Hilarious Rookie Plumbing Mistakes

6 months ago Vickie Saunders 0

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. After all, who hasn’t accidentally left the phone in the fridge after grabbing a snack, or forgotten to put the sugar in a cake? But when rookie plumbers make mistakes, the results can be pretty hilarious. That’s what happens when you work with water.

Wrenching Errors

Plumbing is detail-oriented work, and sometimes those little details get skipped. Wrenches are used a lot in plumbing to adjust and remove pipes and fixtures. That’s why it’s pretty easy to reach for a wrench and use it to tighten a chrome fixture. And just like that, a rookie mistake has happened. Putting a wrench directly on chrome will scratch and damage the chrome, which means now the faucet has to be completely replaced. That’s one way to fix a leaky faucet! Experienced plumbers know to use a strap wrench on chrome, or in a pinch to wrap a towel around the fixture before applying the wrench.

Wrenches can be behind another rookie mistake: warped pipes. Old pipes can actually be deformed and damaged by the wrench. To prevent this, plumbers keep the pipe from making contact with the back of the wrench. And when they don’t, they may end up with oddly twisted pipes that look like they’ve been melted.

From the Floor Up

Pipes and other plumbing fittings may need to be secured to the floor or the ceiling, depending on the space. This happens with radiant heating floor plates, for example. But when those fittings are attached, a rookie might not check the length of their nails or screws. And when that happens, it becomes a pretty hilarious mistake — because the nail or screw ends up poking right up through the floor above!

Silly Errors

It’s easy to get so focused on working that the little things get forgotten — like a set of keys, for instance. When a rookie plumber isn’t thinking about the items in their pockets or on their belt, things happen. Because plumbing pipes are in a strange location, plumbers may have to squat, kneel or bend, and that may mean leaning over or brushing against an appliance or wall in the house. A sharp set of keys, a plumber not paying attention and a stainless steel appliance are a recipe for painfully hilarious disaster when the keys cause scratches and damage.

Another easy rookie mistake to make is forgetting about plumber’s tape. Pros know that this an essential plumbing accessory, but plumbing rookies may forget to apply this to pipes and fixtures at the joints of pipes. Plumber’s tape creates a necessary waterproof seal that prevents leaks. And when it’s forgotten, rookies find out pretty quickly. As soon as they test their work and turn on the water, they get sprayed all over!

The Wrong Pipe for the Job

Pipes are made in all kinds of different materials, and they don’t all go together. Galvanized steel and copper can’t come into direct contact with each other, because together they will corrode more quickly. Connecting one type of pipe to another can be tricky, and often requires special fittings and tools. Without these extra steps, pipes become leaky messes.

Rookie Plumbing Mistakes

Fast plumbers aren’t necessarily the best plumbers. Going too fast with plumbing can lead to a lot of rookie mistakes that can cause hilarious and expensive accidents. In a detail-oriented job like plumbing, being speedy isn’t always an asset. The plumbers who can stick to the details and still get jobs done fast use professionalism and knowledge to avoid rookie mistakes.