Real Beauty – Bliss!

Beauty is truth’s smile
when she beholds her own face in a perfect mirror.

Beauty is in the ideal of perfect harmony
which is in the universal being;
truth the perfect comprehension of the universal mind.


— Rabindranath Tagore

The entire concept of real beauty can be hard to define, despite being a well-known term. Everyone has their own opinions about what constitutes real beauty. One way to think about it is to consider what makes you smile in such a radiant way that it attracts people to want to be in your presence. Ideal beauty is that which is admired or possesses features widely attributed to beauty in a particular culture for perfection.

Just like Audrey Hepburn’s iconic quote:
For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.
For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.

There would be hardly any person who would not like to look beautiful. Over a period of time beauty slowly fades away owing to age and what’s left are signs of aging. To combat these signs, people use numerous methods like anti-aging creams, Botox, among others. They seek to keep their beauty (which they believe is physical) intact for as long as possible. This is how they fool themselves into believing that they are a thing of beauty. They earn to be dazzling and remain the centre of attraction.

Fair complexion, sharp features are not the only criteria for being beauteous. These are external factors. External beauty is like water bubble, exists only for some time. Apart from the face hidden behind those layers of makeup, there is a heart; sublime, full of love and connected to your mind.That is real contentment. You need to make yourself comely to experience the real beauty.

Helen Keller said, “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.” Every single character existing on the earth is born beautiful. Moral qualities, ethical standards, principles are added advantage to real beauty. Intellect and intelligence with beauty is a rare quality. And when someone has internal and external beauty it is ‘icing on the cake’. Beauty and youth are often regarded as synonymous to each other. Balance of body and soul is much important than using a wrinkle removing cream.

Let me run ideas through my mind and see where it takes me. Let’s consider good-looking people, places, objects, amazing scenario’s at a gallery, perceptional different angled photograph or let’s drill down to a more materialistic living like the breathtaking architecture of my bungalow, with a balcony over-looking a serene swimming pool. I have mouth-watering food sitting on a table beside me, sending out the most heavenly aroma that is tantalizing to the mind, and tickling my taste buds.

I could go on with more description but it would be painfully mundane to read, which is why I’ll leave it as “blah blah blah.”

Having seen life under best circumstances with best resources (mom//dad/bro/friends/teacher/ money… & what not) with best living conditions & then having fallen away & apart with these things temporarily, to get it back in a new format & living terms, I realize that Beauty is a very relative terminology, quite misunderstood & I dare say, quite misapplied too.

So then what’s real beauty for me?

I think & believe that the real beauty is to realize that I am able to realize, think, analyze, decimate, disintegrate, learn – unlearn, believe & still redefine my belief system or call it fine tune.

The real beauty therefore is that I am a human, which is the gift of nature, and I am able to realize that there is GOD in many forms & functions, many of his manifestation are even called bad & I am mutely looking at it to understand what nature is telling me.

And the real beauty based on the above idea for me is knowledge; the assimilation of different pieces of information, when put in a logical manner is invaluable knowledge.
Knowledge alone is real beauty.

Having said this, I want to say that if I place a book of esoteric knowledge of yore & some fine prints of wisdom on a donkey’s head he does not become knowledgeable. What will make him knowledgeable is the right application of that knowledge in the right place, in the right measure, at the right time, and how does one get it apart nature’s Grace? One gets it through the guru – the proverbial teacher.

Hence the Guru or the teacher is the real beauty

The teacher, who gave me understanding and perception, of what is what & how to see it. If not for the right teacher, I could still think that 2 + 2 = 5 and still live like a donkey without realizing the 2 = 2 of life.

And who gave me the teacher? That’s a blind answer – my DAD. He put me through education both formal & informal & while giving me this he gave me as a bonus a bunch of friends from school to college, which I would filter over a period of time through experience & maturity.

Hence father is the real beauty.

And who gave me my father? My mom pointed him out, because she is the only human who actually knows the truth of whose seed made me. We all know the mom’s journey of parenting. Let me not make it emotionally touchy & elaborate on it, we all know what our mom’s are. Period.

Hence my mother is real beauty.

Now tell me how do I get a good mom, I can’t make a choice, actually no one took my permission to give me this birth – absolutely choiceless.

So the real beauty is the fact that I realize that there is someone up there taking care of my soul.

Mata, pita, guru, good mitra (Friend) & god are the real beauty – put them all & mix it – it’s god’s grace.

I realize that I am a unique creation of this nature, none like me & second to none, no one has ever been created like me in eons that have passed by in this universe & there never will be one like me in the future of this universe. I am me, I am a blessing of my parents, I am the good wishes of my well wisher’s, I am the hope of all those new tomorrow’s that will unfold through me, I am the child of gratitude, the mother of all virtue’s – I am Rewa and the real beauty is I can realize it.

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Being Your Own Kind of Beautiful: Learning to Appreciate Yourself

While shopping at one of my favorite boutiques, I ran across this adorable little trinket that had a modest inscription on it that read: “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”. The timing was perfect for me to receive this message because I had just recently decided to end a long-term friendship that had become severely dysfunctional and was weighing me down emotionally. Like most people who experience an end to a long-term friendship, whether it was a positive experience or not, the finality of the split left me feeling relieved and out of sorts all at the same time. Feeling beautiful was probably the last thing on my mind at the time because the “friendship” had become so offensive to my psyche. It felt like an all-out assault to my spirit in an attempt to systematically convince me that I had nothing to offer. Yet, when I read the caption on the little ornament that day in the boutique, it spoke to me in a way that I cannot describe. I felt like my soul had just awakened by a fierce inspiration! I thought how wonderful it would be if each of us could feel the same reassurance that I felt that day by simply taking a step back and appreciating our own God given beauty! Not just the physical beauty, but our entire beautiful self, inside and out. I reflected on how important it is never to give anyone control over our perceptions of ourselves because God created each of us in his own image and He did not make any mistakes on any of his creations!


Even though we know in our heart that we are uniquely designed by God, we all at some point in our life have fallen victim to allowing ill-intentioned “friends” or that nagging voice in our head that try to persuade us that we are less than. In so doing, we fail to fully appreciate our own individuality and the marvelous qualities that we have to offer. Not recognizing or appreciating our own unique beauty is similar to the inference in the quote by Alice Walker that says: “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it”, (The Color Purple). That may be putting it a bit bluntly, but sometimes we need a candid wake-up call. The same concept applies to how we view ourselves, not just how we view a color somewhere in a field. Even though we get the point, I have noticed that women in particular repeatedly fall into the trap of comparing themselves to others and not embracing their own beauty. Physical beauty has become such the end all, that many people have such blind envy of others because of their physical appearance that they have no regard to the personal struggles someone might be going through, despite how well put together they may appear on the outside. In spite of this and as straightforward as it may sound, if each of us would begin to practice being our own kind of beautiful, then we would realize that each of us is beautiful just the way we are.

At any rate, although physical attractiveness can be quite enticing, outer beauty is fleeting. Therefore, a person’s character, morals and values should be the factors that true beauty should be judged. These core traits are not merely handed down through great genetics and more importantly; they never fade away. Remember the old saying, pretty is as pretty does? If someone is lacking in these three intrinsic fundamentals, then it really does not matter what they look like on the outside. Physical beauty has no correlation at all to the goodness or essential quality of a person. OK, for those who may be a little harder to persuade maybe we can take gradual, baby steps toward adopting this revolutionary standard of looking at beauty. For the sake of compromise, let’s say the new standard of judging beauty can consist of a combination of both physical and inner characteristics. However, in all fairness the fundamental core of who a person is should at least carry a higher weighted average than what the person looks like. Fair enough? Well, until this notion becomes widely accepted, which quite frankly may take an act of God; I will suggest a few simple ideas to help remind everyone to honor God by simply being your own kind of beautiful on the inside and out.

One way to practice being your own kind of beautiful is to celebrate your God given gifts and beauty. The fact that each and every person on this earth is uniquely designed, down to our personalized fingerprints, is astounding! Whether it is an internal or physical characteristic that makes you uniquely beautiful, you should focus on just one trait at a time and celebrate it. We have so much to be thankful for, so celebrating one thing at a time can be as simple as showing gratitude for having that distinctive attribute. Once you begin to do this on a regular basis, you will begin to naturally appreciate how wonderfully designed you are. For example, I have always been into physical fitness, sometimes more than others, but overall I have been blessed that God has made me physically strong and healthy. Although I could have chosen to sit around and focus on someone else’s physical attributes, I have chosen to celebrate my own. As such, I joined a hiking club and push my physical endurance to the limit on a regular basis by hiking through rugged terrain to reach altitudes that I never thought I would reach by foot. A couple of added benefits are that for one I meet interesting, like-minded people and in addition I am keeping physically fit by doing something I enjoy. If you have never been hiking, you cannot imagine the beauty that can be seen from the vantage point from atop a mountain. For miles on end, there is the beauty of nature, including speckles of purple in a field of flowers. I thank God each day for giving me the physical ability to be able to do these types of physical activities; particularly after having been bound to a wheelchair for several months after an injury. I celebrate my blessings every chance I get by putting my gift to use. The more I use it, the more physically and mentally strong I become. You will be surprised at how doing simple things like this can help you discover your blessings which you may have overlooked in the past because you have spent so much time comparing yourself to someone else. So, get out there and keep it moving by discovering or rediscovering your beautiful self!

