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Our desire as humans

It is essential to improve oneself regularly. We cannot remain sedentary regularly. We must always find new and innovative ways to better ourselves and learn. We were made as humans to understand, improve, and enrich our lives to remain mentally stimulated. We desire to stay charged and feel like we receive from the universe. Knowing where you were and where you are now will give you the power to see where you are going. Self-analysis can never be over-emphasized as it is mandatory for self-awareness to then self-improve.


The how-to’s of self-improvement

Reading is an excellent form of wisdom, containing all the knowledge and empowerment in word form. Though sometimes overlooked, it truly is an encyclopedia of intelligence written by men and women of great understanding and wisdom. Some people have set goals before them: reading a book a week or a month or reading 50 books in one year. It is all relative to your goals, aspirations as well as schedule! You must set realistic goals to not blame yourself for not pulling through eventually. Learning a new skill or trade is also an excellent idea as increasing knowledge in a certain direction will give you more confidence. Overcoming your fears is also another way to gain confidence and reassurance. Listing all the activities and goals you have had in mind and would like to execute is a great way of getting ahead, as you can then take steps to accomplish those goals. Having a workout routine every week is not only great for your mind but your body as well. It is important to get regular medical checks to see if everything is functioning properly within your body.

A high Index of 1.74 may be required, but you will never know until you do a regular check-up at the hospital. If you keep track of a to-do list, it is essential to maintain the list and check it at least every two weeks to fulfill everything within that list. Get a mentor, learn from that mentor, and get inspired by how they do and say things and handle situations. This is a big one: avoid negativity!! Whether it be in people or in your way of handling problems, ensure that you remain positive and collected at all times. Learning to deal with negative people can also help tremendously. When you accept that not everyone is like you and some people thrive in their negativity and bitterness, it is easy for you to move on and ignore the drama and the negative atmosphere. Try to reduce social media as much as you can. It is not easy as we live in a world where social media seems to be the main purpose of existence but do try at all costs to neglect it.