Can Wellness Programs Lower Health Premiums?

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In the midst of Health Care Reform, employers are finding that rising fitness care charges are substantially impacting their groups and their profitability. Not handiest are employers feeling the outcomes of growing prices, however, employees are as properly. While Health Care Reform is regularly blamed for these rising prices, there might be something even bigger Read More

Infertility treatment options for men and women

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Infertility can be difficult to handle and in most of the cases, infertility becomes irreversible. At this point, it becomes extremely hard to come out of this. The real factor is, fertility is a natural thing and when it does not happen it can lead to emotional turmoil. At the end of the day, the Read More

What should you know about stem cell banking?

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As new parents, there are few things you need to explore before you being your journey of parents or even before you deliver the little one. If you are an expecting mother, you would have observed posters around you in your gynaecologist’s clinic, about saving some ‘cells’ from your umbilical cord for your baby’s future Read More