3S Scaffolding Design: What to Expect from the New Specifications

There have been huge leaps in the usage of technology in the construction industry. Companies that offer scaffolding for hire are now starting to add more scaffolding to their stock, different from previous ones. The Australian government has made more stringent regulations that all companies need to follow. The goal is to make sure that everyone complies with the new regulations. The result would be better for everybody – fewer accidents, more accomplishments.

Scaffolding Design

The new scaffolding designs can be described in three ways: safer, simpler to assemble, and stronger. In a way, the government has asked scaffold manufacturers to rise to the challenge, and they successfully did. With all the changes, new construction projects will be a lot different.

  • Safer

To make scaffolding safer, the government has asked designers and manufacturers to reevaluate their designs and identify key things that make scaffolding safer. These designers need to consider their intended use, hazards and risks, ground conditions, load-bearing capacity, dead and live loads, bracing, and edge protection (to avoid falling materials). The newer designs have made great progress in making the workplace safer for laborers. Stabilizers have been added to ensure that the mobile scaffolding doesn’t move while being operated. Guard rails have also been included in these designs to reduce fall hazards.

  • Simpler to Assemble

Scaffolding is now easier to assemble because most companies are now offering mobile aluminum scaffolds. These are easier to assemble, though companies that provide scaffolding for hire still require a trained scaffolder, somebody who has a high-risk work license, for the erection, movement, or disassembly of a person’s tower risk or object falling more than 4 meters. Because they have polyurethane wheels, moving them will not be a problem. Just put up the stabilizers and relocate the tower. It is discouraged to move the scaffolding while somebody is on the platform. Any licensed scaffolder will ask everyone to get off the platform before allowing anyone to move it. Folding it at the end of the workday wouldn’t be a problem for any layman. However, the trained scaffolder will have to set it up again the next day.

  • Stronger

Though there were gigantic leaps in aluminum alloy technology, the advances made in scaffolding were mostly designed. Stabilizers have been added to mobile scaffolding sets to make sure that it doesn’t rock or move while people are on it. There were also two new brace designs (horizontal and diagonal), making the finished tower sturdier. These braces are certified structural-grade aluminum tubing, and the ends are either riveted or welded. The platforms are sturdier, too, with the use of marine-grade laminated plywood. The new materials used are weather-resistant, and also the aluminum tubing walls measure 2mm. When put together, they will be the sturdiest scaffolding that has ever come out of the market.

Technology benefits everybody, from computer technology to construction. After all, science is supposed to make everybody’s life easier. Because of these new scaffold designs, companies do not need to worry about their workers’ safety. The safer, simpler, and stronger scaffolding allows workers to concentrate on doing their jobs without the fear of work-related injuries, to do their jobs, and come home safe.

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