10 Awesome Tips to Make Your WordPress Blog Super Fast

1. Use your record supervisor or preferred FTP consumer to find a file named error_log and delete it. If you’ve got by no means completed this cleanup earlier than, probabilities are the file size is already strolling into GBs which influences the server reaction.


2. Next, disable your hit tracking tools inclusive of awstats, webalizer as in most cases bloggers use Google analytics sort of client facet monitoring code.

3. Enabling document compression is one of the top performance improvement step and you could do this out of your cpanel (usually an alternative by way of call ‘Optimize Website’). You should compress MIME file kinds ‘text/html textual content/simple text/XML text/javascript text/CSS’

4. Next you have to ensure that your static content material (together with subject matter photos) is downloaded quicker through placing the content expiry period on them for a longer period. You can create.Htaccess documents in respective folders with right ExpriresDefault putting (Exact content material of htaccess isn’t always inside the scope of this article)

5. As a primary step, check your theme is whether or not it has non-performing code such as ‘Featured posts’ which from time to time loop via the posts series two times. Even the ones so-referred to as search engine optimization optimized and professional issues have several non-appearing code pieces. Another related tip right here is to apply the default ‘extra’ tag characteristic than the subject’s personal logic to reveal submit excerpts.

6. Next, you have to run thru all your plugins and no longer just disable however delete all undesirable plugins. You ought to be very cautious in choosing your WordPress plugins and as plenty as possible, hold the variety of plugins under 12 or even 10. Another vital factor right here is to avoid plugins that makes use of full-size database storage. For example, a few affiliate and content link advertising plugins every so often certainly duplicate your posts. As in the case of the subject, non-appearing plugins requires code clean up as well.


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7. Reducing the variety of posts on home web page will clearly make your homepage load faster. You need to arrive at an ideal number of posts to show based totally on the general payload of your homepage. Something like five-6 posts is ideal.

8. Usage of pictures wishes to be optimized next. As much as viable, you haver to lessen the variety of pics consistent with web page to below 10 or so. You have to mention the dimensions (width and height) of the photo each time you use them to assist smooth and rapid rendering by way of the browser. Also, never ever use codecs together with BMP but go for extra compressed GIF or PNG image formats.

9. Compressing and consolidating the javascript documents is the subsequent step for which you can use the WP-Minify WordPress plugin. This wishes cautious implementation.

10. Reducing the wide variety of ad blocks used is last step. More ad blocks manner extra scripts and more the DNS lookup/HTTP requests. Even Google’s very own AdSense javascript record is large and hence it influences the general overall performance.

Bonus tip: Gravatar is something which you use very frequently for your WordPress commenting function. When a specific commenter does not have a Gravatar image, typically it causes a redirection to fetch the default Gravatar picture. When you have got 10 such commenters, it’s far inflicting numerous redirect requests. You can optimize this by means of choosing the Discussion settings from your WordPress admin panel. Use ‘Gravatar brand’ in preference to the ‘Mystery guy’ as the default avatar. This reasons the photograph to be robotically generated rather than causing HTTP redirects.

SEO for blogs is crucial. A seek engine does now not care if a page it’s far crawling is a part of a blog or website. Few bloggers spend as much time tweaking every put up and the element of their weblog. Simply because it’s time ingesting and blogs have a lot of content material, with new entries often added every day.

Blogs by means of the layout are already sought engine pleasant. Because they’re predicted to have new content added regularly, the bloggers often hyperlink to each different, and for different reasons that in all likelihood simplest serps recognize, they have a tendency to be crawled and indexed via the appearance up engines pretty often. It is quite common for a blog post to suddenly start appearing inside the first web page of seek engine results few days after it is written.

A little little bit of Search Engine Optimization could make a blog even more appearance up engine friendly. At a minimal, try to use descriptive publish titles with suitable key phrases. Create proper content material, with suitable key phrases covered in a natural manner. You may additionally at times need to test keyword reputation for specifically vital posts: perhaps you’ll find a little exclusive but equal key-word or phrase that is tons more famous. For instance, maybe education is more famous than seminar, or rubdown is extra popular than reflexology. a If either word is appropriate and natural, the extra famous one can be a higher choice; use your assessment. Above all, create the best content material you could and don’t forget search engine optimization in your weblog.

I’ve stated this normally earlier than and I’ll say it once more. It’s nearly impossible to have a a hit blog without the proper priorities mainly approximately writing brilliant content to start off a brand new blog. Although it’s far once in a while very smooth to jot down any kind of content material irrespective of what subject matter you’re speaking approximately, there are nevertheless things to preserve in mind. If you consider it, do you honestly assume which you’re readers are analyzing every single word of every single submit which you write? No, I do not suppose so either.


To understand what I am speak me about in terms of writing content material the proper way, first check your weblog. Are your posts smooth to study? Can your readers scan it and recognize what you are speak me approximately? If you propose to be a successful blogger, writing content material (first-rate content) is the first and foremost a part of it. How to jot down them is another component.

So let’s check this listing. If you practice these when you write your content material, count on your readers to give positive feedback and remarks. Also, it ensures you that you may growth your blog visitors because the readers might want to come returned for more.

* Let Your Titles Get the Point Across. The title of your posts must easily tell your readers what they’re going to be studying about. Starting out with a remarkable name is step one to writing the rest of your posts.

* Make it scannable. This is quite self-explanatory. Most of your readers don’t surely read one hundred% of what you write. That’s why you need to make it scannable. To do this, you can apply ambitious format to critical phrases and key phrases; submit at the least a hyperlink or someplace in your post; and make sure that you get your point out as early as viable.

* Write multiple paragraphs. If you write a very long article and put it multi function paragraph, you are repelling your readers faraway from reading it. Who might read an entire publish this is in a single paragraph? It will actually discourage them to study it.


* Don’t Write Lengthy Posts. If it’s now not vital, do not make your posts too lengthy. Keep it as brief as viable relying on what you are writing. Again, this also repels your readers.

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