How I Started Out in Network Marketing

After spending maximum of the 2009 holidays and into Jan/Feb reading simply what Network Marketing with Social Media is all approximately, I even have just embarked on the first levels of truly putting those training to suitable use. What did I have a look at? Tons of stuff out on the web, and I subscribed to one of the many “How To” manuals. Lot of cloth, but very informative.Started

I additionally signed up for one of the “structures” obtainable. If you want to recognise those information contact me via the link beneath and I’ll get again in touch with you. The individual details of exactly what products I signed up for and the consequences I am getting from them are excellent discussed in my view. For me to broadcast my consequences may not be truthful to the issuer of the equipment. The fine equipment inside the wrong palms as they are saying…

Regardless of whether or not my utilization of the gear is efficient or not, it is definitely fascinating how this all works. After only some brief weeks (maybe 6), I have four Gmail addresses, three Twitter pages (with over 2,000 fans in overall), membership in 3 forums (LinkedIn, Better Networker & The Warrior Forum), and mail to six,000 humans every few days. Not horrific for a couple of weeks. Once i discovered a way to incorporate the linkbacks and references to my product imparting, it all started to fall into location.

To date I actually have had over a dozen human beings inquire into my commercial enterprise and at least one significantly interested in becoming a member of.

I am extremely positive that this is going to emerge as the first-class “career” pass I’ve ever made. I spent pretty much all of my previous career in excessive tech. Working with Fortune 500 companies as well as small internet start-ups, I ran income organizations from small, nearby groups to worldwide sales organizations with reps on just about every continent. High tech become very rewarding, however in this economy who would not want a a success component time commercial enterprise (or maybe full time in case you need) wherein you could make money from domestic? I do not profess to be successful but, however occasionally you just recognize whilst something is right. Oh, and I do not suppose I’ll be laying myself off any time soon both.:-)

I earn a living from home, make my very own agenda, which has been super from the circle of relatives angle, and feature all of the tax advantages that a domestic based business has to provide.

I started out out with e-mail advertising and marketing, using some basic pre-written templates, and throwing in my own replica to look if I can do as properly. So a ways I can. I now spend perhaps 10 minutes each couple of days the use of a third party software. What I don’t like is the humans on the list are all Network Marketers too, so that they have restricted interest in what I provide (any greater than I do in theirs), and I’ll guess 95% don’t even study it. Some obviously do, because they’re achieving out to my opt in web page. There’s probable a better way I have not determined but.

I then went directly to Twitter. I discovered this a little perplexing in the beginning, what do I say? Who do I say it to? Who cares what I’m doing every day? As I continued with Twitter, I got here to keep in mind that it is an great tool to provide significant information to humans with the same interests as me. It turned into slow going constructing a following although until I determined a tool that permits you to go looking the net for human beings of comparable interest and follow them automatically. They in flip follow you. As I mentioned earlier, I now have over 2,000 fans across 3 Twitter id’s. Why 3? I even have 3 very distinctive interest regions so I can separate my discussions. I significantly try to send out applicable statistics and I am now getting retweeted that is exquisite! I now spend perhaps an hour an afternoon constructing my follower base and locating articles of hobby for them.

Along the identical time, I commenced becoming a member of boards and looking the numerous discussions. Unfortunately some oldsters just communicate about nothing in an effort to build their “popularity” numbers. Personally this is not for me. As I actually have become more cozy, I am now collaborating with what I consider is again applicable information. The more I use this media, the more secure I grow to be. You will to. Just undergo with it. I commonly browse the forums while watching TV, so even as I am at the forums possibly an hour or greater a day, it’s honestly down time besides.

Having executed expertise Network Marketing thru electronic mail, Twitter and forums, I am now taking place the object publishing direction (and here I am) and expertise how Google provides to their public and how you need to discover ways to write your articles so that Google can present them in the right context to the proper people.Network Marketing

I now understand why those who commenced expertise this some three to four years ago are making 7 and 8 figure earning. This is POWERFUL stuff.

If you want to talk to me at once about what I’m up to, by means of all approach reach out, I’m satisfied to proportion. This is just too proper to no longer allow parents I recognize, have a risk to play. I’ll replace this in every other month or two, once I have some greater experience beneath my belt, and allow all of you know the way it is going.

Stay tuned.

IYogi Tech Support Review

I am no longer a computer geek and this evaluate is intended for people like me. There are many technical aid opinions examples on the web that could make you examine however maximum of them will now not pass any deeper than explaining through examples. Recently I had to ask for a few technical aid from iYogi for my PC and my enjoy wasn’t that terrible. I supply a massive credit score to the technician been supplied to me.IYogi

The assessment of my experience with an iYogi technical guide is probably worthwhile too. Their aid alternatives can be pretty lower priced. Their expert assist “list fee” is $ 169.Ninety-nine for one whole 12 months for far-flung tech assist. My revel in isn’t always necessarily representative of the sort of assist you may get but you may certainly get an idea how does its paintings. All I can do is to educate people approximately the kind of help you may get.

Without any notice, I had this weird freezing of my PC. I turned into almost inside the middle of vital paintings and all at once my laptop crashed. I referred to as iYogi for help as few days lower back I long gone through their website and I located it pretty first rate to ask help from unlike different technical provider (I do not need to take the call even though). The technician turned into pretty useful and supportive too.

Tech support has continually been a large burden for maximum agencies. But all you need to do is to browse via the net for tech aid newsgroups, iYogi has lots of them, and then you may quick realize that most customers don’t even recognize a way to put forward their questions. A mixture of various computer systems and different matters makes any sharp and proficient technician confuse and makes it impossible for them to clear up it.

Communication with the customers has to be actual supportive, which u virtually get from iYogi. Technicians commonly receive carried away with their troubleshooting and every now and then cuts off the clients once they communicate or forget about their opinion of the problem due to the fact a user or purchaser best knows what it’s in reality approximately. Aside from this, an employee or technician need to always be courteous and well mannered toward many customers due to the fact this is their region. They should also make the customers apprehend about the troubleshooting so that the person receives acquainted with it.

A real desirable tech support individual has a number of know-how and training and it’s a treasured asset to invite for terrific earnings.IYogi does plenty to protect that sort of talent and provide the important and high great tech help that some humans want. To reply to this, iYogi is taking benefit of the truth that there actually are a variety of iYogi human beings obtainable who are equipped and willing and able to assist the users. Some of them are the well-paid tech guide human beings with whom you might speak to on phone.

IYogi creates the website like yoga, and so on that makes it viable for people to clients or the users to talk well and for additionally selecting the right software or plan for themselves. Instead of forgetting the websites that helped us out from the soup, I will recommend you to make a bookmark of those websites, for troubles are constantly around the nook.

Since I went for the one yr subscription plan, quickly I received a call from a skilled technician over the telephone. Though it took time for the technician to recognize my hassle, however, I nevertheless respect that I didn’t get that scripted reaction what we commonly get for different unfastened technical provider company, like after talking to those you feel like banging your head towards the wall in frustration. The iYogi technician treated me like a client but did not expect that I knew nothing. This made it possible to 0 in on what to do remarkably speedy. After checking a few apparent viable methods, we set a faraway connection to my PC so that the technician may want to work immediately in my field.

The quick model of my story is that the usage of emailed instructions the technician was given to me properly after that, and made me apprehend what clearly inflicting the trouble.

