Data Centre Essentials to Look Out For

The importance of data centers in this modern era is indubitable. In this digital world, the amount of information exchanged every single day is massive. With the internet as a permanent and pervasive part of daily life, most of the world’s waking moment is spent online. Consequently, the demand for quick, real-time transmission of data is higher than ever. To keep up with the load, companies have had to rely on data centers where their computing facilities and networking equipment are centralized.

Your business must find a reliable partner with so much hinging on proper storage, security, and data handling. If you engage in business in the Land Down Under, you will need the services of Macquarie Data Centres, which is the right place to store all your information as they are certified and licensed by several institutions. For this reason, they are trusted by the Australian Federal Government, along with numerous Fortune 500 corporations. If you are looking for a data center, you must evaluate the top factors to make the right choice.

Centre Essentials

Check the Location

This is a crucial consideration when working with a data center. You may be able to save loads of money by picking one that is further away, but this will be at the expense of several benefits. The distance between your business and your chosen data center could impact your internet speed. Copper cables lose strength at 330 feet, and fiber optic works better at up to 25 miles. Accessibility matters a lot, too, because your IT engineers will regularly perform routine maintenance and upgrade on-site. If they have to travel far, they will be wasting a lot of time on the road. You will also be spending a lot of money on gas. For instance, if your business is in the eastern part of Oz, Macquarie Data Centres have four locations in the region. One is in downtown Sydney CBD, two are in the CBD vicinity, and one is in Canberra supporting the Australian government’s gateway program.

Focus on Reliability

In case of inclement weather or other critical issues, your data center must have backup power. Be sure to inquire about the data centers’ provisions for emergencies. You want a company that has a centralized emergency power system that will kick at the moment the original power source trips. There must be backup power generators on-site that undergo routine inspection even if they are unused. Additionally, it would help if you also inspected that the facility has proper ventilation for cooling within its site. In case of a fire, your chosen data center must have a suppression system. Unfortunately, a lot of companies have lost their data because they were unable to check these details.

Prioritize Security

Because a data center serves as a home to many enterprise data and applications, it must prioritize security. A breach will be catastrophic for businesses. Unfortunately, hackers and cybercriminals abound looking to steal company secrets and identities to make a quick buck. Thus, data centers must rely on cutting-edge software and technology to protect their clients’ assets. On top of that, data centers must physically protect their site. Check to see how they secure their location because burglars and vandals still abound in the real world. Look for facilities with smart locks, CCTVs, fencing systems, and security personnel. The amount of safeguards usually depends on the size of the facility.

Check Network Services Capabilities

All data centers will have a maximum limit to their capacity based on their infrastructure, so you want to go with a constantly upgraded site. You will need to assess network reliability, security, and speed so you can gauge how strong your network is built on. If you envision rapid growth for your business, you need support from a data center to accommodate future needs. If you need increased safety, you may want to consider server location. Macquarie Data Centres offer this so you can have more control. You need to invest a little in sharing more space, power, cooling, and security. They maintain everything else. Although you’re sharing the space, you are assured that someone is there at all hours to keep an eye on your data.

Final Word

When you are looking for a data center, reputation is everything. Please do your homework to see what clients have been saying about the data center to see for yourself how they handle issues. Work with a facility that has great reviews. Most of all, look for one with the licenses and certificates to handle your account. After all, a data center handles sensitive information that can make or break your company. You need to establish a partnership with a reputable one.

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