This brings me to my next piece of advice that I will offer to you to practice being your own kind of beautiful which is to stop comparing yourself to others, period. Many times, no matter what our station is in life or how many compliments we receive from others, we somehow still feel like we fall short in comparison to someone else. What I have discovered is that a person will not be able to fully appreciate their own beauty if they continue to try and emulate someone else’s beauty. It is irrational to look at the external beauty of someone else and feel envious. First of all, envy is a sin and secondly physical beauty is fleeting, so why even bother. So, instead of comparing yourself to others you should thank God for creating you in his own image. On this subject, I want to share how moved I was by a speech given by Iyanla Vanzant entitled, “You Matter”. In it she stated something that really grabbed my attention regarding the whole concept of how wasteful it is to compare yourself to others. In her speech she said, “It is an act of violence to compare yourself to other people”. That is such a powerful statement! In order to fully appreciate the full force of this statement, you have to take a moment and absorb its significance. If you really think about it, not only is it an act of violence, it is also irreverent to compare yourself to others which in a way marginalizes your own beauty and uniqueness. Ironically, I found this concept also works in the reverse as it reminds me not to look at others with such a critical eye and to appreciate the fact that they too are uniquely designed by God. Psalm 139:14 says, ‘I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well”.

One final suggestion that I will impart on the subject of being your own kind of beautiful is that it is important to appreciate and not emulate others’ beauty. It is one thing to admire a person’s beauty, however, you have completely crossed the line if your adoration of another leaves you feeling demoralized. Fortunately, there is a healthy balance between celebrating your own beauty and appreciating others’ beauty; particularly without feeling jealousy which is a by-product of emulation. The most confident women are those who embrace their own beauty and can appreciate others for their beauty in a healthy way. This confidence is reflected in many ways such as being graceful in how you carry yourself as it will reflect in how you view others. As the saying goes, “Elegance is [the only] beauty that never fades”. As I stated earlier, beauty is unique to each individual and it does not always mean physical beauty. Yes, it is important to strive to be your best self, inside and out. However, you do not have to jeopardize your self-worth in the process by impersonating others. That is why it is important to check yourself from time to time to ensure you keep a healthy balance between appreciating versus emulating others. Feeling confident in who you are and what you have to offer will allow you to appreciate others at a greater level for who they are without feeling envious by trying to imitate them.

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In summary, because each of us is uniquely designed by God, we all have an abundance of reasons to appreciate and celebrate our own beauty. Of course, beauty can be viewed in many ways either inner, outer, or a combination of both. We can begin the transformative thinking of being our own kind of beautiful by actively celebrating our own uniqueness one trait at a time. Once we begin to do this, we will become comfortable in our own skin and will be able to appreciate others for their beauty without allowing jealousy or envy to invade our space. No one has a right to try to make you feel that you have nothing to offer. As Iyanla Vanzant stated in her speech, “You Matter”. You do not need anyone to define you or to complete you because God has already done an awesome job at that. Embrace this concept and live it on a daily basis. In other words, start each day by boldly being your own kind of beautiful!

Top Five Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Business

Many hosted offerings are supplied over the internet for a diffusion of organization wishes. The famous time period used to seek advice from all of these is cloud computing. Cloud computing allows for line groups to apply assets over the internet in place of build and holds their very personal in-residence

Cloud computing is a modern-day time period that can be heard anywhere in recent times. Simply put, it refers to storing and gaining access to records and applications over the net alternatively of having they all saved at the difficult pressure of your PC.

Storing or walking packages out of your difficult energy is referred to as close by storage. This technique that the whole thing you need is bodily there with you, making get right of access to to records smooth and fast, specifically for the most effective PC and the others related to it via a community network. This changed into what number of industries functioned for a long term in advance than the cloud got here alongside.

The “cloud” refers back to the net. This calls back to the instances in workplace shows whilst the internet come to be represented by a puffy cloud that accepts and gives records because it hovers above the whole lot.

You may be the use of cloud computing at some detail of life with out figuring out it. This applies to on line offerings that you use to deliver electronic mail, edit your files, circulate movies or TV indicates, listen to tune, play games on line, or hold documents and photographs. Cloud computing makes all these things viable at the back of all of it.

The first services to apply cloud computing are multiple a long time vintage, growing fast in order that an intensive range of companies is already the usage of the issuer. This consists of startups to large businesses in addition to non-earnings and government companies.

Cloud computing at a look

According to a have a look at with the useful resource of the IDC, 50% of facts generation will transition to the cloud inside five-10 years. Among the industries that depend closely on records are the financial quarter, telecommunications, era, fitness care, authorities, marketing, retail, gaming, electricity, and records offerings.

Furthermore, eighty-two% of businesses have decided huge financial savings in transferring to the cloud. 60% of agencies already make use of cloud-primarily based IT for operations. Eighty-% of companies are also planning for a multi-cloud approach.

These stats show that cloud computing holds a lousy lot promise as a developing industry as well as a precious useful aid for agencies to take gain of.

Cloud answers for business employer

There are 3 terrific styles of cloud answers that corporations can select from to discover the excellent in shape – personal cloud, hybrid cloud, and public cloud. Each offer one of a kind features and blessings. But with each type, the prevent result stays the same: cloud computing may be executed anywhere you’re, at any time.

Private cloud

Private cloud works in industries with issues for privacy, together with medium corporations and more hooked up companies that need to fulfill necessities for protection and compliance.

One instance is IoT groups, together with folks that hint clients via their telephones. Other examples consist of fitness information businesses, e-commerce sites that save credit score card information, industries with excessive highbrow assets problems, and groups that emphasize statistics sovereignty.

Private cloud is controlled by an in-house group of IT personnel or with the aid of a non-public host.

A private cloud offers complete manage and flexibility, permitting businesses to manipulate their own dedicated assets within a 3rd birthday party datacentre.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is for companies that determine on the safety offered by using the non-public cloud. This kind of cloud solution is first-rate for workloads which is probably distinctly dynamic and prone to changeability. This consists of firms that can be split into spheres, touchy and non-sensitive.

Hybrid cloud additionally works high-quality for businesses with seasonal records spikes, huge statistics processing, and people with workloads related to API compatibility and requiring strong connection to a network. Hybrid cloud takes its name from the fact that it’s far controlled through each in-house and outdoor property.

This mixture of private and public clouds offer to mix of such offerings as Office 365 for email with other packages that organizations do not want to be made to be had in a shared environment.

Public cloud

Public cloud is for industries which have an extensive amount of data without essential problems for privateness. Companies that use this provider pick a pay-as-you-go shape. This form of the cloud solution is controlled via the use of 1/3 birthday celebration providers.

Industries that use public cloud include the ones in development and testing, improvement platform, schooling servers, one-off big facts tasks and web sites with public data, product descriptions and brochures.

Public cloud is great for offerings, programs, and garage which might be made publicly available as well as individuals who use shared assets which can be managed via the cloud provider.

More advantages of the cloudcomputercomputer

Now that you recognize the special sorts of cloud solutions to be had, it’s time to head over the benefits of transferring to the cloud. As a growing style, cloud computing gives many. Here are 5 of them.

1. Time-saving, on-name for services

Cloud computing capabilities self-provider delivery for unique sorts of workloads and dreams. What makes it so attractive to organizations is that any issuer can be available on-demand. This efficaciously eliminates the need for businesses to keep in-residence IT workforce, mainly for small agencies, or manipulate physical laptop assets.

Cloud web hosting lets in customers to get admission to their files from any device, everywhere and at any time. This way that documents don’t get saved on handiest one PC, enabling quicker operations and availability. Storing in the cloud also makes it more secure for corporations to guard their files, with faster backup options and recovery in cases of breaches or similar conditions.

According to TSG, 40-5% of corporations that use private cloud solution in their operations have enjoyed a big reduction of the time it takes to install programs. This time-saving characteristic permits companies to enjoy quicker tactics and enhance productivity for employees.

Cloud computing could make integration less tough for you. A lot of cloud computing programs include an Application Programming Interface (API) wherein you can discover apps which can be properly matched as a substitute for having to pay to have them customized for you so that you can integrate them.

2. Flexibility

One of the most important benefits provided by means of cloud computing is its flexibility. People to your organization can get right of entry to files and records that are relevant to paintings anywhere and on any device. In a tremendously mobile worldwide, this is particularly essential.

Moreover, many groups now offer flexible running arrangements, which include remote employees and telecommuting. With cloud computing, employees can get right of access to art work files even if they’re no longer inside the place of work, making it simpler for them to work anywhere they will be. For small companies, this additionally makes it simpler for them to effects manage their operations everywhere they may be.

Increased flexibility and mobility allow groups to let their personnel use the gadgets they are comfortable with. This can encompass capsules, laptops, and smartphones, helping employees to beautify their personal productivity.

With this form of elasticity, businesses are capable of scale up as their computing needs boom, in addition, to cut back when they decrease. This saves them from having to put money into infrastructure that won’t be wanted later on in time.

Three. Lower fees with pay in line with use

One of the excellent on the spot benefits of transferring your business business enterprise to the cloud is that there may be sizeable economic economic financial savings concerned. Cloud computing virtually uses hardware. With virtualisation, the rate of the bodily server is multiplied, giving companies the possibility to do more with much less.

Cloud computing allows agencies, specially startups, to lower the want for bodily region, energy usage, IT assets and extra. As a end result, there may be a lower need for installation, upkeep, improvements and fees for help and hardware. For SMBs, that could be a treasured way of saving assets a good way to consciousness on online boom.

Cloud-based totally resources are measured at the granular level, which means that customers handiest pay for the workloads and sources that they use. You also don’t need to shop for software anymore or pay for someone or a group to update or installation the software software, manage email or record servers or run backups.

The advantage of cloud computing is that each one of the applications and services is taken over thru the cloud vendor, in a vicinity of you have to be accountable for any of it.

Four. Improved collaboration

Productivity is expanded by means of cloud computing due to its accessibility. Since all and sundry who want get right of entry to to documents and statistics can get them wherever they may be, there is less need for personnel to be inside the equal room. This is especially relevant for employees or employees who need to adventure lots.