The enough accurate knowledge that is been taught by way of my technician became that when the laptop can not find an updated motive force, it locks itself up and get a freeze. The hardware drivers should be up to date on a regular foundation. It additionally helps in increasing the laptop’s RAM by using growing the PC’s digital memory. RAM acts as a buffer to speed up to get admission to on your programs and files which can be in use. Though all your statistics are saved to your difficult power, RAM is plenty quick. Whenever your laptop pulls up a report off the tough power, it masses it into your machine RAM so that it can continue to get admission to it faster. The quiet end result is a miles faster interface together with your laptop. The greater RAM you’ve got the more applications and files your laptop can hold saved in your RAM.

Since that is a virtual Basic website, I may not be citing the logo name of my PC. If you are truly death to recognize e-mail me I’ll tell you the whole thing. The technician updated my driving force remotely and I’m up and cranking again on my PC.

After my entire faraway session, I even have long past through their website minutely and I learned that they have around ninety-five% of purchase pleasure. I will simply like to say what iYogi is right at; personnel of iYogi are suitable for operating below supervision or inside a crew. The technicians are the good natured character and affable person and also assist the team morale and team paintings. The non-public tendencies and the characteristics can affect and person’s output and teamwork a whole lot more than you can imagine. And they also depart a mark on clients thoughts.

If you roll your eyes in the direction of the back of your head, you will realize that you are not on my own in making lawsuits for their laptop. There usually a tsunami of purchase commenting on iYogi’s discussion board about their technical aid. There are few praising and few are disapproving, retaining these kinds of by using the technician and nevertheless providing you with the satisfactory answers is a considerable activity.Support

These guys diagnose the root cause of the errors with a device or hardware and if it is able to be resolved by way of guide resetting then they may guide the clients through the grade by grade manner. They wait till the PC is restarted to ensure complete decision of the difficulty.

After I finished talking with the technician I also spoke to his manager, to specific how lots I liked my technician’s paintings. The technician has this exceptional know-how of the scenario, the courtesy and recognizes he confirmed and their diligence in resolving my hassle became exceptional and maximum commendable. I surely liked running with him, as I found out loads of them. He changed into an actual trouper and quitting wasn’t part of his character. IYogi have to be very proud to have this member of your staff for your team and in your organization. It was a sincerely notable job.

Getting on-line laptop tech assist has various advantages. One is that you shop a number of time and get you box constantly as soon as possible. Another benefit is that thru their PC tech support guidance, you get some schooling on the way to fix the PC trouble. In case the equal dilemma happens again, you would realize what to do to restore it. Thereby way of saving you the prices on laptop repair tech services.

I will even point out it’s brilliant to get their 1 yr subscription plan from iYogi, for which you have to pay as soon as $169.99 and that they offer you with the pleasant technical aid freed from the value of whole three hundred and sixty-five days. You have to ensure that your laptop gets the guide renovation and genuine music up, it needs to perform nicely.

BlackBerry Phones – Best Way to Stay Updated With Technology

Want to be a prod owner of a smart phone and do not wish to pay much for them? Then what you need to check out are the Cheap BlackBerry Phones. These phones are preferred by all across the world. BlackBerry Phones are a mixture of trendy and cool looks. The sophisticated handsets of the BlackBerry have a different stand in the mobile market. These cell phones are equipped with ultra modern features which keep you in line with the latest technology.BlackBerry Phones

You can stay connected with your family and friends through out the world. With the advent of mobile phones, it is not a problem to communicate with people residing in far off lands.The exotic features of BlackBerry Phones are the reason for its popularity. The variety that this company offers its customer is world class and exotic. All the Blackberries resemble each other. It is because the basic structure of the phone is kept the traditional one. Hence each set resembles the other. This gadget has a lot of mind blowing features and functionaries.

The handset can easily support the GPRS and has a Wi-Fi as well. The Wi-Fi connection can be used for internet connection. Wi-Fi can catch the wireless internet signals through which you can easily browse and surf on the mobile internet. It has an amazing speed because of which it is very easy to download or see the numerous web pages.

Not only these other BlackBerry features include a high-resolution camera. The camera function would help you capture the finest moments of your life. The expandable memory is also present that makes sure that you can store more and more data on your phone. The Touch screen, Bluetooth, infra red, GPS, Navigation movie downloads and much more such features are present in it. What else one can desire from a mobile phone.

One can connect this phone to a laptop or a computer to transfer data. These amazingly BlackBerry 3G pearl can be taken up with the network of individual’s choice. Services can be taken from network providers like Vodafone, O2, 3, Virgin Mobile, Orange or T-Mobile.So stay tech updated with latest BlackBerry Phones.


How a Good Mobile and Web Tech Blog Helps You to Stay Informed
Technology is vast and the ideas surrounding technology are vaster. Evolution of technology may be continual but the evolution of ideas surrounding it is continuous and constant. Further, the blogging platforms have made it absolutely easy for tech freaks to convey these ideas and bring forth some amazing concepts. So, staying updated with such ideas have become an important part of our daily routine. But, the Internet is flooding with such sites that contain such ideas. Therefore, in order to stay updated with relevant info, you need reliable sources.

Among the various sources available on the web, the mobile and web tech blogs have evolved as the most trusted ones. One big reason behind the trust is that most of the reputed mo-web blogs are ran by experts who have rich experience and expertise in their niches. However, that’s not the only reason why these blogs are preferred. These blogs are preferred because they can keep the users updated and also make a significant contribution in increasing their knowledge.

Here are the various ways in which a good mo-web tech blog can help readers to stay updated.

Filtered content
Since reputed tech blogs are handled by experts; all you find in such blogs are no-nonsense posts. Though you may find certain offbeat articles, you would still be able to find amusing ideas even in such blogs. Other than that, all you get in the blogs are filtered content as they just don’t put any trash in their sites. The posts are carefully written with well-organized ideas so that the readers can get those ideas straight into their heads without racking their brains much.

Act as knowledge backup
These blogs serve as knowledge backups. Thanks to the computer and Internet era, you don’t have to remember every word by heart as you can come back to the blogs any time you want. From your side, you just have to make sure that you have taken the measures to make your computer remember the site. You just need to ensure that you have saved or bookmarked the links of the interesting articles that you’ve read so that you can always make your way back to them.

You can have conversation
In any good blog, comments are not simply ways of giving feedback. In good tech blogs, comments are great ways of starting a conversation and sharing your piece of valuable information that you have. You would find that the posts are not the only ways of staying updated in such blogs because the comment section has equally interesting things. The good thing is that in good blogs, writers care enough to get back to their readers who have left few ‘words’ on their posts. In this way, you can get more info by striking interesting conversations with readers as well as writers.Phones

A blog-full of ideas
A blog-full of ideas is another thing that brings more interesting things to your knowledge. There are ideas and concepts that might have existed but were not present in the web. The experts who run mobile and web tech blogs are well aware of this fact. Therefore, they pour in all their efforts to educate their readers with plenty of useful ideas. The experts carry out extensive research just to make sure that they don’t provide their readers with something stale. So, fresh ideas and information help readers to stay freshly updated.


Bring Back System Restore at Work With Tech Support

System Restore is the most privileged characteristic in Windows XP that permits device administrators to repair their PCs inside the event of the essential useful disorder. This built-in tech guide brings returned the PC settings to the preceding status without losing any saved data files like word files or electronic mail content. Such Windows XP assist is extra or less acknowledged to the XP users but difficulties seem when we strive to run System Restore however it indicates error message like “System Restore did not entire efficiently”. Having very less or once in a while genuinely no technical understanding, we fail to find the approaches to come out of the peril. This is the state of affairs where online technical aid or computer restore services come into play. Before in search of the ways to restoration this messed-up country, let’s find what truly went incorrect.Restore

According to tech help professionals, several matters can reason this inbuilt Windows XP support to fail. Antivirus or a few firewalls are the maximum distinguished reasons at the back of the confined System Restore functionality. Not most effective the junk software program programs, however some famous and superior antivirus software program applications like Kaspersky and Norton, to call two, are recognized to intrude with the gadget restoration procedures. But the coolest factor is, they can not have an effect on the Restore Point documents from where the System Restoration is made. But why does an antivirus blocks such important laptop restore utilities?

