How to Self Publish Your Children’s Book As an App for iPad

Aside from having an Try Updates  awesome tale and an awesome iPad children’s book app developer, you’ll need a few interactive factors for you to self-submit and get your kid’s ebook authorized as an app. If now not, you’ll be advised to publish your book as an iBook. Besides, the iPad can accomplish that an awful lot more on your children’s e-book than just undeniable text and images. With that in mind, there are some key factors that you will need to paintings on a good way to provide your iPad kid’s ebook developer a clearer concept of ways you want your iPad children’s book app to appear and feature.

The steps outlined beneath will provide a strong foundation so that you can work with an iPad children’s e-book app developer to finish your app. You need to be able to do pretty a piece of the work in your personal the use of a graphics application including PhotoShop, PhotoPaint, etc., a textual content record editor together with Wordpad or MS Word, and a spreadsheet application inclusive of MS Excel.

For every file you create in your iPad children’s e-book app, it’s vital initially, and stick with, a great report naming shape. For instance, in case your app is called “MyApp”, and you have an image of a rabbit on page 3, then you may need to call that file something like “MyApp_rabbit_1_page3_xxyyzz.Png”, in which xx YYZ Z is month/day/12 months. This turns into even greater importance when you have many snapshots or many revisions of images to work with. Otherwise, it is very difficult for all people worried to make certain they are running with the proper picture. Children's Book

1) Create a text document containing the textual content of your story, damaged down into sections for every person page of your app. This can also a good vicinity to feature notes for each web page to assist your iPad children’s e-book developer all through improvement. You can pick out to add your notes to this text record, or a higher technique is to create a separate Excel spreadsheet that info every web page for your iPad children’s e-book app.

2) Create a tough storyboard for each web page for your iPad children’s e-book app. These pages might consist of the startup splash screen, title page, index page, help page, story pages, and so on. Each page needs to be a tough pencil cartoon of the background artwork, characters, gadgets, and text. The reason is to get a rough idea of how the entirety is going to in shape on the page, and how the pages will glide collectively. The heritage pix should be 1024×768 pixels in length, PNG format, enough to fill the iPad screen.

Three) Once you have your first storyboard pages completed, pick out elements, characters, etc. That you’d want to be interactive or animated. These items will need to be drawn as separate snap shots later with a purpose to animate them. For example, you can need as a way to contact a ball and feature it jump across the display. To try this, the ball needs to be drawn as a separate image with an obvious heritage so your iPad kid’s e-book app developer can animate the ball. The common report layout for those photographs are PNG, and the size must commonly be the scale which you want at the iPad display screen ( relative to the 1024×768 historical past picture ). Sometimes you may need objects created on a larger scale, if you as an instance need with the intention to make the object larger whilst touching it, etc. Having your iPad children’s e-book app developer working with you at this degree is ideal, as they let you discover the first-class ways to animate and interact with your iPad children’s e-book app.


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Four) Once you’ve worked out all of the items you would like to have interaction with or animate, now it’s time to complete the color historical past snap shots for each web page in your iPad kid’s e-book app. This will even assist you to pick out the color and location of text, characters, and different factors that you will use to your iPad kid’s e-book app.

5) Now that your historical past pics are geared up, it’s time to work on the characters and other objects to your iPad kid’s book app. These items are positioned on the iPad screen in layers. So think about your heritage picture as layer 1, after which your other gadgets are brought in layers on the pinnacle of that layer. For instance, for a character to sit down on a chair and have each lively, the chair and man or woman would want to be separate photographs. The background image is positioned on layer 1, the chair on layer 2, and the person on layer 3. That manner the person is in the foreground, and the chair is at the back of it. You can use as many layers as you need.

6) Now which you have color background photographs, text, characters, and gadgets created, it’s time to place this all collectively into a new set of storyboard pages similar to the ones in step 2.

7) Once your color storyboards are equipped, it’s time to begin considering sounds. You might also need historical past music, narration, and sound effects for positive objects to your iPad kid’s ebook app. Audio documents can boom the scale of your app drastically, so it is quality to maintain sound outcomes to a few seconds or much less, and hold background music to short loops to save space. The regular file layout in your audio documents would be both mp3, cafe, or was.

Eight) Now it’s time to start running at the icons on your iPad children’s e-book app. It’s important to think of your icons as one of the first things humans see approximately your app. It’s the first influence, and also tells people something approximately your app. It’s also crucial to think about how your icon will appear in the specific sizes required. For instance, your primary icon as visible on iTunes is 512×512 pixels, and the icon visible at the iPad primary display screen is 114×114 pixels. These 2 icons need to be the equal photograph, however special scales. There are different sizes required, but these are number one icon sizes which you must remember in this first bypass. Typically you handiest want to give your iPad kid’s book app developer the 512×512 pixel icon image and they will create all of the different icons from that image.

9) Now that most of the muse details in your iPad kid’s e-book app are ready, it is time to sign up as an Apple iOS developer. To try this, go to the Apple developer website ( http://developer.Apple.Com/applications/ios/ ) and join up as an iOS Developer. The contemporary fee is $99 according to 12 months, and that fee is for as many apps as you want to self-publish. Once you’ve finished the join up method, contracts, and banking data, you will be geared up to check in your first app for submission. Even although your app might not be prepared for submission, you can nonetheless check in the call for your app which can hold the name for you for ninety days.

To put together your iPad kid’s e-book app for submission, you’ll also want to write a description on your app for iTunes, and use the 512×512 icon and a number of the coloration storyboard pix as brief screenshots. It’s also a great concept to have a primary internet site setup to promote your kid’s ebook app for iPad, as well as an aid email cope with where customers can reach support.

For what I name level 1 of app discovery, on your app description, attention on the first 3 sentences as regarded on an iPad, and primary 2 sentences as viewed on iTunes via a PC. These each exercise session to be the primary 214 characters and are the textual content that human beings see earlier than they click on something

Also assume carefully approximately your app description keywords. These are brought in a separate line whilst you put together to submit your app and are used for App Store SEO to drive clients to see your app within the App Store. An excellent take a look at is to use an iPhone and iPad device and look for your keywords in iTunes and notice what apps arise.

10) Once you have completed all of the steps above, if you haven’t already, it is time to usher in your iPad children’s ebook app developer to study and paintings on assisting you to construct and manual you thru the relaxation of the technique of a way to self-post your children’s e-book app for iPad.

Hope this allows!

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