Teams in one-of-a-kind places anywhere in the globe can without problems collaborate on responsibilities while not having to clearly meet. Easy sharing and actual time updates on documents are facilitated, and extra matters will get carried out with internet conferencing for conferences.

Cloud computing we should small groups grow quick on-line. It’s quicker, much less difficult and greater reachable to join a cloud-based totally app than to buy a server, run it, and set up software on it. The enlargement is less high priced as there’s no want to put money into hardware and software for the startup.

Cloud-based totally packages also may be accessed on commonplace internet browsers at any time. This way that clients in the course of the employer can adopt to the packages without the need for in-depth schooling. This is especially precious for agencies with personnel in one among a kind places.

5. Enhanced protection with immediately updates

There is improved safety for businesses as software is robotically up to date, bugs are fixed and content is remotely stored.

Those who have doubts about what the cloud has to provide are worried about the protection of records outdoor the enterprise’s internal firewall. The fact is, because of the robust safety necessities mounted with the aid of ISO, protection is extended when cloud solutions are used. Moreover, cloud carriers are strictly required to have a look at the rules.

As a result, dangers are decreased with reference to the lack of laptops containing exclusive information in addition to the threats of hackers. You also can remotely wipe touchy statistics from misplaced laptops and gadgets so no person else can access them.

When it entails making sure security with the cloud carrier you choose out, you want to recognize first wherein your information is saved. Firewalls, detection and prevention equipment further to information encryption can help prevent intruders from getting at your information. However, you still need to recognise in which your records goes while you prevent with the carrier or in times in which the cloud company closes down. Dedicated hardware is what cloud computing carriers need to bypass the very best protection recommendations.

Data backup is recommended to ensure that you may boom your control over your data. Ensure that the data middle you’re the usage of takes safety critically. Find out what protection capabilities are in the location inside the server and records middle wherein your facts is stored.

Managed offerings are also a valuable alternative in making your information and apps stronger. This includes controlled antivirus, firewalls and detection equipment. High extraordinary cloud carriers provide those to permit for higher security.

On top of it all, updates, along with on safety, are computerized.

Cloud provider vendors can often replace gives, giving clients the most updated technology viable. This can consist of the software program software, servers, and pcs processing power. Customers can avoid losing their time maintaining systems and updating them as soon as new abilities roll out. Suppliers address the ones themselves, out of sight.

As a result, organizations can recognition on developing their industrial corporation while taking part within the fine that the contemporary generation has to offer.

To spherical up, the top blessings you get from cloud computing embody:

– Saving time sources with services that you could revel in on-call for

– Flexibility and mobility of get right of access to

– More low cost offerings with pay in line with use

– Better collaboration inner teams, in particular for remote places or touring employees

– Heightened safety functions in region plus automatic updates

With the upward push of the cloud computing fashion, small and medium groups can now create websites and energy up on line have an effect on like in no manner earlier than. With many benefits to experience, transferring to the cloud is an unmissable possibility for agencies.

The Pursuit of Beauty

During my commute to Manhattan on the Express Bus one morning, I had the company and pleasure of reading the March issue of Allure magazine. I began by reading the Letter from the Editor Linda Wells and stumped upon this striking catch phrase, the “pursuit of beauty”. Linda explains this phenomenon to be much like the pursuit of the American Dream. It is “a right to determine and improve our essential selves, psychologically and physically…that transcends gender, class, race, age and sexual orientation.” I thought to myself, “this is so true!” What person today does not want to be and feel beautiful? There is no doubt, that we as human beings are acutely sensitive to our physical appearances and will do anything to gain or to maintain our personal beauty. Our insatiable need for all things “beauty” proves that we are all in full pursuit and unapologetically so.

beauty tools

According to beauty is “the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or gives deep satisfaction to the mind.” This emotional bond to pleasure explains why beauty plays such a significant part in our lives. We can’t help ourselves in the presence of things or persons that call to our sensibilities. Physical beauty, though a matter of taste and opinion is also characterized by society’s views. In most cultures, the existence of symmetry or balance is a determining factor of beauty because it suggests the absence of “flaws” or “defects”. Facial balance, complexion, body shape and size, as well as youthfulness are all standardizations of beauty. The characterization of beauty however, cannot be understood without also realizing that beauty has another side to it – One that is not so physical, but rather metaphysical (a more intangible element ). We cannot necessarily see or touch it, yet its presence is undeniable. With that being said, we cannot exclude psychological factors such as personality, intelligence, politeness, elegance or charisma as determining factors in recognizing beauty.

As I researched more into this beauty craze, I stumbled upon some very interesting findings. To my surprise, (ok maybe not so surprised) researchers have found that possessing physical attractiveness can be quite influential in a persons life. Someone who is considered to be beautiful is likely to get higher grades, receive better care from their doctors, receive lighter prison sentences and earn more money. As if we don’t have enough problems in the world today, now we know that uncontrollable factors like our God-given beauty or “lack thereof”, is just another social barrier to add to our list. Whether we acknowledge it or not, and whether we do this consciously or unconsciously, this type of “lookism” has plagued our society for years and can shed some light on the depth of shallowness that exists in our world today.

This daunting truth certainly affects how we perceive ourselves as well as others. The images we see on tv also determine what we consider to be beautiful and is the driving force towards this search for perfection. We spend thousands of dollars and insurmountable time shopping online or at the malls, purchasing all sorts of beauty products, making nail, hair, facial and botox appointments, reading fashion magazines and taking particular note of what our favorite celebrities are wearing, doing and using to stay slim, youthful and yes, beautiful.

Let’s not forget, that there was once a time when we were all mystified by the beautiful models and celebrities, who flawlessly walked the red carpets and flanked the covers of magazines effortlessly, or at least so it seemed. We dreamed about being them and looking like them, thinking they were born perfectly that way. Thanks to our growing obsession with celebrity-life, the shameless and countless invasions of privacy through reality tv, the social networks and the “tell-all” craze, we now not only have the information and the knowledge but also access to the once “top secret” sometimes extreme, physical enhancers.

Don’t get me wrong, the “pursuit of beauty” doesn’t have to mean a trip to a plastic surgeon, nor is it an elusive commodity accessible to only to the rich and famous. We can all be physically beautiful! The multi-billion dollar beauty industry has made sure to fulfill our every beauty need by bombarding us with a plethora of products and services geared towards making us feel and look younger and more beautiful.The opportunities and resources available to us are endless in this department. We have products that make us look younger, products that make our skin smoother, products that make our stomachs flat, products that make our lips plumper, products that give us fuller hair, products that make our lashes longer and thicker, stylists, eyebrow threaders, makeup artists, fashion trends that change every season, adornments like earrings, necklaces, tattoos, hats etc we all use these things to enhance our personal beauty and attractiveness in some way.

The truth is however, our pursuit of beauty is not just about exploiting our “sexual capital”. It’s not just the physical aspect of beauty that enamors us. We are in search of a combination between the seen and the unseen – The physical (outer) and the psychological (inner) because they both thrive off each other. I like many, believe that true beauty comes from within. Inner beauty in my definition, is that undeniable, profound light that shines from you and onto the world. It is your aura, your spirit, the stamp you leave behind after someone meets you for the first time. My father likes to refer to this intangible, spiritual side of our human nature as the “inner man” or “woman”. Though this “inside beauty” may come easier to some than others, it is the beginning stages to fulfilling this intrinsic desire for physical satisfaction or happiness.

If psychologically we can find the power and confidence to see ourselves as beautiful no matter what, then the world would have no choice but to view us that way. Any physical imperfections that we may think we possess can disappear. Possessing internal beauty is the foundation of the pursuit of beauty. After all, we know that with age physical beauty disappears and there are many uncontrollable forces that can easily take away or lessen our physical beauty, like a severe accident or disease for example. Inner beauty comes from a deeper place. It oozes from your heart and soul and serves as a complimentary component to physical beauty.

So why this urgency to want to be beautiful? What lies beneath this so-called pursuit? What is it that moves us into the hunt for near perfection? The truth is, the pursuit of beauty is in fact the pursuit of happiness – they are one in the same. Though Linda refers to this pursuit as being “distinctly American”, to me, it is more so, undeniably human. Whether it is a physical or psychological improvement to ourselves, we are all in search for this completeness. It is a calling to being someone bigger and better than we’ve ever been. It’s about walking out your door everyday feeling like a ray of sunshine, confident with every step you take. It is a goal, a standard to set, that once achieved, is rewarded with a lifetime of confidence, self assurance, pride, grace, poise and enthusiasm for life.


We therefore cannot deny that we are in a new era, where beauty and the acquisition of it, is no longer an enigmatic, perplexing phenomenon, but rather an expression of one’s pride and self esteem. Beauty has now become a lifestyle, and we have learned that physical beauty cannot stand on its own, we can only enhance it. It is only when there is complete synergy between the physical (outer beauty) and the psychological (inner beauty) working in complete balance with each other like yin and yang, can we safely say we’ve achieved our goal in this pursuit of beauty and ultimately happiness.

The Personal Power of Beauty

Beauty is Infinite, Beauty is Health, Beauty is Truth, Beauty is Power

What is the Personal Power of Beauty?

beauty tools

Beauty is the power of radiance, and your personal beauty has the power to illuminate your world to a more radiant and bountiful experience. There is abundance, joy, passion, sensuality and pleasure to be had in your beautiful life, and working with your personal power of beauty is a strategy for claiming even more. Your personal power of beauty is a treasure to behold, a way to be bold and a powerful journey for you to unfold. Beneath the surface of your skin is the story of your beauty, and this is the story that is meant to be told.