As been defined by means of the tech aid professionals, if an inflamed record gets restored, you can never blame your PC protection application for blockading it. Advanced antivirus applications are very a good deal sensitive and can even sing the internal file replacements. This is the principle cause how they experiment the machine recuperation technique. It would be higher if System Restore and antivirus programs ought to become aware of each other and work peacefully together. But as the generation has not stepped forward that tons but, it’s miles advisable to run the System Restore in Windows Safe mode which maintains the system safety programs grew to become off.

Computer repair professionals additionally advocate users to turn off the automated gadget updates as they can also deactivate Windows XP support functions. Online technical aid services allow your software program drivers and other device programs to get updated without your subject can interfere with the System Restore functionalities. It especially occurs if each the activities occur at the equal time. Therefore, it’s far wise to turn off the auto-updates that join application programs automatically to the Internet without your expertise.

RealPlayer, one of the most popular media gamers has been discovered to affect this Windows XP assist characteristic. Sometimes handiest updating the program file can remove your System Restore issues at once. System

In case your state-of-the-art or the maximum superior PC Restore Point isn’t working by way of anyway, think about putting in the earlier model. This easy project will lead you to the factor that can be restored seamlessly. Therefore, do not assume your system is lost when such software documents prevent responding. Just get online, far-flung tech guide specialists are continually there to clear up such conditions in mind.

Laptops Vs Tablets Vs E-Readers: Which Should I Choose?

If you are within the marketplace for a contemporary portable virtual tool, there appears to be an increasingly more overwhelming quantity of data to keep in thoughts. Laptops are bendy. Tablets are famous. E-readers are cheaper. So how do you understand what the first-class in form is for you? In the surrender, it relies upon to your desires and on your budget.

First, think about the abilities with a view to be crucial on the device at the manner to carry out. Perhaps you frequently journey for amusement, casually browse the internet and watch the regular film. While the ability of a pc might be quality within the now not going occasion that you may soak up a layout mission or interact in instructional studies, this device might be too inconvenient and highly-priced for your ordinary needs. A tablet would be a whole lot extra sensible, particularly as it’s such an smooth device to journey with.

On the opposite hand, in case you generally study books and want to have some thing that could update all of the print books which you deliver with you every day, then an e-reader might be your high-quality desire.

Next, think about how an awful lot you would love to spend. While drugs do not have a whole lot functionality as a PC, they are generally (but no longer continuously) a great deal less high priced. Consider the value detail right here, as informal computer users and Internet browsers will opt for the less high-priced alternative, no matter the greater restricted scope of applications to find out with a tablet. There is some overlap in price, however, inside the excessive-stop pill and occasional- to medium-forestall of the laptop marketplace, and it’s far vital to cautiously weigh characteristic and comfort to charge.

Overall, whilst seeking to decide amongst a pc, tablet, and e-reader, the “winner” is commonly the maximum most efficient choice in your particular wishes. Here are some elements to bear in mind:



Laptops have the most functionality and versatility in comparison to tablets and e-readers.

They’re best for frequent internet surfing, e-mailing, research, document and presentation advent, audio/video playback, gaming and/or keyboard use.

Laptops consist of entire keyboards, allowing you to type loads faster and greater accuracy in evaluation to a touch display device.

Laptops have once more-lit, LCD displays which are top notch for net browsing, viewing pictures and audio/video playback.

Laptops additionally have huge displays and excessive show resolution, which is ideal for viewing snapshots, surfing the internet or enjoying entertainment content.

Laptops are also extra durable than pills, and you can now not worry about scratching or damaging the touchscreen display.


Laptops are typically extra high priced than pills and e-readers and aren’t as simple to use.

Their once more-lit, LCD screens aren’t perfect for reading e-books on, as they do not use the identical “e-ink” shows that e-readers have. Prolonged studying can result in eye pressure.

Laptop displays also tend to be reflective and are not ideal for studying in shiny daylight or below positive styles of synthetic light.

Laptops require a boot-up collection. Tablets

Laptops are heavy (normally three to six lbs) and relatively huge (typically thirteen – 15″ show display screen sizes) compared to capsules and e-readers.



Tablets are pocket ebook pc systems that depend upon a hint show interface for all entries.

You can use a tablet for nearly something that you can need to do on a PC laptop. Tablets are great for casual net browsing, slight gaming or searching movies. Tablets additionally may be used in a spread of specialised careers such as music and layout.

Most capsules have again-lit, LCD monitors which can be awesome for internet surfing, viewing pix, and audio/video playback.

Tablets have immediately on/off functionality, as compared to a laptop that calls for going thru a boot-up sequence.

Tablets are battery inexperienced in evaluation to laptops. You need to be capable of get round 10 hours between battery prices, relying on the styles of applications you are running.

There are masses of on hand apps that could considerably enlarge the capability of your tablet.

Tablets are very lightweight (typically 1 – 1.Five lbs), compact (generally 8″ – 10″ screen sizes) and easy to hold in comparison to a laptop.


The most apparent difference among a tablet and a computer is the lack of a keyboard. This is satisfactory at the same time as navigation in particular involves pointing, dragging or tapping, but inputting textual content proper into an application, which incorporates an electronic mail or a report, can be more difficult. Since you’re typing on a virtual keyboard, most people can’t kind as rapid or as accurately as they will on a normal keyboard. You can add an external keyboard to most pills; but, this gives costs and peripherals to a tool that is usually supposed to be transportable and price-saving.

Tablets do not own the identical processing power as a computer. Their capability as a computing device is restricted, despite the fact that enough for plenty human beings’s uses.

Tablets require studying approximately how the programs you frequently use can be supplanted with the resource of application equivalents.

Tablets are not perfect for heavy reading, common keyboard use, report and presentation creation or hardcore gamers.

Tablets are also now not realistic for reading e-books on, as they don’t use the identical e-ink shows that e-readers have. Tablets are first rate for studying for quick durations, however extended analyzing can cause eye pressure.

Tablet monitors have a tendency to be reflective, and are not ideal for analyzing in high-quality daylight or under certain varieties of synthetic mild.

Screens also can be susceptible to scratching or harm.



E-readers are high-quality if you typically want to examine e-books, due to their particular “e-ink” generation. Reading on an e-ink display is sort of equal to analyzing posted text. The presentations also aren’t again-lit, so won’t get quite a few eye pressure as you’ll while reading on a pill or computer, every of which uses backlit video display units.

Another benefit of e-ink presentations is they exceptional draw energy at the same time as a page is being updated. E-readers can therefore remain for weeks earlier than a battery price, in contrast to hours on a PC or tablet.

E-readers allow you to bring a set of hundreds of books round in a device that is smaller and lighter than the common paperback ebook. An e-reader normally weighs a good deal less than 0.Five lbs and is slightly smaller than a pill (five” – 6″ show display screen period isn’t always unusual).

Finally, e-readers are the proper price for coins. They commonly cost lots less than laptops and pills, and there are masses of choices to be had for $a hundred – $one hundred fifty.


