Russian-Israeli Blogger’s Baku Trial To Start On June 22


Azerbaijani authorities have set June 22 because the date for the start of a high-profile trial towards Russian-Israeli citizen Aleksandr Lapshin, an Internet blogger charged with calling for the violation of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity.

Lapshin’s attorney Eduard Chernin on June 13 confirmed the date of the preliminary hearing into the case by using a court docket in Baku.


Azerbaijani prosecutors have charged Lapshin of illegally visiting Azerbaijan’s breakaway area of Nagorno-Karabakh in 2011 and 2012 without Baku’s permission, after which calling for the recognition of the region’s independence in two online statements.

Lapshin, 40, who is living in Moscow and writes a Russian-language travel blog, become detained in Belarus in mid-December at Baku’s request.

Despite Russia’s objections, authorities in Belarus extradited Lapshin to Baku in February.


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If Lapshin is convicted by using the Azerbaijani court, he could face up to eight years in jail there.
Traffic Strategy #6 SEO and Keywords for New Bloggers

What you write whether or not articles or content for our internet site/weblog you want to use relevant keywords. A keyword density of three-8% is a great goal for getting better web page ratings in Google and other search engines like google and yahoo.

Research your keywords to find the maximum popular phrases used inside the engines like google for you goal market, your niche. Use tags and key phrases in your posts will assist you to pass up inside the SERPs.

All snapshots and additionally add an alt tag using your keywords enables in the search engines like google and yahoo.

As you write your posts you want to optimize your pages for each your human readers in addition to search engines like google and yahoo. Some say that if you make it work and rank on your key phrases that your website/weblog might be a seek engine magnet.

You can write naturally and the ships will note if you recognize which keywords to target. Search engines do want time to work so don’t anticipate immediately consequences.


Traffic Strategy #7 Social Bookmarking for New Bloggers

Being a new blogger you will be thinking what is Social Bookmarking?

How do I use Social Bookmarking?

What do I Social Bookmark?

With Social Bookmarking you put up your posts to the top social bookmarking websites. This lets in others who’re individuals of these websites to visit your internet site/weblog. Taking this time to publish your posts to social bookmarking is a simple manner to quickly boost site visitors on your internet site/weblog.

Social Bookmarking is all about human beings sharing their posts or posts that Hobby them at your website/weblog. In other words your traffic if they prefer your posts they can also bookmark your posts…They are able to share with others via social bookmarking.

Put a plugin for your website/blog to the top social bookmarking websites, this may help your traffic to bookmark your posts or pages quick and easily.

WordPress has several exceptional social bookmarking plugins to use…One favored is Sexy Bookmarks. Sexy Bookmarks has several of the Pinnacle websites to choose from. Add this plugin to your posts and pages and make it easy on your visitor to bookmark your website/blog.

Traffic Strategy #8 Document Sharing for New Bloggers

New Bloggers each report, article, submit that you write is through my definition an advertising and marketing record. These files gift an picture of your commercial enterprise, your internet site/weblog.

It’s essential to reuse your articles and posts…Turn them into PDF’s and upload them to the top 10 to 15 record sharing websites. Why can you ask?

The purpose is the top document sharing sites have thousands of humans visiting every day, looking and reading and finding your articles and could, in turn, go to your website/weblog for more information.

Each article desires to have your touch facts, your name, your website/weblog URL. Set up your profile at each of the document sharing sites with your website/blog URL as nicely.

What you’re doing is growing inbound links to your website/weblog and generating visitors.

Sharing facts is what they net is all about. Document sharing sites are a growth and an exceptional way to generate FREE visitors in your internet site/weblog. Be creative upload photos, growth the font size of your header and upload coloration in your articles earlier than you switch them into PDF’s.

Traffic Strategy #nine Video Marketing for New Bloggers

Listen up new bloggers Google and different SERPs love movies! The video for your internet site is becoming increasingly a powerful method to assist keep growing your commercial enterprise, your on-line presence.

Here are some minutiae. A school of enterprise stated a properly produced video will increase records retention with the aid of 50% and it also quickens buying decisions via seventy-two% over a printed brochure.

Video advertising is speedy becoming the medium for branding and online communications. This is an essential traffic approach which you need to comprise into your business placed on your internet site/weblog.

The most famous video marketing websites are YouTube that is owned by way of Google! See why Google loves films?

Produce your great motion pictures; upload to YouTube plus at least 10 to fifteen different pinnacle video advertising sharing websites and of the route your internet site/blog. Always making sure your internet site/blog curl is listed in your video. You want to send people again on your internet site/blog. This is also creating first-rate backlinks in your internet site/weblog and this is generating free site visitors.

Traffic Strategy #10 Syndicate Your Blog for New Bloggers

Setting up an RSS feed and placing a button on your website/blog makes it easy for you traffic to read your weblog every time you publish new content.

As a brand new blogger, it is critical to provide your visitors approaches to understand you’ve introduced the new content material. You don’t need to rely on human beings’ reminiscence, to don’t forget where your website/blog is located. To consider to return returned now on your internet site/weblog; then to visit and see when you have added new content or now not, all people is busy so give them a way to remember!

For new bloggers and all bloggers who are growing a commercial enterprise online, being profitable with the aid of promoting products or services, visitors are important and returning visitor the lifeline of your business.

Setting up an RSS feed for you internet site/blog could be very short and easy and another avenue for generating FREE traffic to you internet site/weblog.

Conclusion to Traffic Strategies for New Bloggers

I want you as new bloggers to understand that there are several more approaches to promote your website/weblog, to generate greater traffic than what become referred to in this article. It is just a depend on creativity and diligence.

Some site visitors strategy strategies paintings better than others. Some traffic strategies assets will ship and generate more visitors for you internet site/weblog.

Remember all site visitors techniques take time do not expect in a single day riches or tens of millions of traffic. Consistency is important, do not simply do every of those visitors techniques once or in part and expect tons of traffic. You will see visitors and it’s going to maintain to boom so long as you still follow the site visitors strategies you placed into the region.

Regular visitors to your internet site/weblog will continue and could growth in case you as new bloggers maintain including new nice content material to your website/weblog and if you always preserve those and different site visitors strategies. I recognize I stated that before but it’s far really worth repeating.

Barb Sibbing is an Internet Strategy and Social Media Coach, providing validated techniques and techniques to assist develop aa hit commercial enterprise. Let’s paintings collectively to create your social media business system and get you online by means of a layout. Barb will construct the muse of social media equipment which is a suit for you, empowering you to consciousness on building the relationships that are the essence of your fulfillment. Sign up for Barb’s newsletter and Grab Your FREE WordPress Video Series and 36-page E-Book…How To Set Up Your WordPress Blog… Delivered FREE to Your Inbox Right Now… At Barb Sibbing How may I upload cost on your journey nowadays? Building Your Online Business System

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