The personal power of beauty is a magical tool that enhances all aspects of your existence to a more majestic and magnificent experience. Beauty is the source of your personal magic; it is the essence of who you are, it connects you to others and to the plenty of this planet.

What is beauty? Where does it come from? Who has it?
When you think of beauty is it something you know you have within you? Or does beauty seem like something elusive and outside of you?

All people are beautiful, and it is our essential nature to radiate this beautiful truth.

The Beauty is on the Inside

Years ago, I saw an ad that I loved for Burt’s Bee’s products. The photo was of a group of Harley-type bikers, you know, heavy set men, grimacing, hairy and looking kind of scary. The caption on the ad said “The Beauty is on the Inside”. It couldn’t be clearer, beneath the packaging is where you will find true Beauty, it’s on the Inside. This ad cracked me up, just thinking about it still makes me smile; the message was so clear, powerful and beautifully stated. Beauty comes from within, it emanates through the skin and vibrates around us.

Each of us has our own personal beauty, it is the unique essence of who we are, like our signature or thumb print, it is exclusively our own. Our personal beauty or inner beauty stems from the heart, our center of love. Our center of love is the vital force of our spirit, and the vital force of our spirits spring from the source of all life: Whether it be God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Energy, Vibration, the Creator, Nature, the Divine or the Force it is all the same source. Whatever you believe to be the divine spark of life within you; whatever you equate to the magic of your existence; however you understand life with its complexities and perfections and which ever way you account for the air that is your breath and the fire of your spirit all stems from the source of life, and the beauty within you is a part of the package. Our beauty is a divine light that sparks through each cell of our being. You truly can never be anything but beautiful, for you are life and life itself is beauty.

When you understand the source of beauty within you, you then have access to its potential for your greater abundance, power and ability to manifest change. The power of your beauty is already embedded in your essence, ready to glow. However, it is harnessed through your beliefs about yourself and the actions you take in the name of truth, beauty and love. You are born with the tools to become a channel for this very compelling and influential vibration. You are the vehicle for this sacred source to shimmer and shine.

beauty tools

Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all ye know on Earth, and all ye need to know.” -John Keats.
We live in a world where our concepts of beauty are decided by the collective consciousness, the standards of our society. Many of us, especially women, are victims of what is known as the ‘beauty myth’. A world where fashion rules, perfect body types are most desired and our ways of looking and being are all meant to sell or consume products: beauty products, fragrances, diet pills, hair color, fashion magazines, douches etc. But that is not what true beauty is made of. The truth is we are already whole and complete beings, we are all perfect because we are each perfectly ourselves. What is true is that beauty is everywhere and within everything. For everything on earth and in the universe is of the divine source. Unfortunately, many of us were not taught to honor our own beauty in this way. We were warned against being too conceited or told we were not beautiful enough and sadly so many beautiful people have never had their own precious nature reflected back to them. We hide our beauty in the shadows, even the super models complain about places within themselves that they find hideous. In subtle and not so subtle ways we have been disempowered and misdirected by the media to seeing ourselves as less than the ideal of beauty. Every commercial on television is an assault, telling us what we need to do to be better, happier and more beautiful. This is the beauty myth and it can destroy our sense of self-esteem and even destroy the joy in our lives, it already has for so many people.

As adults, we need to re-teach ourselves where true beauty comes from. We need to re-connect to the radiant source of life within us and teach this to our children. True beauty comes from the heart and soul and spirit of who you truly are, it is your divine right to resonate with self-love and allow your beauty to take the stage. Your authenticity is buzzing with beauty. Life is love, love is truth and truth is beauty. All of life is sacred and all of life is beautiful. Beauty and truth are hand in hand, one does not exist without the other.


Truth, Beauty, Goodness

Can one know what true beauty and goodness are? Is there an objectivity to these attributes, or are they merely what one perceives them to be? Let us focus on what God has created women to be and what society tells them to be. Does the truth lie in women being successful career women to the exclusion of their own feminine nature; in being dependent on the admiration of others for their self-worth; or in their being mere physical objects of pleasure? Or are they called to find the truth of their dignity in the model of Mary, Virgin Mother of God, who reflects and participates in the Divine Truth, Beauty, and Goodness of which all creation is called to reflect and share in?\


The question of truth, beauty, and goodness is one that has intrigued men for centuries. The pagan philosophers seek to identify that which is True, Good, and Beautiful. For the Christian, however, there can be no other answer than that which affirms that the Triune God is the True, the Beautiful, and the Good. By His very essence God is all three. Everything else is so only by participation. We can know this because God has chosen to reveal Himself to us. The Catechism of the Catholic Church #2500 tells us that “even before revealing Himself to man in words of truth, God reveals Himself to (man) through the universal language of creation.” All creation reflects its Creator; therefore, we can see something of Beauty itself in creation. Truth, beauty, and goodness, which are called “the transcendentals,” cannot be separated from one another because they are a unity as the Trinity is One. Truth is beautiful in itself. And goodness describes all that God has made. “God saw all that He had made, and it was very good” (Gen.1:31).

Man is the summit of the Creator’s work, as Scripture expresses by clearly distinguishing the creation of man from that of other creatures. “God created man in His own image…” (Gen. 1:27). Thus, man was not only created good and beautiful, but he was also established in friendship with his Creator and in harmony with himself and with the creation around him, in a state that would be surpassed only by the glory of the new creation in Christ. The inner harmony of the first man, the harmony between the first man and woman (Adam and Eve), and the harmony between the first couple and all creation, is called “original justice.” This entire harmony of original justice was lost by the sin of our first parents. Created in a state of holiness, man was destined to be fully “divinized” by God in glory. But he preferred himself to God and disobeyed God’s command.

Thus, Adam and Eve immediately lost the grace of original holiness, and the harmony in which they had lived was destroyed. They were separated from Beauty Itself. God, however did not abandon mankind, all of whom share in the sin of Adam, since “by one man’s disobedience all were made sinners” (Rom. 5:12). In the fullness of time God sent His Son to restore that which had been lost. The Son, who is “beautiful above the sons of men,” came to restore us to beauty.

Thus, we turn now to beauty. Von Balthasar once remarked that when one is seeking to draw others to God, he should begin with beauty because beauty attracts. Beauty will then lead to truth and goodness. Hence, if one is going to begin with beauty then one must know what beauty is. I will make a distinction between two types of beauty, although only one of them is beauty in the truest sense of the definition. There is “seductive” beauty, which is often reflected in our current culture. This would entail whatever allures us to our self-destruction (morally or spiritually). It takes us away from what we were created for, union with Beauty Himself. This type of beauty I will return to, but first I want to establish a definition and proper understanding of what “true” beauty is. This is first and foremost whatever attracts us to our true fulfillment and happiness. In his book The Beauty of Holiness and the Holiness of Beauty, John Saward, drawing on the work of St.Thomas Aquinas, defines beauty as: “the gleaming of the substantial or actual form that is found in the proportioned parts of a material things.” In other words, while one can find beauty in the outward appearance, one must go deeper to the nature or the essence of the thing.

“Thus, in a material substance (such as man) there is beauty when the essence of a thing shines clearly through its outward appearance.” The beauty of one’s soul can be said to shine through a person’s countenance. For this to occur, three things are necessary -wholeness (integrity), due proportion (harmony), and radiance (clarity). It is important to note that understood in this definition is the fact that beauty is a reality in itself, it is not something that we produce by looking at a work of art or some other thing that attracts us. Rather, beauty radiates out of what we see. It radiates out because it is participating in Beauty itself. In regards to Jesus, “Christian Tradition – from Augustine and Hilary to Peter Lombard, Albert, Thomas, and Bonaventure – holds that beauty can be appropriated in a special way to the Second Person…”

St. Thomas says that all three marks of beauty are found in Jesus. Radiance is found in Him because He is the Word of the Father, and the Word eternally uttered by the Father completely and perfectly expresses Him. He is the brightness of the Father’s mind. Due proportion is found in the Son of God because He is the perfect image of the Father. As the perfect image, He is divine beauty. Jesus has wholeness because He has in Himself the whole nature of the Father. In begetting the Son, the Father communicates the whole of His divine essence. Thus, we have a Divine Person, God the Son, who without ceasing to be true God, has been made true man for us in the Virgin’s womb. When one sees the Virgin and the Child, one sees a witness to the Trinity. Pope John Paul II explains that this picture of Mother and Child “constitutes a silent but firm statement of Mary’s virginal motherhood, and for that very reason, of the Son’s divinity.”

It is as such a witness to the Trinity that allows Mary a special place in relationship to the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. The Blessed Virgin, said the fifteenth century poet John Lydgate, is the “Fairest Mother that ever was alive.” Many poets and artists have sought to express their praise and admiration for Her who is so closely united to Divinity. When Dante reaches Paradise, he finds the beauty of the Son of God most perfectly mirrored in Mary, of whom He was born. Thus, we will see how Mary is to be for all, but especially women, a model of true beauty, and thus, goodness and truth, as she reflects a sharing in the life of the Trinity. “All the beauty for soul and body that the Son of God brought into the world, all the loveliness He wanted to lavish on mankind, is summed up in, and mediated by the person of His ever virgin Mother, ‘a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars’ (Rev. 12:1). If there is beauty, it is here.”

To understand Mary’s beauty, one must know of the gifts bestowed on her, and her response to these gifts, which put her in intimate contact with Beauty, Itself. Scripture, God’s revealed Word, tells us that “an angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth, to a virgin betrothed to a man named Joseph…and the virgin’s name was Mary. And he (the angel) came to her and said, ‘Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with you! … Do not be afraid Mary, for you have found favor with God. And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call Him Jesus. He will be great and called the Son of the Most High…And Mary said, ‘ How can this be since I have no husband?’ And the angel said to her, ‘The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore the child to be born will be called holy, the Son of God.’ …And Mary said, ‘Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be done to me according to your word.'” (Lk. 1:26-38).