Many e-readers are most effective available in monochrome presentations, which limits you to black and white.

Although e-ink shows are for analyzing capabilities, they’ve a slow refresh rate, which makes them flawed for looking video on.

Although some e-readers have net browsing competencies, the revel in is horrific at first-rate, given that they can’t play video and are regularly handiest to be had in black and white. E-readers with internet browsing abilties are commonly great acceptable for deciding on and downloading new books to take a look at, and sending the atypical e-mail even as your distinctive gadgets are not accessible.

E-reader video display units also can be at risk of scratching or harm.



Full capability and excellent versatility
Ideal for frequent net surfing, e-mailing, studies, file and presentation advent, audio/video playback, gaming or keyboard use
Back-lit LCD show
Full keyboard
Colour show
Battery life measured in hours
Requires a boot-up series
Not first-class for extended studying periods
Good sturdiness
Large display display screen (normally thirteen” – 15″)
Relatively heavy (generally 3 – 6 lbs)
Expensive (commonly amongst $500 – $1,000)

Generally a companion tool for excursion or amusement features
Ideal for casual web browsing, viewing photographs, audio/video playback and moderate gaming
Simple and clean to use
Back-lit LCD show
Touch show display screen
Colour show
Battery lifestyles measured in hours
Instant on/off capability
Not best for extended studying periods
Screen at risk of scratching
Relatively small show (usually eight” – 10″)
Lightweight (typically 1 – 1.Five lbs)
Moderately steeply-priced (normally among $2 hundred – $six hundred)

Primarily for studying e-books
Simple and clean to apply
E-ink generation show
Often monochrome- most effective show
Battery lifestyles measured in weeks
Ideal for reading for lengthy periods. No eye stress.
Inefficient for internet browsing. No video playback.
Screen vulnerable to scratching
Small screen (typically five” – 6″)
Very light-weight (normally zero.Five lbs or much less)
Inexpensive (commonly among $one hundred – $one hundred and fifty)

Choose a PC if you…

Are looking for a primary computer
Need a tool that calls for excessive basic overall performance (e.G., for work, college, facts get right of entry to, research, document or presentation introduction, photograph editing, layout or games)
Type masses (e.G., to compose e-mails or create files)
Frequently browse the internet
Read for quick periods at a time
Read cloth that uses hundreds of colour and/or photographs
Are not in a terrific rate variety and are glad to spend a fairly large amount on a tool with whole functionality
Choose a tablet if you…

Already have a pc or computer computer and need a secondary tool for journey or leisure purposes
Are at ease navigating the use of factor interplay
Are searching out a device it is very simple and smooth to apply
Have primary desires, such as casual internet browsing, checking electronic mail or posting to social networks
Want something truely for leisure (movies, TV, song, mild gaming, and lots of others.)
Read for short intervals at a time
Read fabric that uses a variety of colour and/or pics
Choose an e-reader in case you… E-Readers

Read books, magazines, and newspapers that do not have a number of graphical content
Read for prolonged durations of time
Battery efficiency is vital to you
Don’t browse the web very frequently or produce another approach of browsing
Don’t need to spend a large amount of money on a secondary tool

Can Windows Updates Crash Your PC?

What are the issues that might arise whilst you update your Windows PC?

A patch release on May 8 (also referred to as Patch Tuesday; the second one Tuesday of each month that Microsoft releases Windows updates) is a package deal of seven updates that accurate 23 troubles inside Windows 7, Vista, and XP on 32-bit and 64-bit chipsets. If the replacement does not install efficiently or activates you to record the problem, then it’s miles feasible that yours is one of the first computer systems to have reveled in a Windows replace blunders. Earlier updates were recognized to purpose issues on person systems, and the Service Pack 2 set up has stated massive troubles as the installation hangs at 67% and would no longer whole the updates. Crash

A smooth way to fight failed MS updates is by contacting a technical guide carrier to reinstall the necessary additives of the replace bundle. It is also possible that a third birthday party software installed in your laptop has control over Windows utilities that want to be modified. So why is essential to install those updates?

Microsoft releases update patches for regarded issues on Windows. These troubles may be protection flaws or bugs within the proprietary software program. Apple has lately released a fix for the Flashback malware that has inflamed almost 600,000 Macs inside the US and Canada. Updating the working device is the exceptional way of keeping your PC secured and working machine running typically.

How to prevent issues while updating Windows?

Backup all your facts, on an outside force if possible. Windows has inbuilt Backup and Recovery gear that allow you to do this and in addition set up a healing factor that you could use to repair all software documents inside the occasion of a crash or corrupt force. Restart your computer after the backup is complete. Do this every time you install a patch. You can exchange Update Settings in order that updates are downloaded however not hooked up at once. You can then restart your PC after putting in every character replace. This manner you’ll know which update is causing the difficulty.

Experts propose which you need to quickly disable your antivirus software whilst installing running system updates. This is because of your antivirus scans, and every now and then blocks, applications that try and trade device settings. This is a needless precaution whilst getting updates from a trusted supply along with Microsoft guide or a web tech support provider. With real-time safety grew to become off, you could update Windows unhindered. Windows

Make sure there’s space on permanent drives earlier than putting in updates. You need to have as a minimum one-fifth of the space on the C force, which is in which running system files are set up, free before an update. Also, run a defragmentation device and PC song up (name a virtual techie in case you need help with that) in order that programs carry out higher after set up. Online assist can even are available in handy when you want to get over a frozen update set up. This is a recognized difficulty on Windows PCs that do not have the SP1 running. You can then call tech guide to install updates the use of the Advanced Boot Options for your computer.


Web Tech – When Do I Upgrade WordPress?

There were many updates to WordPress in the previous few months, that may cause some confusion and result in questions about whilst (and how) to improve. The ultra-modern update, as of this writing, is the main leap, to a few.7.1. The predominant question people ask is, “Do I upgrade proper away?”WordPress

The pleasant practice is to attend per week or so before doing that. Often, at the preliminary release of a WordPress replace, there are unforeseen glitches. It is great to attend till those system defects had been ferreted out by way of others and incremental fixes implemented. With the latest version, there had been a few minor adjustments already, so it lately went from three.7 to a few.7.1. This is often a good sign that it has been tested and fixes located to any troubles that have been observed with the update.

Once you’ve waited every week or so and you do determine it is time to do the upgrade, there are numerous safety things to do first, simply in case. The essential one, of direction, is to do a complete backup. (A complete backup means backing up both the database and all of the documents. Many backup packages or plugins only do the database. Choose one to be able to additionally do the documents.) That manner, if the upgrade crashes your site, you could repair it to the preceding model together with your backup copy. Once the backup is performed, replace any plugins first, then your subject matter. You can do these updates for your WordPress admin vicinity underneath “Dashboard/Updates”.

Once you try this, test the website online to make sure these haven’t induced any troubles.Upgrade

Then, it’s eventually time to do the WordPress update. Once it has run, test around to peer if it broke any of your plugins, interferes together with your subject matter, and so on. If all is well, loosen up till the subsequent upgrade comes out. If there are minor issues, now and again disabling an offending plugin or will fix them. If now not, it is time to revert returned for your backup.

I’ve begun the rollout of the state-of-the-art version of WordPress on a couple of my take a look at sites and so far don’t see any troubles. Most of the adjustments are inside the historical past. The predominant alternative to this model is the automated historical past updater, which robotically updates WordPress for minor protection releases, which do not have a tendency to be very intrusive. (There are ways of turning off this option in case you don’t love it, but they contain editing your center files, which I in no way endorse.)

