer in Europe. He started the enterprise in 2006 based totally on a vision that apps might revolutionize cellular consumption in destiny. He has over 10 years of validated revel in with cell and broadband operators across the world with improvement and implementation of advertising strategies and due diligence of providers, which have resulted in the successful release of industry-main products & offerings. Before leaving Vodafone, Magnus turned into main the development of the global product marketing approach for Vodafone’s consumer group, including cellular TV, cell tune, and informal gaming that generated greater than €1.4Bn in 2006. Before this, Magnus had marketing and strategy roles at Vodafone, Orange, Driftbolaget, and Framfab. He is likewise the co-founding father of three a successful start-u. S.A.Whereof one changed into sold in 2001 and the second went public in 2003. Few other human beings in the mobile enterprise come near Magnus knowledge, experience, and network within the commercial enterprise.

In a commercial enterprise, attaining out to your goal market is one of the primary advertising features. The traditional way of promoting a service or product is thru print and media; however, when desktop computers, laptops, and these days pill computers and smart telephones grow to be widely used, advertising and marketing did not fail to keep up. Now, besides online advertising, cellular advertising and marketing is the most up-to-date addition to the mixture.

For a couple of years or so, cell advertising has slowly conquered the sector of advertising. This is to make certain that nearby businesses attain out to their clients searching out products and services inside their place. Out of approximately four billion mobile phone customers, there are approximately 1.08 billion people who use smartphones. And almost all of those smart smartphone users are using their devices to search for nearby organizations. That’s quite numerous capacity customers.

Additionally, the reality that customers of pill computers and smartphones, for as long as they’re connected to the net, there is a notable threat that they’ll search for neighborhood businesses to devour, save, for enjoyment or different functions as nicely. If the best nearby corporations could begin to see this area of possibility, sell advertising and marketing can be a huge hit. Again, the mobile marketplace is virtually huge, and the capacity to increase sales is likewise amazing. But how does cell advertising surely paintings?


Obviously, the best aspect wished is mobile phone numbers so one can get into cellular advertising. So if you need your message to go out into the public in real-time, this is genuinely the manner to go. Look at it this manner. Between mobile and email marketing, the price wherein your messages could be opened will most effective take less than five minutes with textual content messaging compared to hours in email marketing. That is the motive why it’s approximate the time that nearby groups recollect this advertising alternative now. It’s simply hard to allow this possibility to cater to your consumer skip by considering how the large mobile marketplace is.

Mobile advertising turns into a greater power when you have promotional offers to run for sooner or later, week, or longer. And because of the high open rate, it’s surely less complicated to send out your messages and be read using your target customers quicker than email advertising.

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