To become the mother of the Savior, Mary was given the gifts necessary and befitting such a role. Mary was greeted as “full of grace,” as if that were her real name. A name expresses a person’s identity. “Full of grace” is Mary’s essence, her identity, and the meaning of her life. Mary is full of grace because the Lord is with her. The grace with which she is filled is the presence of Him who is the source of all grace, and she is given over to Him who has come to dwell in her and whom she is about to give to the world. She is by a singular grace free from any stain of sin by reason of the merits of her Son. She possesses the harmony that Adam lost. Thus, she has the first two qualities of beauty: due proportion (harmony) and integrity (wholeness) because by the merits of her Son and the fullness of grace which she has been given, her nature is complete – unwounded and unstained by sin.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church proclaims that “Mary, the all-holy ever-virgin Mother of God, is the masterwork of the mission of the Son and the Spirit in the fullness of time…In her, the ‘wonders of God’ that the Spirit was to fulfill in Christ and in the Church began to be manifested.” Through Mary, the Holy Spirit begins to bring men, “the objects of God’s merciful love, into communion with Christ.”

Grace has been described as “God’s better beauty, the splendor of the soul.” And Mary, who is full of grace, radiates that splendor, that spiritual beauty. Grace (sanctifying grace) gives us a share in the Divine Life; it conforms our souls into the likeness of Christ. Mary in her abundance of grace is a reflected beauty of her Son. She possesses the “radiance” which is the third of the qualities of beauty. The great St. Bernard of Clairvaux declares that “contemplating the countenance of the Mother is the best way of preparing to see the glorious face of the Son.” Saward endorses this idea by pointing to the fact that Our Lord is conceived by the Holy Spirit without seed, thus there is only one human person whom He resembles in His humanity, and that is His Virgin Mother.

How does Mary’s beauty enable women of today to be an image of true beauty, and hence of truth and goodness also? Mary, the Theotokos – the Mother of God, the Mother of Infinite Beauty, who is herself beautiful, will guide women to that which is true and good. She shows the falsehood of “seductive beauty,” which we have noted above as being whatever allures us to our self-destruction (morally or spiritually), by holding up her own “true” beauty in contrast. Before showing the essence of Mary’s beauty, which meets St. Thomas’ requirements for beauty: wholeness, due proportion, and radiance, we will look at society’s claim of womanly beauty. Women today are told by society that what is good and beautiful is that which is glamorous and seductive. Beauty is separated from God, Who is disregarded and Whose goodness is exchanged for a “base mind and improper conduct” (Rom. 1:28), leading to both spiritual and often physical dissolution. The “truth” that they are taught is one which “considers the human being (and hence, the woman) not as a person but as a thing, as an object of trade, at the service of selfish interest and mere pleasure… this falsehood produces such bitter fruits as contempt for men and for women, slavery, oppression of the weak, pornography, prostitution…”

Thus, beauty is often seen as a mere physical quality. It lacks “due proportion” because only one aspect of the whole person is considered. Society emphasizes the physical to the exclusion of the spiritual. Flowing from this same type of mentality, we see that women are honored more for their work outside the home than for their work within the family. What is “seen” as attractive is a woman who is able to achieve the “good” of a successful career, which promises happiness and “equality with men.” In order to achieve this, women often times either renounce their femininity or become a mere imitation of the male role. They are in a sense trading in the quality of “integrity,” which is necessary for true beauty, for society’s limited claim of the beautiful. This “seductive beauty” which promises so much “good” gives rise to a hedonism that distorts and falsifies human sexuality and the true dignity of the human person. This leads not only to a lack of respect for what womanhood is to be, since the truth about their personal dignity as one who was created and redeemed by God is unknown, but it also hinders women from achieving the “fullness of grace” for which they were created. It leads to women’s spiritual destruction because they are not living a life of grace. They are not living for God.

Mary, who lived a grace-filled life, is, however, the model of redeemed woman. God Himself “manifests the dignity of women in the highest form possible by assuming human flesh from the Virgin Mary, whom the Church honors as the Mother of God.” The highest elevation of the human nature took place in the masculine gender, when Jesus, the Son of God, became man and male. The highest elevation of the human person took place in the feminine gender, in the Virgin Mary. Her divine maternity gives her an exalted dignity. She is “blessed among women.” Therefore, all womanhood shares in her blessing and is made radiant by her. “When the Virgin Mary is humbly honored for the sake of her Son, women will be honored…for she has revealed the true beauty of womanhood.”

Looking at what we have already said about Mary, we know “full of grace” reveals her essence, her identity. It is also the key to her reflection of the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. It is the key to women discovering the truth of their own dignity, and hence, obtaining the divine life that is offered to them through a life of grace. This is a life that will bestow on them true goodness and beauty, which is a participation in the beauty of the Creator.

Because Mary is “full of grace,” she possesses the wholeness that was lost by Adam. Because of grace, she is “radiant as the sun,” showing in her very being the clarity of a life united with God. Such a union shines forth in a person’s actions; actions which are a reflection of God’s goodness. “The practice of goodness is accompanied by spontaneous spiritual joy and moral beauty” (CCC 2500). These actions, called virtues, “are acquired by education, by deliberate acts and by a perseverance ever-renewed in repeated efforts are purified and elevated by divine grace” (CCC1810). Grace affects every dimension of a person’s life. It is a gift of God that leads us closer to God. The closer we are to God, the more we reflect Him who is Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

Mary is held up for us as the model of the life of virtue. She is a guide in living a life of faithfulness to grace. Due to space limitation, I will only briefly look at three of the virtues that Mary possesses and calls us to imitate. They are faith, obedience, and charity. The Church hails Mary as an “excellent exemplar in faith and charity” (Lumen Gentium 53). We see her faith when she entrusts herself freely to God at the Annunciation, believing and trusting the angel’s message to her that the son to be born to her would be the Son of the Most High, certain that “with God nothing is impossible” (Lk. 1:30). Her journey of faith continues in her responses to that which occurs in her life of union with Jesus. She flees to Egypt when Joseph is directed to go there (Mt. 2:13-15); she returns in the same manner (Mt. 2:19-23); and she faithfully perseveres in her union with her Son unto the cross (cf. LG#58, Jn.19:25-27), all the while believing and trusting in the wisdom of God’s divine plan. She believed that her Son, though crucified and buried, would rise from the dead. She waited in prayer (Acts 1:14). We, too, are called to be women of faith, believing what God has revealed concerning His plan for us and our salvation.

Flowing from Mary’s deep faith, she shows her loving obedience. Hers was not a servile obedience. Rather it was an obedience that flowed from humility. She knew the wisdom and greatness of God and therefore, sought to live in conformity with it. Being obedient to God meant responding in trust to His all-wise plan. Again, at the Annunciation, she replies in obedience to the angel, “Let it be done to me as you say” (Lk. 1:36). She obediently follows the directions that the angel gives to Joseph, trusting in God. Mary remained obedient to her role as mother even to the cross, where she obediently offers the full assent of her intellect and will to Him whose ways are inscrutable. As we seek to imitate Mary’s obedience, we will find that it frees us from the slavery of sin. Obedience makes us beautiful because it opens us up to God’s grace, to His life and love within us.

Mary’s faith and obedience allows her great charity to shine through. Mary, the Mother of Fairest Love, possesses a self-humbling love, innocent of all narcissism. “It is for Christ and to the glory of the Father, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, that our Lady is ‘all fair.'” She devotes herself “totally as a handmaid of the Lord to the person and work of her Son… she does this freely” (LG # 56). This acceptance of her role as “Mother of the Son of God (is) guided by spousal love, the love which totally consecrates a human being to God. By virtue of this love, Mary wished to always be and in all things given to God.” This love that remains faithful to her Son throughout His life, even to His cruel death on Calvary, extends itself to the brethren of her Son, those souls still journeying on earth (cf. LG #62-63). There is nothing more beautiful than charity, which we are all called to practice, and which inspires and animates all the other virtues (cf. CCC 1827). Charity, the form of all virtues “binds everything together in perfect harmony” (Col. 3:14), one of the aspects of beauty.

These virtues and the life of grace are possible for all women, who seek to know the truth and avail themselves of the grace that comes from the merits of Jesus Christ, who came to restore mankind to the beauty of adopted children and “partakers in the divine nature” (1 Pt. 1:3). St. Francis de Sales notes that because of grace we are so like Christ that we resemble God perfectly, because in His becoming man, Jesus has taken our likeness and given us His. Thus, we must do what we can to preserve this beauty and divine resemblance that He has restored to us.

Mary helps women to do this. Her beauty attracts, and because it attracts she leads us to Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (Jn.14:6). Mary is loved and honored because she reflects the truth, beauty, and goodness of her Son by her actions, by her life of virtue. Her role is to lead others to Him and to the truth he teaches and is. This is seen by looking once again at how creation reflects the beauty of God. All that God creates is good; it is beautiful. Jesus, who is the fullness of revelation, has raised creation to an even higher dignity by restoring all things “according to the plan God was pleased to restore in Christ. A plan to be carried out in Christ, in the fullness of time, to bring all things into one in Him, in the heavens and on earth” (Eph. 1:9-10). Thus, harmony is restored, all is made whole, and His glory is made known. Because the “Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth; we have beheld his glory, glory as of the only Son of the Father” (Jn. 1:14)

Beauty Tools

Man was created in the image and likeness of God; Jesus renewed humanity in His immortal image. He restored us to the likeness of God. Mary reflects the beauty of her Son in her very essence. Mary is the one who will, in cooperation with her Divine Son, help women to discover the truth of their feminine nature, to reflect the beauty of a child of God, and by God’s grace to live that goodness that comes from God alone. Women, to attain this ideal, must turn to Mary as a model, who has been chosen by God from all eternity to be the Mother of His Son, and to be a guide for us on our journey to the True, the Good, and the Beautiful, our true fulfillment and happiness. Women should entrust themselves to Mary’s guidance because she already is that which they are called to be: full of grace. As the Church prays in the Divine Liturgy: Lord, as we honor the glorious memory of the Virgin Mary, we ask that by the help of Her prayers, we too may come to share the fullness of Your grace,” so that by that grace we too may reflect that which is True, Beautiful, and Good.