Industrial Property Buying Tips and Tools

Industrial property is the entry point for many property investors to the commercial property industry. As a property type, industrial property is relatively straightforward with little complexity. The property owner just needs to target and strategise the following issues when looking for a property to buy:


  • Stable tenants
  • Achievable rentals
  • Good property location
  • Industrial property precinct
  • Growth of the local community and business sector
  • Vibrant industrial community supplying services, products, and raw materials
  • Access to transport links, ports, airports, and railheads

So now let’s look at the industrial property needed today by tenants.

What do Industrial Tenants Need?

Traditional warehouses will include quality height, size, loading and unloading facilities, quality office space to support industrial operations, ample car parking for staff and customers, hardstand areas for operational flexibility, and high levels of security to protect the tenant’s goods and their operation.

Industrial tenants today are far more sophisticated and demanding when it comes to selecting a property to lease or buy. The investor should therefore select a property that has all the elements of property usage that tenants expect in the local market. Tenants know that the property will impact operational costs and eventually the bottom line of their business. Tenants will choose their property well as a consequence.

Taking the First Step to Investment in Industrial Property

Industrial warehouses are simple to construct and have a long economic life hence the investor sees it as an entry-level investment vehicle and popular. Providing they select a sound and strong tenant, and apply a good lease, the stable future of the property for investors is normally achievable.

There is very little management required on industrial property, and as direct result many private investors will manage industrial property themselves. Unfortunately this does have negative connotations, in that the first time investor sometimes has little awareness of the specialist terms and operational conditions that is supported by lease documentation on their property.

These first time investors can then overlook critical matters and make mistakes. To the experienced commercial property specialist and commercial real estate agent, it is easy to see these ‘first time’ landlord managed properties as you drive through a town or city. The errors of ownership are visually obvious. These errors can even reflect in the ultimate levels of rent and price on the property.

Invariably and importantly this self management problem will surface at final sale or rent review time when the investor has overlooked something or transacted it incorrectly. The buyers of property today will conduct a due diligence period and investigation of any property prior to settlement.

Those property owners that manage their own investments should only do so only when and if they completely understand the complexity of the task at hand. If the investors have only a basic understanding of property performance and function, then they should not self manage the property. The matter is plain and simple.

Critical property knowledge will involve key functional elements such as:

  • Types of rental
  • The lease clauses and provisions
  • Property maintenance strategies
  • Property operational costs
  • Contractor management
  • Vacancy resolution and strategy
  • Incentive use and strategy
  • Tenant negotiation skills

A good property solicitor is invaluable when it comes to Investment Property. The same should be said for a property experienced accountant. Even the most basic industrial property needs carefully prepared lease documentation and financial guidance. It is interesting to note that many first time property investors will sometimes choose cheaper lease documentation that is ‘generic’ and available off the shelf. Cheap is not a good option when it comes to documentation in investment property. You get what you pay for and so why would you take this risk?

Given that you are endeavouring to protect and stabilize cash flow, a few dollars saved on lease documentation preparation at the start of any occupancy can eventually lead to property instability or downfall, loss of tenant, higher property operational costs, and uncertainty when it comes to exercising the critical terms and conditions of the document of lease.

A good property solicitor will understand the occupancy needs of the particular property and reflect that into the document used by the landlord to protect occupancy and cash flow. The same solicitor can create a standard lease document and strategy that targets the landlord’s cash flow plans and investment targets. You will not get this advantage from ‘generic’ leases.

Industrial Properties Outgoings Advantage

Many Investors seek to purchase and to lease industrial property to major industrial businesses under long term net leases. In long term net leases, these larger tenants would normally control and pay the property outgoings direct.

The property outgoings in an industrial property are normally simple although there is an essential checking process needed here to see that the tenant is correctly paying the outgoings in a timely fashion. In many circumstances and in this market, we have seen some tenants avoid the payment of outgoings without the full awareness of the landlord. This then creates unnecessary fines and legal disputes for outstanding outgoings accounts. The landlord must not assume that the tenant has discharged or paid the outgoings; the landlord can later find that the matter is still outstanding and about to go to court for non-payment. Rates and taxes (statutory charges) are usually a charge on the land and will ultimately fall on the landlord for payment.

So whilst this process of tenant paying outgoings direct is convenient and simple for the landlord, such leases have little substantial increase in rental return which may not necessarily support the investor’s growth plans. Investors of this ‘basic’ nature typically hold a number of properties of this type over the long term to allow them to achieve portfolio growth.

With industrial property it pays to recognise that the property may be uniquely and specially suited to a particular tenant. This means that the vacancy threat in industrial property must be carefully monitored as any lease reaches the end of term. It is not unusual for industrial property to remain vacant for a lengthy period in the current market.

Mortgage Lenders and Industrial Property

find Property

Mortgage lenders for fully leased warehouses occupied on the long leases see them as being good collateral for loans. Long-term financing is typically available for industrial investors at competitive interest rates. The investors of industrial probably find it easy to refinance an expanding portfolio on the back of their established industrial and well leased property.

The secret to success in industrial property investment is to have:

  • Good leases
  • Good tenants
  • Good vacancy awareness and minimisation strategies
  • Sound recovery of property operational costs
  • Good maintenance controls
  • Good insurance strategies
  • Minimal exposure to risk from the property
  • Well established permitted use and compliances
  • Good income and expenditure budgets

Industrial property is the market segment that is normally suffering early in an economic downturn. That is due to the close integration between the industrial business community and the consumer. Fortunately, it is the industrial property market that responds quickly when the economy moves towards growth and stability. Landlords should respect this fact and monitor their way through the downtimes as they will always come and go.

Should Australians Still Invest Properties in the United States?

For several years now, people have been trying to call me to ask if it is still a good idea to invest in property in the United States? I have been buying properties in the United States for more than 20 years already.


Buying a real estate in the United States started in the late 80s, when I got myself involved in the loan debacle and savings. This was when the banking system in the southern states was failing and we even had to make transactions of the property buying and selling without any banking system, since there were virtually no banks around.

Now it’s as if there are bank crisis every 20 years in America. Prices significantly dropped, sometimes 95 cents on the dollar, when I was buying properties. We can even buy properties 5 cents on the dollar! There were even home units that we could buy for as low as $600 and a couple of thousand dollars per house.

The fact that the Americans are currently going through a major bank crisis, a lot of Australians are apprehensive to take advantage of the US market. Perhaps you don’t have to worry about this issue if you are not going to live in the United States.

In the late 80s, I did spend a lot of time with some Australians who were trying to save what’s left from their capital, the capital that they have invested in the U.S. And after 20 years, I’m doing it again – helping Australians who lost a lot of money, to get out of the United States and will still be able to keep the remaining capital that they have invested.

The American and Australian Culture Differences

Why do you think this happened? Why do some Australians invest in the United States and end up being disappointed? Even if we read about 15% returns – 25% returns. I will examine that fact for you in a little while. But before that, I’d like to go back to analyzing the differences between the way Australians do business from the way the Americans do business. Most of this is outlined in the book, written in the 1970’s called, “American and Australian Cultural Differences”.

In the book that Donald Trump wrote, “The Art of the Deal”, he simply mentioned there is no such thing as a win-win in business. It has always been ‘I win and you lose’. Here’s the first major difference, in Australia, people come first, then the money comes second. While in the United States, it is the other way around, big business and the big bucks comes first before the people. This doesn’t mean that Americans are bad and we are good, we simply have a different culture. Also, our governing laws lean that way.

