Businesses! Are Your Mobile Devices Working For You?

2 months ago Rohit Shetty Comments Off on Businesses! Are Your Mobile Devices Working For You?

In modern times, cell gadgets have grown to be pretty powerful and function wealthy and have become attention from customers and companies alike. Faster processors, large RAM and flash memories along with a couple of verbal exchange technologies have made mobile gadgets suitable to put in and run business corporation applications. Such advancements are assisting agencies to encompass mobility to decorate their methods thereby growing sales and performance while lowering operational fees. Mobile tool is a critical trouble of any cell solution. There are big types of cellular devices to pick out from. Most generally used employer cellular devices are based totally mostly on Windows Mobile running system from Microsoft and it has grown to be the preferred platform used by corporations around the sector.


Windows Mobile is a feature packed and flexible working tool. There is a lot a employer can make the most out of this platform. But maximum of the institutions do now not need all of the to be had features. Giving a powerful mobile tool to cell personnel can occasionally absolutely end up a severe difficulty as humans would possibly use the device for non-public use rather than for the commercial enterprise. Besides, agencies spend masses of cash and attempt in developing and deploying business applications. They want to make sure that the employees use the answer to its complete capability in a preference of the commercial enterprise. Following are some of the worrying situations that should be addressed to maximize the blessings of an answer that involve cellular gadgets:

* Entertainment at the activity

All Windows Mobile gadgets include integrated applications like browsers, games, mobile cellphone and so forth. All of that could with out troubles distract a cell worker. A game of Solitaire can waste essential operating hours. This kind of cell tool usage is certainly not favorable to the businesses


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* Maintenance Problems

A employee who isn’t always very knowledgeable approximately Windows Mobile can resultseasily alternate the important tool settings (e.G. Network, machine files and so forth.). Such intentional or unintended manipulation of tool settings can motive the employer crucial utility to fail. Imagine a user turns off the WiFi radio on the device, whilst the application is moving essential records to the server. Results may be expensive in phrases of time and money. Too a bargain manipulation can “corrupt” the tool, which need to be again to the IT department, once more causing lack of productiveness and wastage of IT assets. While the device is with IT, the cell worker might be sitting idle, watching for the device to head back. Loss! Loss! Loss!

* Installation of Third-party packages

There are thousands of one/three-party packages (for personal and gaming purposes) available on the internet these days. These applications may be easily set up on a Windows Mobile device. Installation of unauthorized zero.33-birthday celebration packages for non-public use sincerely waste the time but also can disrupt the device operation via consuming memory and processor property. Besides, the one’s packages can include malware and viruses which would possibly pose a safety chance to the enterprise employer.

* Physical Data Security

Business packages are designed to paintings on line or offline. If connectivity isn’t to be had the utility goes lower back to offline mode. This makes it feasible for cellular employee to stay running until the connectivity is completed once more. In offline mode the software stores the data locally. If the information are touchy, it’s miles normally encrypted. This saves the records from misuse in case the device is misplaced or stolen. But as soon as a tool is stolen the thief can connect the tool to a PC via ActiveSync and copy the information documents out. Desktop based definitely hacking tools may be used to decipher/decrypt the information. There need to be the way to dam the purchaser from copying the information from a tool.


Locking down standard motive Windows Mobile devices into kiosk mode can treatment the above troubles. By locking down the devices, the organisation can restriction the purchaser to release and use best “authorized” applications and capability. E.G., an company can offer the mobile gadgets so that the employees cannot install 0.33-birthday celebration packages on their very own. Another example can be to allow Data Only connection over the telephone network, while blocking off the voice calls.

There are alternative techniques to fasten down cellular gadgets:

Method 1: Building Custom Kiosk devices

This approach requires a business enterprise to assemble custom kiosk devices that do just what business enterprise needs. Windows CE running device is maximum typically used to enlarge custom devices. This solution has the subsequent advantages and disadvantages.


* Since requirements are tied to the hardware, the enterprise can exactly control abilities of the tool.


* It will be very highly-priced to broaden a hardware tool from scratch. This might not be possible at all for small and medium sized agencies because it calls for large in advance investments.
* It does now not make industrial business enterprise feel to assemble your private hardware if the desired volumes are low, say if only a few hundred devices are wished.
* Custom device will need custom software improvement. A variety of software program application builders for a custom platform can be very low if any.
* Once the custom hardware is designed and constructed, it’s miles very steeply-priced to alter or improve it. This is a completely not unusual hassle with this approach.

Method 2: Lockdown mobile devices with equipment like SureLock Studio

SureLock Studio gives organizations the electricity to effortlessly lock down off-the-shelf or ruggedized Windows Mobile devices. An administrator can lock down the gadgets with kiosk configuration generated thru SureLock Studio. A kiosk configuration consists of which capabilities and applications are “authorized” to be utilized by manner of the cell employee. These configurations are generated in the form of CAB documents that makes it very easy to install them on a big variety of gadgets. Kiosk CAB installation works within the same manner as another software program CAB. There are advantages of locking down the devices with SureLock Studio:


* Save prices: Enterprises should purchase off-the-shelf (HTC/ASUS/iPaq and lots of others) or Ruggedized Windows Mobile devices (Symbol/Motorola/Intermec) and deploy the employer agency packages on them. SureLock will ensure that the employee is confined to handiest use “conventional” capability of the tool.
* Choice of devices: Since all Windows Mobile devices are based completely on the identical core going for walks gadget, groups have the choice to pick a tool model based totally on the precise capabilities that the version also can have. The business agency software will paintings on any tool model with a little or no adjustments.
* In destiny institutions can alter the kiosk configuration to permit or disallow new capabilities or programs. For e.G. The agency would in all likelihood decide in a while to permit cellular employees to apply the gadgets for making cell smartphone calls. A new SureLock Kiosk configuration may be deployed with the cellphone characteristic enabled.


* As SureLock does software lock down of the device, hard-resetting the device to manufacturing facility defaults (clean boot) will reason the lack of kiosk settings. There are more than one workarounds. Kiosk cab can be saved in the storage card at the aspect of an Autorun.Exe. After a reboot, the kiosk configuration can be hooked up an excellent way to another time lock down the tool. Besides some ruggedized cell tool providers (like Symbol/Motorola) have aid for agencies to construct their personal Writable ROM photographs. Kiosk configuration can be saved on within the ROM and may be mounted mechanically after a clean boot.


Using a device like SureLock Studio makes the approach of locking down Windows Mobile devices easy and painless. Enterprises can manipulate the usage of their cellular gadgets and permit them to be used by the mobile personnel simplest for the advantage of the enterprise organisation.