How To Play the Pokemon Go Game and When Will It Be Released in Asian Countries Like the Philippines?

Lot’s of Netizens couldn’t wait to revel in to excursion the actual international and the digital world of Pokemon, mainly here within the Philippines. John Hanke the founding father of Niantic, the game developer said that he does no longer want to limit the sport’s availability. The game will become launched commonly in the European nations, but, they simply regular a few server issues with the purpose of launching this activity to about 2 hundred international locations. Philippines

Discover Pokémon within the Real World with Pokémon GO!

The 26 worldwide places in Europe which Pokemon Go became launched, consists of: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, and Switzerland. Who is aware of? Due to the good sized amount of players locally, I do now not assume the Philippines is probably overlooked in addition to other Asian countries who has a huge quantity of gamers watching for this recreation.

With the enterprise enterprise’s strength of will to disperse the Pokemon GO sport globally, it can in all likelihood likely be launch right right here in the Philippines earlier than this year will quit.

How To Play the Pokemon Go Game?

Pokemon Go is developed on Niantic’s actual international gaming platform, it lets in gamers to apply actual places and urge them to explore inside the real worldwide to music down Pokemon (the real global might be the setting on this sport). As you find out your regions, the sport lets in you to capture greater than one hundred styles of Pokemon, much like that during their video game series which they use real global locations like New York, Paris, and the regions of Japan (Kanto and Hokkaido).

You can capture and seize limitless of Pokemon through exploring within your cities, cities or even around the sector. Once your cell smartphone vibrates as you skip around, it’s miles the sign you are close to a Pokemon. As soon as you found a Pokemon, goal that Pokemon with the resource of aiming for your cellphone’s touchscreen, once you already aiming at it, you could without problems capture it with the aid of way of in reality throwing a Poké Ball. Be certain to hit it with a Poké Ball or it may possibly break out. At the identical time, you must search for PokéStops located at considerable locations, like for example: monuments, public artwork installations, ancient markers and one of a kind regions or places with similar nature as a way to collect more Poké Balls and different sorts of gadgets.

Account and Customization of Your Pokemon Go Trainer

After growing an account, the participant will must make an avatar and customizes it with the aid of choosing a hair fashion, pores and skin color, eye shape, the layout of its outfit and different additional add-ons. Once the man or woman created an avatar, it is shown on the existing region of the player, together with a map showing the present region. The fundamental feature of the map is that it suggests the complete amount of Pokémon gyms and the general recollect of PokéStops. While the gamers tour the real global, their custom designed avatar may also even pass alongside the map.

Function of PokéStops

The PokéStops gives gadgets like Pokeballs, eggs, or even potions. It may want to, in truth, be prepared with factors known as the “lures” that commonly alludes Pokemon.

The Purpose of Gyms

The gyms function as a war places for “king of the hill” fits which might be crew-based totally. It typically determined at interactive locations.

Catch More Pokémon and Complete Your Pokédex

Pokédex is considered due to the encyclopedia of Pokemon, in which the description, peak, weight, species type and different statistics of a superb Pokemon is being listed. As a Trainer, you may development in tiers, after you received higher degrees, you will be capable of capture more effective Pokemon and upload it for your Pokedex to finish it. Additionally, you could gain access to plenty greater powerful objects like Great Balls to provide you a extra powerful hit in catching a Pokemon. In order to transport up into growth degree, you may want to explore and find out greater Pokemon.

As the sports improvement, you may find out opportunity techniques to get extra Pokemon on your Pokédex. In the occasion that you seize a Pokemon at an enough intervals, you may get the risk to expand and make one of them to a greater more potent Pokemon. If you preserve exploring, you’ll probable come upon Pokemon Eggs observed at PokeStops, in order to hatch at the same time as you’re already at a particular variety. After they hatched, you could possibly discover Pokemon which you can possibly have never come across previously.

Quite some variety of untamed Pokemon will truely show up in a particular spots close to your geographical vicinity or maybe round the sector. Like for example, a few water kind Pokemon may also probable be seen within the place wherein it’s far close to oceans, lakes, rivers, and so on… When you are not in your house or even as you are no longer for your typical location, do not forget and be conscious that you could come across Pokemon you’ve got got in no way visible earlier than.

In the occasion that you capture a Pokemon at enough periods, you may get the hazard to develop and make one in all them to an extra stronger Pokemon. This approach is quite useful if you are having a difficult time taking pictures a Pokemon in the wild. As for instance, in case your place has massive numbers of Poliwag, however, you couldn’t find out any Poliwhirl, you need to capture lots of Poliwag in order that sooner or later, you may potentially accumulate the functionality to turn one them proper into a Poliwhirl.

Become a Member of a Team and Join a Battle

As saying goes, “No Man is an Island”, you need to enroll in a group so you can ask other groups and can take part in a struggle. By the time you be a part of a particular team, you bought a potential and is able to designating a Pokemon you captured to Open Gym locations or you can assign it to a Gym wherein a Pokemon is assigned through a positive crew member. The Gyms also can be located in real locations around the world that are simply the identical with PokeStops. Only a single Pokemon may be assigned at a specific Gym. That is why as a team you have to work collectively that allows you to make your protection ambitious.

If an opponent comes and claimed a Gym, you may be able to a challenge this crew by the use of the Pokemon you’ve got captured and conquer the protecting Pokemon. You see, team battles are also fun and at the equal time tough and difficult. You can pick out what Pokemon will face your rival crew. Every Pokemon possesses types of assaults, even as preventing, it is able to also keep away from its opponent’s attacks by way of swiping your touchscreen to both left or proper. If happily your selected Pokemon wins the warfare, the Gym’s reputation will steadily lower, and even as the Gym’s repute may be at zero levels, it really is the time you or every other institution member can take over and take control of the Gym through assigning a Pokemon to it.pokemon go

Now that your group has taken manipulate over the Gym, you and other institution individuals can now increase the Gym’s stage popularity by using contending with the defending Pokemon. Not most effective that, you may teach battles as properly towards your private team to assist your Pokemon degree up. Once the Gym gains to a sophisticated level, You or some other team member can assign greater Pokemon to improve its safety. If you need to, you may call your friends to feature extra groups and undertaking the opponent Gym collectively at the side of your blended group, so that you can defeat the greater effective Gyms masses quicker.

By project quite some challenges in severa classes and complete every task, you’ll be able to find medals of achievements a good way to show up on your profile. Challenges which incorporates exploration and taking pictures of Pokemon. You can get as many medals as you may with the aid of trying your very fine.

Additional Features: Pokemon GO Plus, Fun Photos, and PokéCoins

By introducing the Pokemon GO Plus, the sport may also probable hit the arena by hurricane. It is a transportable device which allows customers to play the game even if their now not the use of their smartphones. This tool indicators the participant on a sure event of the sport thru Bluetooth which connects to the person’s cellular phone. Like as an example, if there may be a Pokemon detected by the usage of this gadget near the region, the person can be notified through vibration and LED alert. Besides that, this gizmo can execute number one feature including catching a Pokemon through urgent its button.

Another first-rate feature of Pokemon Go pastime is its a laugh snap shots. You can seize photos at any 2d using the in-game digital camera, specifically whilst you come across a Pokemon within the wild. You can direct this Pokemon into the staying scene according with the location of your digital camera and take a photo of it at whenever. You can then keep the picture and percentage it whenever you need.

Finally, you could download the sport every time through going to the primary internet site or at Google Play save with out a fee the least bit. The handiest charge is while you would love to degree up your Pokemon GO enjoy via buying items through PokeCoins, the in-recreation overseas money of Pokemon GO of which clients will need to spend actual coins out in their wallet. These PokeCoins may additionally then be exchanged with enhancements together with more items and power-ups.

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Should I Get Certified As A Windows Phone Developer?

The query approximately going into Windows Phone development is now being requested with the resource of increasingly more cell developers. With Windows Phone being the quickest growing cellular working device in 2013, Microsoft has doubled its market percentage in the cellular organisation within the last 365 days. But is becoming a licensed Windows Phone Developer a brilliant idea now? In this newsletter, we urge you to think carefully.Developer

While marketplace percentage of the Windows Phone has been growing progressively in 2013 (making it the zero.33 most-used cell working machine after Android and iOS), the massive made its closing claim for main the cellular International through means of purchasing Nokia in September.

So now Microsoft’s principal mission seems to be developing an powerful atmosphere for each cellphone and drugs, and as they go alongside, there’ll fantastic be an immoderate demand for Windows Phone Developers. Even now, Microsoft’s not going extraordinarily: with the combination of SkyDrive, Office Mobile, Office 365, and many others, the business enterprise is fantastic on the proper song. Yet, there’s nevertheless loads to art work on, in particular within the region of smaller/less expensive client apps, to step up the opposition with the chief, Google’s Android. Not tremendously, in this case, the MCPD: Windows Phone Developer certification may also seem like an amazing alternative for you, as there will honestly be a growing call for in Windows Phone app developers. Yet, because it generally takes place, things are a touch more complicated than they may seem, and we can attempt to persuade you that you could need at least a few HTML five understanding, as an awful lot as the component even as MCSD: Windows Store Apps certification may be a higher long-term aim (in preference to the previous MCPD: Windows Phone Developer you’ll be lying).