Our Australian culture and mentality is reflected in our legal system, a system that is shared with both legal and equitable law. Once a judge sees a contract that he doesn’t like, he can overturn the contract since under the equitable law, which means fair play law. Unfortunately, this is not how it works in the American playing field. The real deal is always on the piece of paper.

On the lighter side of playing in the US market is, we both can sit down and talk work out a contract. I can even trade a portion of a property in the US for only $7. As long as we both sign a one page General Warranty Deed or Warranty Deed, that property is bought for $7. And it costs that much because that is what cost me to record this at the local court house and make the purchase. That is the deal whether we had a creative lease option or an installment contract. Unfortunately, if you get into some bad terms, you have no government body to come in and looks after you. The deal is, the dollar comes first.

So, if ever you are in a country where the real estate has an “I win and you lose” kind of rule, be careful. They do have different set of rules.

Here are some interesting stories of what actually happened over the years. Perhaps by the end of this article, some people can instill in their heads that the US may not be the best place to invest, unless, you already live there.

US Property Management
A lot of Australians assume that the US Property Management is handled the same way as it is in Australia. Here, when you buy or sell a piece of real estate, it is managed by the real estate agent. In the US, the people who sold the property to you have nothing to do with the management. Here, it is difficult to find someone who shares the same moral code as in Australia. And if ever you find one, it is expensive, and it can drain you financially.

Here’s an example. Strangely, the American management companies can never bring your money to you in Australia. They seem to have a poor mail service since they lose a lot of cheques. What they do know is, your cheque sinks because Australia could be Atlantis. Bottom line is, it is about taking your money and not let you make a profit.

If you choose to go for a good management company, a light bulb may only cost 25 cents, but if you get it installed, it may cost you $88. This is because good management company in the US, only use licensed people, and licensed people are expensive. Since everybody is afraid of being sued in the US, the property manager doesn’t use anybody who doesn’t have a license, whether it is a plumbing license, or electrical license.

Although a light bulb in the US may last for 15 months, and it is indeed cheap to buy. However, since I have been an absent landlord, I have been charged several $88 to have my light bulb put in the house. And sadly, no Americans can change their own light bulbs.

In Australia, we do a lot of stuff using our hands. Americans have been used to being gifted to for so long that they do nothing. When I rent my properties

I noticed that my rented property in the US becomes un-rentable when:
• the carpet is more than 2 years old, and
• your property has been painted less than a year ago.

In Australia, even if my place has a 10, 20 or even 30 year old carpet, I can still have it rented, even if it hasn’t been painted in the last 5 years. This is the reason why vacancy in the US is much higher than in Australia.

How does this affect the management? We now know that a rented unit, apartment or a house in the US can’t be rented out unless it is in perfect condition, practically a new condition. This fact costs money. My apartment buildings in Dallas, Texas used to be vacant. I also had a building very close to SMU campus and the students had to move out at midnight. So, I had a crew go in to re-carpet and repaint. The next morning, I had new people coming in, at around 10 a.m. This is clearly an expense that you have, as a landlord.

You also have management companies who make sure that they take money out of your pocket. Being constantly charged for various systems like, hot water, heating, and air conditioning which was never in your property.

The Systems That Drains Your Pocket
How about air conditioning? Most (if not all) of the properties in the US have air-conditioning. And air-conditioning is simply expensive. It would be great if the US tenants clean the filters. Unfortunately, they don’t. If that happens, your air conditioning systems get burn out. It would take another $300-$400 to have your air conditioning coils cleaned and have new compressors put in. This obviously drives you nuts!
Another situation is the ice maker. American houses have an ice maker and every time you replace it, it costs $130 plus another $150 for the service call. That’s almost $300. Ice makers will last for 24 months.

If you have 2 to 3 tenants who constantly change the temperature of the air conditioned properties, this can fry your air conditioning unit. You adjust the air conditioning system since you have tenants and unfortunately, they don’t respect your equipment. You will end up spending a fortune just for your air conditioning and heating systems. What may be standard in the US is not the standard in Australia.

The management normally gets 10% of the gross income. A lot of American management companies get their kickbacks from the service tradesmen who are constantly sent out to the properties. Obviously, the landlord is not the priority of the US property management company, the tenants are. Whatever these tenants want, they get. No matter how careless these tenants are when using your equipments, no matter how constantly they burn up your cash flow or profits. These are just some of the things that never happens in Australia. Here in Australia, we serve people to live in is bottom of the range, Americans can’t be served this way.

Most Americans don’t pay their rent. Those tenants who do pay rents in the US have a lower percentage compared to the Australians who do pay their rent. They even have a book that’s called “500 Ways to Rip Off Your Landlord and Never Pay Rent”. This book costs $19.95. You are simply in the area of big business, I make money and you don’t. A lot of these Americans don’t pay their rent. That’s how the business is – Americans do not pay their rent!

A lot of Australians ran into these US properties with cash intending to refinance later and only to get their cash returned by creating more debt. The properties were cheap when bought because you can’t get financed. You will need to put all your cash in there and eventually bring out your cash out.

If ever the management has left you any money, they will get it back from you by charging you all sorts of jobs that were never even done, like a house that has never been painted. That’s how landlords are eaten alive.

Also, here’s something worth knowing, the American roof only lasts for 12 years. Ever wonder why the suburbs blow over in the storm? That’s because American houses do not have any steel nor cement in them, which are important. American houses are made of wood and bricks on the outside. The bricks aren’t even thick enough to hold up the house. They are only slate style brick which is an inch wide. Unlike Australian household brick, around 3-4 inches wide. This can actually hold up the house.

For the American houses, the wood behind the brick face holds up the house. So the brick is just a fascia plate. What happens when a big hurricane comes? It wipes out the entire suburbs of this American house, simply because there are no bricks and no cement.

What about the bathrooms? Here’s a revelation. They do not have any water nor sink hole for the water to go all the way down. The American bathroom floors are just made of plywood, standard of five ply. I change the bathroom floors every 4 years since it only costs $ 300 – $400…if you do it yourself. Yes, it is necessary to change the bathroom floors every four years, in case you didn’t know. As mentioned earlier, the American bathrooms do not have any drainage hole. So the water sits on the floor which is often carpeted. Eventually, it rots, that’s why it is a must to change your bathroom floors every four years.

Another thing you should know is that American sewer pipes are 2 inches, not 4 inches. Expect to be fixing blocked toilets every so often. In order to have it fixed, you would need to call the Rotor Router guy and pay $90. It is the standard way of fixing blocked toilets.

Your tenants will be blacks, whites or Hispanics. A lot of Australians do not realize that when they buy a cheap property, they do not understand where they are buying these properties. What kind of neighborhood it has and such. The Hispanics are great. They actually pay their rent even before they feed their children. But did you know that there is this expression called, ‘they’re hard on the machinery’, the Hispanics are really hard on a property. Perfect example is, they use lard when cooking. Lard is fat. They pour this lard down your sink, which causes the sink to get clogged. Which means, that you will need to call a Rotor Router guy every three to four months. Or perhaps, your managing agent will be the one to do this work for you. Making you spend more because they had to unplug all your pipes.

I knew this one gentlemen who lived in the Sydney suburb of Roseville. He bought 52 cheap units. What he didn’t understand was that it was 52 units of Hispanic residents. This man ended up financially crippled because of the operating expenses of the Hispanics.

