Essential Opportunities for the Perfect Roofing

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The main enemy of building materials is moisture – it destroys concrete, causes decay of wood, destroys decorative finish, etc. That is why the safety of load-bearing structures and buildings as a whole depends on the quality and reliability of the roofing system. It may seem strange, but the roofing system itself needs to be protected from moisture throughout its life.

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It should be clarified – not all the roofing system needs protection, but only some of its elements. The methods of protection and the frequency of preventive measures depend on the physical properties and design features of a particular element of the roofing system. When it comes to the best roofing services then surely you will be having the best results now.

Composition of roofing system

Roof system consists of the following functional elements:

  1. The rafter system determines the geometric shape of the roof and is the main bearing structure. In most cases, the rafter system is made of timber, less often – from metal structures . Elements of the rafter system need protection from moisture.
  2. The lining serves as the basis for the roofing; is made of wood (less often – from the “hat” metal profile). Elements of the battens need protection from moisture.
  3. Roof covering (waterproof carpet) and accessories (ventilation pipes, aerators, passage elements) do not need protection against moisture.
  4. Cornice overhangs protect the walls from running water and provide air access to the under-roof space. Wooden elements of eaves (consoles, roofing soffits) need protection from moisture.
  5. Elements of roof security (snow holders, roofing ladders and fences, ladders, etc.) need protection from moisture.
  6. The drainage system does not need moisture protection.
  7. The thermal insulation system consists of a vapor barrier, a heat-insulating material and a moisture-windproof. Thermally insulating material requires protection from moisture.

The company does not have the composition and purpose of the elements of other roofing systems of fundamental differences from the roofing system.

Methods of protection and frequency of preventive measures

To prevent the negative impact of moisture on the wooden elements of the roofing system, sawn timber is impregnated with a protective compound. Primary processing is performed before the installation of wooden products. The most effective industrial processing of wood, for example, vacuum impregnation.

During the operation of the roof, there is a need for re-processing of wooden structures. The protective compound is applied by brush or by means of an atomizer. The frequency of processing depends on the type of the tool used.

To protect against corrosion, the metal structures of the rafter system and roof security elements are painted. Painting is carried out as necessary.