Is there anything incorrect with MCPD: Windows Phone Developer Certification?

Where do we start? The element is, this certification is strongly focused on Silverlight. Which is superb, taken into consideration that that is what Windows Phone development is now based totally totally on. Yet, it couldn’t be so first-rate while you do not forget that Microsoft has pretty lots dropped Silverlight in 2011. Do observe moreover that the certification consists of the 4th version of Silverlight among its steps, despite the fact that the platform was updated to Silverlight 5 back in 2011. So why haven’t they updated the certification yet?

Although it’ll be supported until 2021, you do not have to be a genius to understand that it won’t final that lengthy: Microsoft has announced it would be shifting to HTML 5 alternatively. Why may want to Microsoft kill its proprietary technology? Just look a few years once more and it will be clean.

History Repeats

2 years after his demise, Steve Jobs nevertheless remains the trendsetter of the tech world. And it’s miles, not his devices (and the contemporary loss of Apple’s innovation) we’re talking about. Do you recollect the outrage due to Apple’s selection now not to assist Flash on its gadgets? This way, Apple created the AppStore idea we recognize these days: gaining access to belongings you need thru apps, which, in turn, brings massive monetization functionality to the owners.

Looking decrease back, you may now kingdom that the war between Apple and Adobe over Flash had brought on the HTML5 we use in recent times. And in 2011, Microsoft took the route of shifting away from the Silverlight in the direction of using HTML5, because of this last the door on its own proprietary era. The commercial enterprise corporation admitted it’d be dropping its efforts to make Silverlight the main skip-platform runtime for the internet and the computer.

What Exactly is Silverlight?

Microsoft Silverlight allows writing and walking wealthy Internet programs, much like Adobe Flash. The run-time environment for Silverlight is available as a plug-in for net browsers strolling Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

Silverlight is able to provide video streaming. It has been used for the NBC coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, in addition to the 2008 conventions of American Democratic and Republican activities. Until in recent times, it is been used by Netflix to permit it’s on the spot video streaming, but, the issuer has delivered its transfer to HTML5 inside the close to future.

The truth is informed, for years Silverlight had compatibility troubles with browsers, and lots of builders weren’t crazy about its capabilities. Yet, it completed its undertaking of a time-honored platform for delivery of wealthy online content fabric, with online video streaming being the excellent and brightest of it. Convenient? Yes! But as a user, might you buy an app for something you can get with out one, just via your browser? We did now not anticipate so. And neither did Microsoft. So now the agency treats its very very own technology precisely the way Apple dealt with Adobe’s Flash years in the past.

Of route, this platform isn’t always some thing Microsoft can cast off within an afternoon: the agency will manual Silverlight 5 till 2021. Although it is able to nevertheless appear a long way away, it’s far obvious that HTML5, a faster and leaner technology, will take its area. And, due to the reality, Adobe has dropped Flash as a mobile platform for being too power eating and too slow, it’s far just a depend of time until Microsoft does the equal with Silverlight (even though it’s now not almost as heavy).

Moreover, Microsoft is now faced with the need to capitalize on its Windows Phone and Nokia funding, and this is some thing Bill Gates’ enterprise can all over again analyze from their founder’s lifelong rival, Mr. Steve Jobs: heading inside the route of a lean and steady app shop-based totally environment, wherein computing device and cell surroundings are harmonically aligned, and the monetization functionality is high. And, with Windows Phone displaying the satisfactory boom quotes this year, Microsoft seems to subsequently be at the proper song.Windows Phone

So, this text quite an awful lot shows why to agree with that on the equal time as having the MCPD: Windows Phone Developer certification may be very useful nowadays (to get the hobby you want ASAP), you have to keep in mind that the technology might be very likely to alternate soon. And, in case you already preserve a Windows Phone Developer certification, you can significantly want to take into account selecting up on a number of that HTML5 and JavaScript records you can finally need – on a clearly professional stage. So, DO don’t forget MCSD: Windows Store Apps to be safer on this ever-changing tech world.

The Mystique of Beauty – The Intuitive Capability of Man to Know Truth and Good

Beauty is one of the most difficult term to define yet one of the easiest terms to understand. We all know what is beautiful and what is not. It does not take a second for a person to say if a girl, a child, a man , a place, a song or a poem is beautiful or not. Yet we hardly know why it is beautiful. All we know is that we like beautiful things and feel good when we see or hear something beautiful.


Random House dictionary, defines “beauty” as a characteristic present in a person, place, object or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning or satisfaction to the mind or to the eyes, arising from sensory manifestations such as a shape, color, personality, sound, design or rhythm.

Yet no one knows, what are these characteristics that make a thing beautiful? Since beauty is based on the perception of the person, it is often said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is also considered to be only skin deep which means that beauty is superficial and it lacks any substance.

The opposite of beauty is ugly i.e. what gives us a bad feeling. When we see an ugly thing, we just don’t like it and want to close our sensual perception and mind from that thing. Everyone wants to see beauty and become beautiful and dread to become ugly. While we see a beautiful thing or meet a beautiful person, we just want to keep on looking. Einstein used the concept of beauty to explain the Theory of Relativity i.e. how time can expand or contract

“You spend 30 minutes with a beautiful girl, it seems like a moment. You spend a moment sitting on a hot stove, it seems like 30 minutes”.

Beauty is so important to human beings that they can do anything to look beautiful or achieve beautiful things in life. The pursuit of human life seems to become beautiful or acquire beautiful things in life. Beauty has such a powerful attraction that it bewilders all logic and rationality of the person and sometime the attraction become fatal. Why is beauty such a powerful force?

Beauty means Truth and Good

In the ancient philosophies, the material body is believed to be the material reflection of the soul, the spark of the universal soul or God. Hence, if the person is good, it is because the person has a beautiful soul. It is because of the beauty of the soul that people do good actions in this world. People find their parents and friends beautiful, because they are good to them. We can hardly find any beauty in our enemies as they are not good to us. When a friend turns enemy, the same person cease to be beautiful.

In Indian philosophy God is said to have three manifestations in this world i.e. Truth, Good and Beautiful (Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram). Hence when we find something beautiful, it is only because it has the truth and goodness in it.

Scientists discover secrets (truths) of nature, because they find universe beautiful (Difficult to imagine?). Einstein said “I have deep faith that the principle of the universe will be beautiful and simple.”

Jules Henri Poincare, a famous French mathematician and scientist said

“The scientist does not study nature because it is useful; he studies it because he delights in it, and he delights in it because it is beautiful. If nature were not beautiful, it would not be worth knowing, and if nature were not worth knowing, life would not be worth living.”

The discovery of truth is, therefore, to with the beauty it holds. For a scientist, the universe is not a dead object but he sees beautiful pattern and aesthetics in the nature, which helps him find the secrets of nature. While most of the people find the world as an ugly place due to its imperfectness like inequality, injustice, disorder, a poet sees the same world as beautiful and creates poetry. A poet can only make beautiful poetry, if he finds beauty in nature and human beings. A logical person or a critique of the world can never find these truth of the world as he can never see beauty in this world.

The Evidence of Beauty

Since beauty needs no logic, people often accuse beauty of being superficial. The rational people or scientists accept no facts to be true unless proven objectively by experiments and investigations. They often blame the perceptions of beauty as biased and prejudiced which has developed in the people in the process of evolution.

We all know that a human body looks beautiful, if it is within a particular range of body weight depending upon the height of the person. We don’t find the body beautiful, if it is either too thin or too fat. Yet we can’t say why only a particular weight should make the body beautiful? However, the scientists have discovered that what we perceive as beautiful is actually the best body weight for health and longevity. A study conducted by more than a million participants by the US Cancer Prevention [1] concluded that

.. optimum body mass indexes to be between 23.5 and 24.9 for men and 22.0 and 23.4 for women. As body mass index increased, risk of death increased. Men and women, with body mass indexes of 40.0 or higher, increased the risk of death by 250% and 200% respectively. In contrast, underweight men and women, with body mass indexes of 18.5 or lower, increased the risk by 26% and 36% respectively.

Thus, the perception of beauty is not superficial as it is supported by robust scientific research. If, we can imagine how we, can perceive beauty of the body, we can easily notice that our perception of beauty perhaps vary in the same proportion as the effect of body weight on health as if our mind already knows what is good for the body even without going through the long process of research.

Once a scientist described to Einstein, how long years of experimentation and research lead to the discovery of the scientific theory. The wife of Einstein promptly remarked that her husband (Einstein) would have developed the same theory on a piece of paper. Einstein never conducted any experiments, but developed the soundest of the scientific theories from the imagination of his mind as man himself a replica of the universe.

We all have the inherent capability to distinguish the good from the evil and the truth from the untruth by our ability to see beauty. When we eat an apple, we don’t have to send it to laboratory to know if it is rotten or fresh. We can simply by looking at it can know that it is fresh. A beautiful apple is also a good apple for health.

What is Good?

The first thing to understand is what is good? We can define goodness from the perspective of self and the world. One can be good to the world, if his actions are for the good of the world. Similarly, one can also be good if his actions are good for him. An ugly man, therefore, must be one who is not only bad for the world but also bad for himself.

However, we can argue, why one would like to do anything that is harmful to self. Yet there is no dearth of such actions. For example, if one eats too much and become obese, it is surely not good for his own health. Similarly smoking, additions etc are also not good for one’s own self. All selfish actions are initially good for the person but gradually become bad for him, if these actions are not good for the society. The challenge thus lies in finding a way that is not only good for self but also good for the society. All successful persons and businessman finds a way to find their good in the goods of others. For example, Bill Gates is the richest person in the world, not by doing any harm to the society but by bringing tremendous benefit to the society. As a consequence, he also became a rich man.