The Hispanics, like to sit in the back of their pick up trucks and shoot their guns on a Friday or Saturday night, which is fine. They like to drink a lot, and in many of the States, there is no drunk driving laws. So I would often dig a pick up truck out of my swimming pool full of these drunk Hispanics who drove their pick up through my fence and straight into the swimming pool. What makes it harder is, majority of these Hispanics don’t speak English at all. And it is expensive to get tow trucks at 3 in the morning.

The sad thing is, when Australians buy a property in America, they think that it has the same system and set of standards as it is in Australia. You have to remember that America is a totally different market. They think, do and act things differently. The carpets do not last long, the paint does not last long either.
Although it is cheap to paint and you only need to spray the paint using spray gun. Nobody uses brush anymore because spray gun is a lot easier to use and you need to repaint after 2 years.

Currently, I am assisting a lady who has a property in New York. Her agent put the property for $1.3 million on the market. Even to this day, I do not think that her property is worth anywhere more than $900,000 in the present market condition of the US. This agent has produced a back pocket buyer who don’t really exist. He would actually report someone trying to buy the property, and then not buying the property. There would be reports that this house does not have tenants when in fact there has been tenants in there for 9 months already. The agent collects the money and puts it in their back pockets telling the owner, “I’m sorry, we can’t get any tenants”.

When you do find out that you actually have tenants in your properties, your management people will keep telling you there isn’t and they’ll just draw off the money and you’ll keep paying the cost.

The main idea here, intentionally or unintentionally, is to make you financially bleed. Until such time that you decide to sell the property back. Surprisingly the management company has a back seat buyer who will take pennies on the dollar. I have witnessed this incident so many times.

What about your lawns? What happens if they don’t get mowed? Your the management company does not take care of this. They do not organize anybody to mow lawns since the city is going to come in and mow the lawns for you. Simply because they have city codes and ordinances that you need to make your house look clean and tidy. If you do not make your house look clean, the city will come in and make it look clean and tidy, then you get charged for $400 for having them do that for you.

You are not allowed to park your car on the street, that’s the rule for most parts of America, because if you do, you will be charged any towing costs. And you now have a lien to the city. If you are in Australia, you may not find out about this because the notice is probably sent to your American mailbox or even to your American property manager, which is the usual case. Your American property manager does not pay it. He goes out of business or simply destroys it. Since you don’t know what’s going on, the city sells your property from under you. The city wants its money back for its $400 lien, and will take your property to foreclosure and even sell you out.

This is what you hear or watch on late night television, the city tax lien sales. This is where the city owed money on properties. Next thing you know, they will just sell your property up and you will just find out that they either sold your property or they have condemned it.

Your property has a burst pipe flooding problem which is why the city will condemn it. We had the same issue in Dallas, Texas. That is a hot State and it simply means that you will have to constantly run those taps. So during the winter, if I don’t get all my piping blown out, there’s a huge risk that my pipes will burst during the winter months. Then I have major flood damage. Another term used for having the pipes blown out is winterizing. This leaves me two options, to have it winterized and cost me, or make sure that my taps are dripping and make sure that the house is above 68 degrees- which will also cost me on air conditioning and heating system running 24/7.

Oftentimes, you get it wrong. Your pipes will burst while you are not around to fix and sort things out. So the city comes by, and condemns your property. They will condemn it by putting a huge tape across the front door. Worse is, the homeless people will move in and will destroy whatever’s left of it. They can even sue the city if they hurt themselves in a city condemned property which may lead to having to remove your house from the lot. They will leave you with what is called a PAD. This has happened a lot in the United States in the early 90’s. You will have nothing there but a cement pad. If you look at the bright side, the cement pad is clean and smooth for you to rebuild another house.

These are just some of the things we don’t do in Australia. Many Australians get lost and confused by this. They sell their properties for $19,000 without understanding that they have black tenants who sometimes do guns and drugs and don’t pay the rent. So, if I was an American and I wanted to sell you some properties in Australia, I will put phantom tenants in the properties, create a bunch of leases that will show how much they’re supposed to pay and for 2 or 3 months. I will also make sure that the money goes through the books to encourage some Aussie sucker to buy properties.

Aussies come in and their tenants don’t pay rent. All of these guys carry guns, unless you want to start learning how to use a.44 hand gun in order to collect rent, then you’ve to start getting these guys, who are doing drugs, out of your house. American properties can be bought for as low as $8,000 simply because nobody goes there. This neighborhood is the gang areas, the drug houses and the house of prostitutes. Australians are not used to this. There are a number of gun carrying States in America. People either strung out on drugs or get shot and these are the cheap properties that Aussies start buying.

The issue here is not because the Aussies are buying cheap properties. The point is, they do not understand why it is cheap. They need to know that the Americans won’t touch it for many reasons.
Most of the US mortgage companies do not lend money less than $50,000 and because of this, you cannot get your cash out. So even if there’s a buyer for your $40,000 or $45,000 property, an American cannot get this because of the loan size. Although it used to be $35,000, now they’ve increased it to $50,000-which is the minimum loan size.

If that’s the case, most of these Hispanics, blacks and the people who live in this neighborhood cannot buy it since they do not have the 50 grand to spend for this property. They cannot borrow it because the loans don’t exist. Only thing left for them to do is to cash out.


The investor will cash out the money, not the black person, nor the Hispanic person. This investor will take you out at $20,000 initially. Then he will walk in and string you out. He will do this because he’s the only one with the cash and you will find out that you are going to get about $20,000.

Whenever people talk about these gross yields in America, what they say is, this property is gross yielding 26%. But it is important to remember that is before an amount of your money is taken out from repairs, maintenance, vacancy and other unforeseen expenses. My property, where I used to live, is 17.4 % of every dollar in up keep. It is indeed cheap to get parts for US houses. If you are in the US doing everything yourself, it would have been great. But if you actually live abroad, and you have properties in the US, that’s when it’s a killer. What will drain you financially is the cost labor of having someone to do the job while you are not around.

Another burden foreign landlords need to keep in mind is the airfares, of flying back and forth to the US, not to mention the overseas phone calls and the time difference, when you have to get up at 5:00 am in Australia just to speak to somebody in the management office. Unfortunately, you don’t get to speak to anyone, because everybody has voice mail. The fact that you cannot speak to a live person drives you nuts. You will also notice that your cheques won’t arrive. That American banks won’t wire money to Australian banks unless you have filled out different legal documents.

You have a whole bunch of extra paperwork from the new Patriots Act that Bush brought in. This whole stack of paperwork will stress you out to the point that you would simply want to pull your money out of the US back to Australia.

Up to now, I do not know any Australian who made a profit from buying and holding a property in the US. But people still call me, people who bought properties in the US looking forward to getting a big profit. Fact is, that day may or may never come.

Here is another story for you. I bought a 22 home units property from the US government and I owned it for 2 years. Well, it took me 2 years to fix things in order to buy it from the government. My cash flow should have been $11,000 after all my expenses. I have hanged on for 2 years and I never got a check above $1,500. Like their system, it goes, and disappears.

You need to understand their structures, the LLCs, S Corps, companies, everything. You will need to do all these tax treaties and corporations with the US government. An average Aussie accountant will not be able to do your taxes any more. You’ll end up going to Coopers and Lybrand, the biggest companies in Australia to do your taxations, and because they understand the structure in the US. The LLCs, S Corps, C Corps, all these things that you have set up in the US.

For Starters, these guys will charge $300 per hour. Here, you will discover that your tax bill will come from $1,000 up to $15,000 a year just to acquire an Australian and US tax return done. That would surely kill you. This is what you call, the on cost of doing business.

