Heavenly Himachal – A Self Drive Escapade from Delhi

One needs a break from the constant buzz of the city at times. Luckily, Delhi is blessed with great roads and superb destinations just a few hours away. Himachal Pradesh is one of the eternal favourites for a trip, and for all the right reasons. With pleasant winding routes and attractions scattered across the state, it is best to hire a car and have an enjoyable, uncompromised road trip. Here are some of the top Himachal destinations that will certainly soothe the weary urban soul.

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Mashobra is a destination that tends to slip under the radar at times. Pretty close to Shimla, this quaint little town is 360 kms from the capital and is famous for its colonial architecture, most prominent amongst them is the presidential retreat. There are many nice picnic spots around the town and many come here for nature walks and treks.


It was the summer capital during the British Raj and Shimla today still features the majestic remnants of its old administrative significance. One can come here for the majestic views that greet people in the forested hills surrounding the city. Many come here to escape the heat of the plains and Shimla’s evening market scenes are abuzz with activity. The capital of Himachal is home to many old churches and buildings, some currently used as administrative complexes or educational institutions. The colonial architecture is inspired by Tudor and Victorian elements – tall European spires and looming structures that dot the alpine landscape.


Those who are looking for some seclusion and undisturbed nature can drive off to the breathtaking Sangla Valley. Close to the border with Tibet, Sangla is surrounded by thick evergreen forests and snow-capped peaks. Apple orchards here provide a quintessential Himachali backdrop and there are many trekking trails that leave the main town. Sangla also showcases the distinctive culture of Kinnaur. The Sangla Buddhist temple and the Badrinathji Temple are some of the spiritual sites that attract pilgrims from around the region.


Kasol has fascinated travellers for generations. A town that unleashes the inner-romantic in even the hardiest of travellers, Kasol is considered one of the most picturesque places in the Indian Himalayas. Adventurers can follow the Parvati River and enjoy some nature trails. A trip to Malana is always recommended.

Driving up the Himalayan hills from Delhi provides a captivating change of scenery as the flat horizon-less plains slowly give way to more verdant undulations. As one nears the destination, the route is all about with serpentine mountain roads accompanied by gushing rivers below. Chandigarh is a popular stop before entering Himachal Pradesh for those who want to take a break in the journey, a city that has its own share of attractions.

It is really easy to hire cars in Delhi with app-based platforms like Zoomcar. Booking is done in a matter of minutes and there is a wide choice of vehicles – from smart hatchbacks to rugged SUVs for that group trip to the mountains. 24/7 on-road support adds a security layer to this experience. When the road beckons, the best way to enjoy the journey is on one’s own terms in complete privacy. This is a reason why many informed travellers choose to sit behind the wheel and enjoy the hills of Himachal.


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