However, when a person focuses only on selfish benefit without any concern for the world, he creates an imbalance in the world that makes the person bad. This leads to the path of untruth and evil. Such a person gradually becomes unattractive and ugly as the evil starts getting reflected on his body and the face.

What is good also depends on the person and the situations. A sunny day many look beautiful in the cold winters and cold countries but extremely unattractive for the people of the tropical and warm countries. The woman may look extremely beautiful to a lover but only ordinary to other men and women. Hills may be beautiful for the people living in the plain or in hotter places but may look unattractive to the native who may find the modern world of malls and urban life more attractive. A western music may be attractive to some but repulsive to others.

Thus our perception to beauty has also a purpose. The attraction depends not only the object of beauty but also our mental makeup. We find beauty in things that complements ourselves. It force of attraction due to beauty can be compared with the force of attraction of the electric changes. The opposite attracts and once they meet they neutralize each other. So often we are attracted towards something which we lack. Often, we are not even aware what is missing unless we find something attractive. The beauty is thus a guide to achieve the missing something in us so that we can have more fulfilling and contented life.

Yoga: The Secret of Beauty

The secret of the natural beauty lies in the mantra truth, good and beauty (Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram). To look beautiful outside, one has to be good inside. The good feeling can come only by being good and truthful. If one becomes bad for others, he has to pay the price with his beauty.

Yoga, one of the ancient methods for good heath, means union. It defies all scientific theories as people use yoga to reduce weight and become healthy not by burning calories in gym or by medication but simply by effortless postures of the body designed many thousands of years ago that requires discipline of the body and mind. Yoga means union i.e. the union of body and mind with the soul on personal level and the union of individual soul to the universal soul or the soul of the world on he other level. Yoga, is used all over the world, to make oneself beautiful as it beings the goodness and truth in the person. However, once the person become beautiful, he automatically gets he proper body weight and also fitness and good health.

The Challenges of being Beautiful

Some people are born beautiful but other acquires beauty by conscious effort. Often the most become people become unattractive due to their lifestyle and evil actions. Who would find beauty in a obese man or woman or in a criminal. However, often very ordinary looking person become very attractive because of their achievements. It is particularly true about man who seems to become more attractive with their achievements and good deeds.

As believed in the Indian philosophies, beauty is the manifestation of God in this world. Hence, if a person start doing evil acts, he start drifting from God to Devil. Soon the person would start looking ugly too. His face and body would transform in a way that he would lose all beauty. He would lose health and fitness. He would fall sick frequently. He would become overweight or underweight so as to lose his vitality and health. His face would become cruel or pale devoid of serenity and beauty.


It is not a mere coincidence that no dictator or evil person has ever been beautiful. Conversely, a beautiful person can not be cruel or evil. One proof of this statement is that women, who epitomize beauty, can hardly kill innocent people or commit murder. Woman represents beauty hence they also mean what is good for the society. They risk their own life to create a new life.

We also find that all children are beautiful. It is not a mere a coincidence that all children are also good. They love every creation of the world including innate objects like dolls, toys and animals. Most of the cartoon films and the children’s film show kindness to animals. Yet as a man grows, he losses his beauty, if he starts losing goodness.

Secret of Beauty

Beauty is one of the biggest desire of human beings hence a great biggest business opportunity for the businessmen. The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar business today all over the world. Yet can any cosmetics make you beautiful. The beauty due to cosmetics is truly superficial and often causes long term harm to the person. The true secret of beauty lies in discovering truth and goodness in the world and within oneself. Once a person has acquired inner beauty, his body and face start emitting the beauty of the soul to the world. One must also use his or her perception of beauty as a guide to achieve a more fulfilling life in this world. Beauty is, therefore, the most beautiful thing in the world as it comes to every person naturally without any training or study, yet it represents the truth and goodness of this world.

How to Feel Beautiful: Feel Beautiful and Celebrate Ourselves

Our culture, around the world, puts so much pressure on us to look good, to stay young, and to stay beautiful. Why? How does this impact us? There are many reasons why. One, from more of an evolutionary stance, is that being beautiful encourages people to procreate. Women who are younger are, of course, more able to have children so youth is seen as something that is desirable; this is natural and helps us have procreate around the world. If we had evolved in such a way to find elderly people to be attractive then we wouldn’t have as many babies and genes wouldn’t be passed on. While this may seem rather scientific and cold, it does have a very evolutionary, genetic aspect to it. It helps us make babies and keep generations going. You could almost say that beauty is in the genes.


But perhaps a far more powerful force that generates what we consider beautiful and affects us is the media. The media is constantly telling us what’s beautiful and what’s attractive because there’s a benefit to that. If we love who we are and don’t see a need to change to improve ourselves then no companies can make money on selling products that improve people. So there’s a sense that “hey, we have to make people feel like there’s a sense that they need to change themselves and make themselves more beautiful so that we can make money.” Again, this may seem cold but it has a very monetary benefit to our culture. It helps us create products so that we can change and look “more beautiful.” So in a sense we could say that we are being brain-washed. We’re being brain-washed as to what beautiful is and it constantly changes, so in that way we are continuously on the move to improve ourselves. We’re never satisfied with who we are; we have to change, stay young and if we are young we have to look differently than we are. That is what keeps the economic wheels turning.

So can we or do we need do anything about this? The answer is “yes.” Yes we should do something about this and yes we can do something about this. So first, why should we do anything about this? Why not just buy into everything we’re told, make changes, and keep improving ourselves to stay young and stay beautiful? Mostly we should do something about this because it’s hard on us. It’s not wrong or inappropriate to make changes to improve ourselves, it’s actually good to do that; but when there’s a sense of constant “deficit” that we tell ourselves “there’s something wrong with me” then changes need to occur. It’s better, far better, to say “Hey, this is the way I am. This is the way God created me, however, can I enhance it or can I make it better?” It’s a lot like a farmer who has a field and there are wild berries there and he can find wild animals to hunt and gather; or he can get domesticated animals and he can till that land and make it even more productive. It’s kind of like that; it’s a choice, we still love the beauty of the wildness but we can choose to improve ourselves.

For a moment, let’s imagine our beauty is an open field. Something that in and of itself is truly beautiful, it’s a gift from God; it’s something we can celebrate and be excited about. However, we may want to change and make some improvements; or we may not, it’s just a choice, either one is fine. If we take it in a way that, “Yes, my hair is graying a bit. I think I’ll color my hair and not let the gray come out” it’s okay; or we can say “Yes, my hair is graying but I’m just going to accept it. I don’t mind the graying” then that’s okay too. But do you see the gentleness there? We’re kind about our looks. We can change them but we can also love them and keep them the same. We can be excited about change and we can be excited about growing old and aging; both can be fine but if we don’t accept what we have, even after the improvements, we are going to be unhappy. I think that’s where we need to be careful about media and advertisements. They really play on us being unhappy with what is. Health is about accepting what is and ultimately loving what is.

Beauty is something that we can change, we can improve upon, and we can accept. But to be happy, to have a good life we need to love what we have and/or love the improvements we make with what we have. If every time we look in the mirror we are self-critical, we attack ourselves and say things like, “That’s ugly. That’s unattractive. Those wrinkles are just disgusting” then we’re going to suffer. Instead, if we say “Hey, that’s a beautiful person there. I love that person and I’m going to make some changes and make that person even more beautiful but it’s a beautiful person even when it gets out of bed first thing in the morning.” That’s hard to do and that’s why meditation can help us improve this.

Let’s work towards improving the way we feel about ourselves because the main person who suffers when we are self-critical about the way we look is us; we suffer. The key to change is to start by being aware of what we are thinking in our head all day long. If we are noticing that we are being self-critical all day long about the way we look then we’re not going to feel good inside. There’s going to be a slow, progressive, self-loathing there. Since we all age, there’s no way we can keep up with the most beautiful people in the world, it’s impossible. So instead of comparing and contrasting, by just loving ourselves we are going to be happy.

For example we may go to an art gallery and see some beautiful Monet Lilies and fall in love with them, finding them utterly beautiful; then we can go to another part of the gallery and see a Michelangelo sculpture and say, “Oh my goodness that is so beautiful!” So the key is to celebrate everything and see it as beautiful. If we don’t judge ourselves and, equally important, if we are not judging other people, then life will go better; because the negative self-talk that we hear in our head is hard on us. The ultimate goal is to quiet your mind and not to judge, not to criticize; just to be with and enjoy all the wonders of life. Celebrate the different shapes, sizes, and looks of everyone around us and life goes so much better.

beauty write

When I met my wife and began dating her she introduced me to one of the most beautiful women I have ever met in my life. Her name was Vy and it was my wife’s grandmother. She was almost 90 years old and she was short, overweight, and yet she had an indomitable beautiful spirit that just made her glow with a beauty and radiance beyond description. Our actions often make us far more beautiful than the external looks that we have. But the most important person in the world that’s going to help us to feel beautiful inside and out is ourselves. Even if the whole world thinks we are very attractive, if we don’t think so ourselves, then it won’t make any difference. But the reverse is true also. If we celebrate who we are and love who we are, even as we age, we will feel attractive, we will feel beautiful no matter what the world says. So it’s important to pay attention to our thoughts and that’s the beauty of meditation; it helps us to be aware of what we are thinking. Once we are aware of what we are thinking, we can then change what we are thinking. So let’s pay attention to our thoughts. Let’s work on loving who we are, finding ourselves beautiful inside and out, and then love us around us too.