However, if you do live in the United States, you will absolutely profit from it. You will earn a lot from buying and trading properties in the US, simply because Americans forget about equity. For them, real estate is not an investment vehicle but a consumer item, that as soon as they are finished with it, they can leave and move on. If you are in the US, you’ll witness this yourself. The Americans will know that Aussies have not left for Atlantis to live there, they will realize that you can show up the next day with a double barrel shotgun, demanding to get back your money, so you can make profits – BUT, that is only if you are physically there.

We can take advantage of a lot of situations when we are there in the US. I made a lot of money when I was buying, selling, trading properties. But we have to understand how real estate trading works in the US.
My objective of writing about this today is to recognize two essential things. We may speak the same language as the American, but our philosophy about business is totally different-which is, ‘they win and I lose’. Majority of Australians who invested in properties in the US do not go through this without legal battles.

In the US, people sue each other. This isn’t about just winning, it’s about making the other guy bleed and dry. Whoever gives up first will comply to what the opposite party wants. This is the painful reality of real estate business in the US. I’ve seen a lot of Australians go into that industry in the US market, and will eventually come back broke, drained and stressed. They do not get anything near their returns at all. And yes, your cheques will mysteriously get lost in the mail.

My ultimate message is, spare yourself from this painful experience. If you want to earn money, you can earn it here, in your own backyard, without having to buy any airline ticket, dealing with US corporations, learning and understanding a different country’s system and way of doing business-the hard way. Yes, we do speak the same language as them, but they do not do business the way we do. It may sound appealing and sexy to say that I’m off to see my house in Florida, but there are more negatives than positives in this experience. Find the same opportunities here in Australia.

22 Great Tips For Commercial Property Investment

When considering a commercial property investment it is wise to set some standard rules for the review so that you can compare opportunities that the various properties bring you.

Investment properties typically exist in the retail, office, and industrial property markets. We will not go into the other property types of tourism and leisure here in this article as they themselves take more comment and lengthy review.


Here is a useful list to consider with investment property.

Some Key Property Concerns

  • Rent: The levels of the existing rent are important to the investor or landlord but more important are the levels of rent in the future. It is a matter of what rent escalation the lease allows for and in what time frame. A good lease with a good rent review profile in a sound and well managed property will always attract property investors.
  • Outgoings: These are the property running costs. Importantly they should be in balance and in comparison to other properties of similar types in the same region. If the outgoings are out of balance to similar properties then you need to know why as any astute property buyer will ask about the outgoings. They know what are the averages of outgoings in the area and will not want to pay above the average unless there is a solid and sound reason to do so.
  • Supply and Demand: How much other property is coming into the market in the next few years? Will that property affect the property that you are looking at? Could this impact on the tenant profile or interest in your property? This equation or consideration is called supply and demand. It will impact on buyer and tenant interest in the region in which your property is located.
  • Location: Does the property give good exposure to passing traffic or customers and does it have good access for people and motor vehicles? Add to this the consideration and availability of car parking.
  • Design: Is the property user friendly and attractive? A good property investment usually looks good and is well maintained. This is to maintain interest in the property from the tenant and the customer perspective. If these people feel good about the property when they visit it or use it, then you are well on the way to good property performance. As part of this process you can conduct interviews with people as they use the property to see and identify any latent concerns. In the case of retail property this is highly recommended as retail property is strongly geared to the sentiment of customers.
  • Amenities: Are you providing everything that a modern business, tenant, or customer needs? Amenities are many things and it really depends on what the property is doing or serving. Most people that use the property expect ease of use and access to the amenities including toilets, car parks, common areas, etc. Retail property has a higher level of consideration in this category.
  • Services: Are your property services modern and performing well? This would include water, gas, roads, electricity, lighting, telephones etc.
  • Parking: Are customers and tenants well served with respect to the parking of vehicles? Ease of access to the property is critical and at a premium today. Motor vehicles are part of business and life for all people. If parking is not well catered for on the property then the interaction of the property with public transport is critical.
  • Tenant Covenants: This relates strongly to the leases and documents of occupation on the property. The word covenant relates to the clauses or lease terms. Every lease can be different so it pays to read all occupancy papers or leases. Are the leases and tenant profiles strong and attractive to future occupancy?
  • Tenancy Mix: Perhaps this is more critical in a retail property however it can have impact in an office property. Some landlords must be very careful as to the tenants that they select for a building. It is quite possible that a low profile and poorly selected tenant will detract from the customers that visit the building. Other tenants will also then become concerned and potentially have little interest in ongoing occupancy. This then says that not all tenants are good tenants for the property. Add to this another question of proximity and placement of tenants to each other. Are the tenancies well balanced to satisfy the customer demands? Can tenants that are located near to each other affect each others business through impact of customers, product, service, hours of trade, or staff?
  • Management: The strength and processes of a property management team will make or break a property. The property management processes will impact on so many things including rent, operating costs, tenant sentiment, and lease stability. For this reason ask the tenants about the property management experiences that they have seen over recent time. Any negative comments should be explored for hidden problems.
  • Lease Agreements: Are they landlord favorable and do they provide long term attractive and stable occupancy? What is the length of tenure or terms of all the leases and do they expire at the same time? Does this present an issue to the landlord as to property stability and exposure?
  • Transport Routes: All modes of transport to the property should be looked at. Make your assessment as to whether they are convenient and modern. Do they serve the tenants and the customers to the property and how is that done?
  • Source raw materials: In the case of industrial property the access to raw materials can be an issue for the tenant. What raw materials are needed by the business or tenant and can they get to them easily?
  • Power Supply: Industrial property will usually need a serious amount of power for machinery on the property. Access to that power is a decision factor for the tenant that occupies the premises. Ask the local power authority if 3 phase or high tension power is nearby or available.
  • Labor Availability: Business tenants need a labor source as part of their operation. This labor supply needs to be stable and convenient. This is why businesses are located near to transport corridors on the radial road points to a city or town. Is the labor market nearby and active? Can that labor supply reach the property easily? Public transport will enhance this situation.
  • Goods end market: If your tenant is to manufacture anything, they will need to move it to their customers. How close is the product buying market for that tenant and how will they get to it? Is the market for the tenants goods or services growing and strong?
  • Rent and Vacancies: These are always a concern in investment property and need monitoring. Shifts in population and zoning regulations regards property can quickly shift the attractiveness to occupy a property.
  • Pre-lease market: These are the newer properties that are coming on the market soon. They are usually keenly priced or rented and will impact on other existing property in the area. The property investor or developer in the newer property has one goal only and that is to fully lease the finished property as quickly as possible. Expect them to chase the tenants in your building.
  • Owner Occupiers: Investment property moves in cycles between renting and ownership. Many businesses will do either depending on what is morePropertyattractive to them in the economic conditions prevailing.
  • Investors demand: The balance between the property market and the share market is interesting to monitor. Investors move into property when they need longer term investment stability. If the share market is volatile and unpredictable, then property investment moves to the front of the line and becomes the investment of choice. The only problem investors can have is in getting the finance from the banks when they need it. This movement between investment types says that you should monitor levels of return that are possible between shares and property.
  • Corporate Businesses: Major businesses like to off-load capital from balance sheets. This means a potential sale and lease back of property from time to time. This is also usually done when the property is in the last stages of use or need for the tenant. They may sell the property and take a lease for a term of years whilst they create the next level of property strategy. Always look for tenants and businesses that are in the stages of change or flux. Mergers, acquisitions, expansions, contractions, etc. all create pressures on the property that the tenant may occupy.